Doctors TV Appearance: 5 Tips For Your Picky Eater!

I am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to share my back story and picky eater tips on The Doctors TV show today! A big welcome to anyone joining us for the first time after seeing the segment, which can be watched here:


Mobile users may need to click this link to view.

For more on the Lunchables we briefly discuss at the end of the clip, be sure to check out my DIY Lunchables post. We did discuss the price comparison on the show, but they apparently cut that part out of the final segment so I’ll share it here…

  • Store Bought Lunchable: $1.99
  • Homemade Organic, Whole-Grain “Lunchable” (without grapes): $2.24
  • Homemade Organic, Whole-Grain “Lunchable” (with the addition of grapes): $2.80

So the price difference to send your kid with a healthy lunch that you can feel good about – between $0.25 and $0.79 more! I think we can all agree that is totally worth spending as little as an extra quarter (and some time preparing it, of course)!

DIY Lunchables from 100 Days of #RealFood

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Also for more of my picky eater tips from the show check out this top 10 list on their website.

Behind The Scenes

So how did I end up on The Doctors TV show? Well, in case you are wondering, back in April is when I first got the exciting call (or maybe it was an email) where I learned they were interested in our story. I don’t currently employ a publicist or anything like that so when these things happen it is just due to a wonderful stroke of luck. And apparently their producer saw some of my stuff on Pinterest and liked it – yay Pinterest!

So in April of this year they flew a producer to our house to shoot our backstory (that they show near the beginning of the clip). I was supposed to fly to their studio in LA shortly thereafter to tape the rest of the segment. But then, all of a sudden, there was a schedule change and the night before I was supposed to leave, my segment was postponed to the new fall season. That was a big bummer, and I was also worried I might never hear from them again!

Fast-forward to the end of September…of course I couldn’t just be sitting around at home when this next part happened. We were at Disney World with the kids of all places (camping at their campground mind you) when the show called again to say they were ready for me. And the day they wanted me to leave for LA was the morning after driving home from Disney! I knew it would be a super tight turn around, but I of course had to figure out how to make it work. Talk about crazy exciting AND very stressful all at the same time! So while standing in lines at the Magic Kingdom I was juggling phone calls and emails to try to nail down my travel arrangements (once again) while trying to not think about all the packing/preparing I couldn’t be doing because I wasn’t even at home. I was also trying to coordinate travel arrangements for my wonderful BFF to meet me in LA – I certainly couldn’t do this alone! :)

As a result it ended up being a SUPER crazy week with those two trips back-to-back and I totally crashed when I finally got home at the end, but I am so appreciative to have had the opportunity. In the past I’ve been super duper nervous when doing anything on TV, but this time (with the help of my friend!) I really focused on taking deep breaths and trying to stay calm so I could actually somewhat enjoy the experience. And in the end it was kind of fun – it’s amazing how if you really put your mind to it you can make the best of a nerve-wracking situation. So anyway, just thought I would share those details for any inquiring minds that want to know about this kind of stuff! Thanks so much for your support and for watching!

Picky Eater Tips from 100 Days of #RealFood on The Doctors TV Show

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  1. Hello. I just found your site and am in love. My husband and I eat pretty healthy, but our 3 boys are extremely picky. Like, one starts to gag just at the smell of some food. They all have texture issues and I’ve tried everything to get them to eat new foods. They won’t even try new foods. I don’t know what to do. We did just buy a vitamix and they will drink the smoothies I make. I am packing those with lots of fruit and veggies. Any tips for picky eaters. I’ve given up.

  2. Thank you so much for everything you do. You’re so humble and approachable, I just love it. & I love your kitchen too!

  3. You are awesome Lisa! I am so glad that you are able to go on these shows and show others how easy it is and important it is for kids to eat healthy. I am a teacher and even though school lunches still have a long way to go, they have made changes this last year (at least where I work) and it’s because of people like you.
    Thank you so much,

  4. Way to go!! I have been following your blog and singing your praises for some time now. I’m SO glad that so many people had a chance to see you and your lovely family and to hear your story! You are such a wonderful example of what is possible if you put your mind to it, and you always do such a wonderful job of addressing the typical “excuses” (picky eaters, limited budget, etc.) in a respectful way and with real, practical, helpful advice. Plus, you were so charming and relatable. Keep up the good work!

  5. Hello, I discovered your facebook page and blog about a month ago, and I am hooked! I’ve always considered myself a healthy eater, but having 3 kids and working full time has meant my healthy habits have slipped. I decided in August to cut out all artificial colors and flavors from my family’s diet and I noticed a dramatic difference in our middle child’s eczema! And, after Halloween and a fun weekend where I put NO restrictions on the kids food choices, guess what? His eczema flared up again! So I definitely think there is a connection.

    So I’ve decided to spread out our “processed-free” food choices and work at a slower rate to eliminate the junk! I hope to do it in 6 months. I know we can do it (and I can’t wait to read your article about helping convince a spouse!). My next goal is to start making homemade bread and I can’t wait!

    Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to empower others to make healthy choices!

  6. I have been following this blog for quite some time now, picking certain recipes and kid-lunch ideas that are easy. However, today after watching the clip from the Drs. TV show, I was honest with myself for the first time – I don’t follow this at all! So, today is a new day and I am going to love myself and my family enough to take your 100 day challenge. Because even if it is hard and makes me nervous, I’ve gotta give it a good try. Thank you for being honest about your past and how you got your family’s health to where it is today. It is very encouraging for me.

  7. You are the mom I hope to be! I shared your website with my fitness group and I’m soon inspired! Congratulations with all you have succeeded to do! Was that your house it was filmed in? It was gorgeous! Where did you get your yellow curtains ?

  8. This was great! I didn’t actually get a chance to watch it live, so I’m really glad you posted it here. I actually don’t have a problem getting my KIDS to eat healthy food because I stumbled onto this website when my oldest was 1 1/2 and I was still pregnant with my youngest, so this is pretty much all they have known (aside from the occasional *ahem* cheat).

    The issue I have, is my husband. He is, and always has been, and extremely pickier eater. Even though we’ve been eating real food more or less (though, I’m sad to say, never actually completed a challenge *hangs head in shame*) for over 18 months now, he is still pretty reluctant to try new things and it’s still a battle to get him to eat his veggies (and I can’t trick him like I could a little kid). Any suggestions on how to help my husband to be a little less picky?

    1. Hi Christina,
      My husband is a big junk food lover too. When we met he was probably about 20-25 pounds overweight and probably had never eaten a side of a vegetable in his life. I just started cooking everything from scratch and I always had a side vegetable on my plate. He didn’t eat broccoli, asparagus, cabbage, carrots or really any vegetables aside from maybe corn and mushrooms on his pizza. So I made a side of corn a lot, just because I wanted him to know that he should get a side of a vegetable on his plate. He also seemed to like it when I fried some onions and mushrooms together. So I went further and added onions to every recipe. I add them to every single soup and gravy possible. I honestly wasn’t really trying to get him to eat anything, I was just cooking what I could and tried to make it the way he liked it. I found that he didn’t mind carrots in his soups and gravies either, so I started adding that to everything. I cooked broccoli and it took a lot of cheese for him to eat it, but now he eats it without any cheese. I cooked asparagus one day and he gave it a try and ate it. He used to hate cabbage, my mom made cabbage rolls, meat and rice rolled into cabbage leaves, he loved it! Ate it all, every single piece of cabbage there was. Now for me with a toddler it’s too much hassle to make them a lot, but the point is there is way I can do it and he will eat it. I also started to make him smoothies in the morning. I put yogurt, milk, some apple juice, bananas, other fruit and usually a hand full of spinach, or carrots or another vegetable in them that doesn’t have a very strong taste, he likes it and it’s a great breakfast. So I guess it’s a lot of work with husbands to get them to eat healthy, much like kids. Honestly though if they are not even willing to give it a try, then there is not much we can do, they have to at least be open and want to improve their health. They don’t have to start liking raw vegetables at once, but much like Lisa said with kids, at least try the zucchini bread and sweet potato fries. After all they are grown-ups, they realize that being healthy is important,so the first step is to give something new a try. I hope this helps, I know it is frustrating.

    2. I forgot to mention, my husband lost about 30 pounds since we have been married without trying, without dieting in the traditional sense, just eating more homemade foods, he says he never feels like he is being deprived of anything. I don’t tell him not to eat hot dogs, I just don’t buy them when I go grocery shopping unless he requests them. So if he didn’t ask he has to go and get them himself if that’s what he wants to eat that night for dinner, but honestly that is so rare nowadays. It is the same with chips, pizzas, packaged mac and cheese and any other packeged junk food. When people come to our house they usually say we don’t have any food. We have plenty of food, if you want a snack there is always fruit or vegetables with a healthy dip, organic cheese, organic milk, some leftovers or some sort of a frozen whole grain muffins or bread and/or nuts. Sorry for such a long post. I really hope it helps.

      1. This was all really helpful Liliya! Thank you so much! My husband actually likes asparagus and raw carrots, but that’s about it. I’m going to try some of these to get him to eat some more veggies. He is also about 20 to 25 lbs overweight, so hopefully this will help!

      2. Liiya,
        Thanks for sharing your experience with helping your husband. I believe that the approach you described can help me a lot with both my husband and my older son. I always believe that it is “better to work with people than against them” and your method fits that ideal perfectly! Thank you for sharing!

      1. Also, thank you for all that you do Lisa. I am so glad that you are starting to reach more people through shows like The Doctors. Your message needs to be heard and this country (and the world) desperately needs to change the way we view food. I have gotten several friends and family members interested in your blog and many have started making changes to the way the eat. This is going to be a long process, but I think the more the world is educated about REAL food, the healthier we will all be. So much of that will be thanks to you and this blog. You explain things in a way that people can understand and everyone can relate to your story. It’s not just coming from a book or news article written by a doctor, it’s coming from you, a regular person and I think that is who the world needs to hear this message from. You are awesome!

  9. Awesome! You deserve all the recognition, just wish they’d give you longer air time. You need your own show :) I liked the tips for picky eaters, as I still struggle with my daughter’s aversion to most healthy things!

  10. Great job on the show. You definitely gave some good tips. My favorite being about incorporating one food at at time. My son scarfed down asparagus tonight. Score!

  11. My 50th birthday is coming up (yikes) and my present to myself and my family is to finally get healthy. I have been reading and studying your blog recently and it has been really helpful. I’m excited and a little overwhelmed to give up sugar and white flour and eat real food. Our start date is November 5th so wish us luck. Thanks again for ALL of your information and recipes.

  12. Congrats, Lisa! You were a pro! Great job! I am still trying to help my family make better choices. You are an inspiration!

  13. Wow, congrats, you did great! It was nice to put a face to the “name” as well. I have to say I’m slightly jealous…you are doing what I hope I can be doing one day – influencing others to change their diets and take back their health! I’ve learned a lot from you and appreciate all your time in getting all of this together. God is using you!

  14. I watched the Doctors today. You did awesome. You are such an inspiration. I wish I started this when my children were little. Now they are 21, 17 and 14 and trying to change the way we eat is so hard.

  15. Thank you. As a grandmother raising grandchildren I am so worried about the foods that are available to feed us. When I was raising my own children, I didn’t have to worry about all the chemicals and esp. GMO. I am finding ways to feed us with better food. It goes to prove you can teach an old grandma new tricks! Again thank you.

  16. Thanks for being honest about how nervous you were! I couldn’t tell at all! You did great!! I love your website and give it out to people whenever I have an opportunity! I found you a few months ago and am still working through the harder parts with my family so I loved the 5 tips! Thanks!

  17. I transitioned our house to 100% real food about a year ago while following your blog. We have 6 year old triplet boys who are big eaters so it has been an expense but well worth it and we love your recipes. I had lunch with them at school yesterday and was disgusted by the hot lunch offering.. The kids are able to choose a la carte options and at the kindergarten table several of their classmates had chosen chocolate milk, trix yogurt and teddy grahams.. And that was it. Any chance you will try and influence school lunch programs?