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There are millions of blogs out there so last month I asked my facebook fans what other “real food” blogs they follow (and possibly even write themselves). Some of these blogs aren’t solely about real food, but they’re obviously doing something right to be inspiring others. So without further ado…here’s the list! And feel free to share any others in the comments below.

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  • Just started blogging with the new year after a year’s journey following a plant based, vegan lifestyle. I invite you to join me.

  • I’ve just started my real food project-sharing menus, grocery lists, and recipes from my family kitchen. Many of my recipes are already real-food based, but now i am eliminating all highly processed foods.

  • http://Www.cuthechemicalscookbbo.com this is my real food blog here in Australia, please feel free to take a look. I have a cookbook for $2.99 that lists good foods to buy from the supermarket and recipes to cook as well as what additives and preservatives you should avoid and a plan for ridding chemicals out of your diet.

  • 100 days of real food inspired my husband and me to switch to eating real food, and it’s been SO great! After following a few other blogs about the same content, I decided to start my own. It’s called Bowl of Delicious! and it’s theme is “real food for busy people.” Both my husband and I have very demanding jobs and have discovered a lot of tricks to eating/cooking real food even with a hectic lifestyle.

    I hope my blog can help other people make healthier choices amidst busy schedules. Please come by and visit at http://www.bowlofdelicious.com :-)

  • As a doctor, and having worked as a certified personal trainer, nutritional consultant, and dancer, eating a healthy, balanced diet should be easy for me, right?

    Sadly, it’s not.

    In fact, not long after starting residency early in 2013, despite the health advice I was giving my patients almost every day, my own physical condition was starting to unravel. I knew better, but my diet consisted of crammed down food cart grease-bombs and cupcakes left unguarded at the nurses’ station. I hadn’t exercised in months. My previously roomy scrubs were shrinking by the day! Like for many of you, demands on my time, energy, and schedule had made “living healthy” seem almost impossible. I HAD to make a change!

    Unraveled Eats documents my attempt to overcome these obstacles and get back to eating what we all should–just simple, nutritious, unprocessed (and delicious!) food. It consists of photos and discussion of the choices I make each day. I hope my successes and failures, as well as tips and tricks I’ll share along the way, will encourage us all to live fuller, happier, and healthier lives–NO MATTER WHAT! Feel free to visit!

  • Allison W.

    I’ve looked around at some of these other blogs but I think yours is the best, by far Lisa! Thanks for all of your research and info!! The only one I think you should list here also is Food Babe’s blog.

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