Gluten Free Monkey Bread

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this gooey, gluten free monkey bread! Fluffy dough balls coated in cinnamon sugar, perfect for the pull-apart fun. Kids and adults love this recipe!
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This homemade gluten free monkey bread is soft, fluffy, gooey, and bursting with sweet cinnamon flavor! Kids and adults love this recipe. We enjoy it for special occasions, brunch, and even dessert. The dough is soft and the glaze is smooth and creamy!

Gluten free monkey bread.

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Please note that the gluten free bread flour we recommend does contain wheat, but not gluten. If you are wheat free, do not use this flour.

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

  • This gluten free monkey bread is gooey and sweet!
  • Picky eaters and kids love it.
  • You will love the cinnamon sugar flavor.
  • This recipe is relatively easy to make.
  • The butter adds a delicious buttery flavor and keeps the bread moist.
  • This homemade monkey bread is great any time of the day.
  • Great for Easter brunch, Christmas morning, birthdays, and other special occasions.
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Ingredients & Substitutes

These are the main ingredients and substitutions for this homemade gluten free monkey bread. Scroll down to the recipe card for the entire ingredients list and instructions.

We recommend using King Arthur gluten free bread flour for this recipe. This flour blend contains wheat, but has the gluten removed. If you are gluten free but sensitive to wheat, please do not use this flour.

Granulated sugar adds the sweetness.

Instant yeast helps the dough rise and become fluffy.

A little salt balances out the sweetness.

In addition, baking powder helps the dough rise.

Use lukewarm water that is about 110 degrees Fahrenheit. This helps activate the yeast.

Eggs help bind the bread dough together.

Coat the pan and the dough balls in melted unsalted butter.

Mix together the sugar and cinnamon to coat the dough balls.

Lastly, combine powdered sugar and milk to make the glaze.

Taste & Texture

This gluten free monkey bread is bursting with sweet cinnamon flavor!

The dough is soft and fluffy. This monkey bread will melt in your mouth!

How to Make

Step 1

First, make the bread dough.  In the bowl of a stand mixer, add the gluten free bread flour, sugar, yeast, salt, and baking powder.  Stir to combine.

Gluten free flour in bowl.

Step 2

Then, add in the cream, lukewarm water, and eggs.  Stir until a thick and sticky dough forms.

Sticky bread batter.

Step 3

Scrape down the sides of the bowl and form the dough into a ball.  Place a kitchen towel over the bowl.  Let it rise for 60 minutes until it has almost doubled in size.

Ball of sticky dough.

Step 4

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.  Heavily spray a Bundt pan with nonstick spray.  Pour the 2 tablespoons of melted butter into the bottom of the pan.

Step 5

In a shallow bowl, combine the sugar and cinnamon.  Place the 4 tablespoons melted butter in another shallow bowl.

Cinnamon sugar and butter.

Step 6

Use your hands to roll the dough into 1 inch sized balls.  Gently coat in a little melted butter, then roll in the cinnamon sugar.

Dough ball in cinnamon sugar.

Step 7

Place inside the Bundt pan.  Repeat for the remaining dough.  Pour the leftover melted butter over the top of everything.

Raw monkey bread balls.

Step 8

Bake for 45 minutes, or until the dough has puffed up.

Baked monkey bread.

Step 9

Finally, remove the pan from the oven.  Allow the monkey bread to cool in the pan for 7 to 8 minutes.

Step 10

While cooling, combine the powdered sugar and milk in a bowl.  Stir until creamy.

Step 11

Invert the monkey bread onto a serving plate.  Immediately glaze and serve!

Glazed cinnamon bread.

Expert Tips for Success

Follow these tips and tricks to make the best homemade gluten free monkey bread.

First, we recommend using gluten free bread flour for the best texture.

Regular gluten free flour does not rise as much.

Do not skimp on the cinnamon flavor. It really makes a difference.

Let the dough rise. This step ensures a light and airy texture. Be patient and allow the dough to rise for the recommended time.

Do not bake too long.

Flavor Variations & Add-Ins

Consider these fun flavors for your gluten free monkey bread.

For a warmth of flavor, add a pinch of nutmeg, ginger, or cardamom to the cinnamon sugar mixture.

To add a chocolaty touch, drizzle melted chocolate over the warm monkey bread for an extra decadent treat.

Fold in chopped nuts, such as almonds or walnuts for a crunchy texture.

In addition, mix in dried fruit like cranberries or raisins, or even fresh fruit like blueberries for a burst of flavor and texture.

Slice of monkey bread.

How to Serve & Store

Serve this gluten free monkey bread warm from the oven, either for breakfast or dessert.

This recipe is best when consumed immediately.

It pairs perfectly with a hot cup of coffee or a glass of cold milk.

To store, cover your bread with plastic wrap or aluminum foil and leave it at room temperature.

It will stay fresh for 2 to 3 days.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use a different type of gluten-free flour?

We really recommend this type of gluten free bread flour. Other flour will not turn out as well.

How can I ensure my Monkey Bread doesn’t stick to the pan?

Generously grease your bundt pan with melted butter. This will prevent it from sticking to the pan.

Can I make this gluten free monkey bread ahead of time?

This monkey bread is best eaten immediately or soon after baking.

Pieces of homemade monkey bread.

Equipment Needed

10 Inch Bundt Pan: This is our favorite Bundt pan for baking. It is nonstick, but we still prefer to spray the pan to prevent sticking. It allows for very easy removal and does not stick.

Cake Stand: This cake stand is great for displaying and storing the gluten free monkey bread.

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