4 Refreshing Mocktails for Mamas & Kids by Mama Natural

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This is a post from our friend Genevieve Howland, aka Mama Natural. Genevieve just released the world’s first week-by-week guide to pregnancy from a natural perspective! She was kind enough to share some mocktail recipes from the book below. Enjoy! 
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Pregnancy Mocktails on 100 Days of Real Food

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Thank you Lisa for all the important work you do in spreading the real food gospel! I love your blog, books, and your positive spirit!

While today I am all about real food, that wasn’t always the case.

Once upon a time, I was a cigarette smoking junk food junkie

I was obese and in terrible health. But I can honestly say that real food and natural living saved me.

By eating unprocessed foods and cutting out nicotine, alcohol, Nutrasweet, and white sugar, I lost 60 pounds and have kept that weight off for well over a decade. And I have had two healthy pregnancies and natural childbirths.

Now I’m on a mission to help other mamas and families lead happier, healthier lives as well.

During pregnancy, eating real food is more important than ever

From the moment you get your BFP (big fat positive) and use a due date calculator to see when you’re expecting, baby is counting on you to make the best nutritional choices. A diet full of fruits and veggies, pastured meats, whole grains, and healthy fats will not only help baby grow, but it will also set him up for a lifetime of healthy eating long after he exits the womb.

Staying hydrated during pregnancy is equally important

You already know that staying well hydrated is important for your overall health, but it’s essential during pregnancy. You need more fluids than usual to support the formation of amniotic fluid and for breast milk production.

Mamas-to-be are also supplying nutrients—and removing waste—for two, and water helps naturally flush that waste from the kidneys and keeps your digestive system moving. Another plus: drinking adequate amounts of water can lower your risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs) and constipation, two common pregnancy complaints.

But sometimes mama needs something other than water

Can I get an Amen?! 😉

These recipes will keep you hydrated, support digestion, ward off morning sickness, improve circulation, and satisfy your taste buds. Pick one each morning and sip throughout the day.

And of course, they’re not just for mamas

Anyone can enjoy these easy and tasty mocktails – kids included!

Citrus Cooler - Pregnancy Mocktails 100 Days of Real Food


The Ginger Snap Pregnancy Mocktails 100 Days of Real Food
The Mama Mojito Pregnancy Mocktails 100 Days of Real Food
Watermelon Water Pregnancy Mocktails 100 Days of Real Food

Want to spread the word about real food during pregnancy?

I’ve just published the first week-by-week pregnancy guide from a natural perspective. It features insights from a certified nurse midwife (who happened to deliver both of my children), as well as a registered nurse and doula.

The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy & Childbirth

This 500+ page illustrated book is comprehensive, evidence-based, and empowering. It’s available now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

But with your help, we can get the book into stores like Babies R Us and even Walmart, where it will reach people who may have never heard about:

  • Delayed cord clamping, which boosts baby’s iron stores by 30% and improves fine motor skills and social development later in life.
  • Skin-to-skin contact, which regulates baby’s body temperature and blood pressure, reduces stress hormones, and helps initiate early breastfeeding.
  • Gentle cesarean, which can “seed” baby’s microbiome, eliminate fluids from baby’s lungs, while empowering the mama.
  • Or the importance of real, unprocessed food! 🍒🍆 🍋

But in order to get into mainstream retailers, we need to show those stores that there is a groundswell of people wanting a more natural approach—and a demand for this game changing book.

Would you consider ordering a copy? Even if you aren’t pregnant, you could:

  • Donate your copy to a local library
  • Give it to a pregnant or TTC friend
  • Share it with your midwife, OB/GYN or chiropractor as these people are huge influencers
  • Pass it along in your local mom’s group
  • Give it to a church or community center

Thank you so much for your support…

And stay hydrated, mama! ❤️

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  1. Not pregnant now but will try the mommy mojito this summer.

    One lovely wholefood tip is to slice watermelon into icicle sized chunks (or smaller if you like) and then dip them in lime juice. Stick something in them like a barbeque squier or icicle stick and then freeze them. Once they are frozen serve as icicles. Not a single person I have served this to has disliked it (I guess someone who doesn’t like watermelon might be the only one).

  2. Hi!

    Unlike babies, adults are not at risk for botulism from honey, even when pregnant. Raw honey also cannot contain listeriosis like unpasteurized cheese or deli meats can.

    In terms of raw apple cider vinegar, the fermentation process (and the acidity it creates) kills off any potential pathogenic organisms. Pregnant women have been consuming it as a natural remedy for hundreds of years.

    Alternatively, women can always chose pasteurized honey and vinegar; or omit from the recipes altogether.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Raw honey and raw apple cider vinegar. It means not pasturized, increasing the chances of bacterial contamination. It is not recommended for consumption by pregnant women.

  4. I think it is irresponsible to encourage pregnant women to consume raw products. No matter how careful natural producers are, even the slightest risk is too much in pregnancy.