The Best Store Bought Snacks for Kids (that aren’t highly processed)

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When it comes to school snacks and lunches, we all have the best intentions. But the reality is, packaged products do happen on occasion. They just do! Busy weeknights and half-empty refrigerators are a reality; it happens to the best of us.

So today we’re sharing some of the best store bought snacks for kids – that aren’t highly processed – from our favorite sponsors. This is what you should have on hand for after school snacks or even to help fill up an empty lunch box.  

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If you don’t want the stress of thinking up creative ideas for healthy lunches, these products are for you and we invite you to check them out.

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And now, on to the best store bought snacks for kids…

Made in Nature

One thing that drives me batty about packaged snacks is the laundry list of unwanted additives and other questionable ingredients. That’s not the case with Made in Nature! Their ingredients are simple, just as the name suggests. They offer a variety of snacks in both retail and bulk packs.

They just introduced single-serve snack packs, perfect for snacking on-the-go or for putting in school lunches. My favorite snacks of theirs are definitely the Figgy Pops and Dried Mango!

ALL of their products are certified USDA organic and non-GMO and have real ingredients you would cook with at home. They are perfect for us parents pushing through the grocery store who don’t want to be a detective in label-reading. Check out some of my favorite products that they make:

  • Apple Cinnamon Figgy Pops – A perfect replacement for those other snack bars that are loaded with added sugar.
  • Dried Mango – A great treat for kids with a sweet tooth and NOTHING ELSE ADDED, just the mango. How about that?!
  • Dried Banana – Similar to mango, just banana here with some lemon juice to help hold the color. These are super delish dipped in nut butter.

Click here to find a store near you where you can purchase their snacks or buy them from their website. Oh, and for a limited time, get 50% off Made In Nature’s 10-pack of Single Serve Snacks. Use code realfood50 at checkout.

Made in Nature Snacks

Mighty Organic Beef Bars and Mighty Organic Sticks 

Mighty Organic recently sent a couple of boxes to Lisa to try, and since then her kids will not stop eating them! My kids are also huge fans, and I love the fact that they’re a “different” type of snack.

Meat sticks and bars have been growing in popularity in recent times, and Mighty Organic is one of my favorites because they come from 100% grass-fed, organic cattle. Mighty Bars are USDA certified organic, which means NO antibiotics, GMOs, synthetic hormones, or unwanted pesticides. Simple ingredients lead to a simple, great-tasting product.

Mighty Organic Beef Jerky

This is a great one for those with teenage boys (and yes, of course girls, too!) who are looking for nourishment during their long after-school activities. Our favorite flavor is the Original, but my husband is also a fan of the Spicy Jalapeño Beef Stick.


It’s no secret that bars are an ideal on-the-go snack. But too many of them are glorified candy bars, offering very little nutritional value with a sugar boost, to boot. Not so with RXBARs, and with their perfectly sized RXBAR Kids.

With these you can feel good about giving your kids a whole food snack bar that has no added sugar, but instead is made with egg whites, nuts and dates. RXBAR Kids are great for an on-the-go breakfast, a lunchbox addition, an after school snack, or really any time your kids want something tasty and filling.

Oh, and did I mention that they’re gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free?! Keep ’em on hand for when hunger calls.


Jackson’s Honest

While we consider potato chips an occasional treat, we do feel better about indulging in Jackson’s Honest because, even though they’re deep fried, they do use coconut oil for the frying instead of the more typical (highly processed) canola oil. They also cook all of their chips at a low temperature and much slower than traditional potato chips to ensure that the nutritional integrity of the oil is not destroyed by heat.

The three ingredients in their products are non-GMO domestically grown potatoes, organic coconut oil, and real sea salt … and Lisa wanted me to tell you the Rippled Red Heirloom flavor is her favorite!

I honestly (pardon the pun) love their chips almost as much as I love their story . The brand was founded by a mother of four in Colorado. After a long journey of trying to treat her firstborn son’s illness, Megan Reamer’s success with the dietary changes she made inspired her to create foods that focused on traditional fats and nutritional density.

I love when people can take a challenge and turn it into something so great! Jackson’s Honest is on a mission to incorporate ancestral fats back into the food chain, so when you are looking for this type of treat this is the selection to make.

Jackson's Honest Potato Chips


What to do with all of these packaged snacks (and, of course, the homemade ones, too)? Why not pack them in a Yumbox, of course!

Yumbox lunchboxes are one of our favorite lunch containers with good reason. They come in a variety of sizes – the original (perfect for younger ones), the larger Panino, and the new Tapas, which is great for larger appetites and offers ample space.

All of them have leak-proof compartments with cute food-group pictures, which offer suggestions for kids and adults in planning a balanced meal. It’s great for portion control, too. We have a bunch of great suggestions for lunches served up in a Yumbox, so be sure to check them out for ideas.

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Now it’s your turn: what are some of your favorite packaged real food products? Please share with us in the comments below!

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57 thoughts on “The Best Store Bought Snacks for Kids (that aren’t highly processed)”

  1. Please reconsider recommending RX:Bars. My daughter who has no food allergies ate one recently and went in anaphlaxis shortly after consuming it. She is not reacting to any of the individual ingredients, just the RX:Bar. A snack that is marketed as a clean healthy option resulted in an RX: for an epi-pen for us. Robyn O’Brien recently shared a bit about our story on her blog. Caution is needed here, something doesn’t add up. Thank you!

  2. We love RX Bars but have recently read where Food Babe says they aren’t “clean eating”. What are your thoughts? Do you know how we can make these at home ourselves to guarantee no harmful GMO ingredients? I know the RX bars actually have a different list of ingredients on the side (not all are listed on the front). Trying to keep our snacks as organic as possible but absolutely love RX bars! Help!

      1. Hi! Thank you! I need to try the homemade larabars Does she make her own RX Bars though? We eat those more often than larabars but know the ingredients aren’t necessarily completely clean. Thank you!

  3. Check out the Kind Pressed Fruit Bars. Three ingredients!! I was so impressed! And four out of my five kids love them. Costco is currently carrying a box of two flavours.

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