My New Cookbook Is Here!!

I can’t believe it. The day I have been anticipating for over a year is HERE! I woke up with a jolt because I was so anxious to start reading your reviews to hear what you think of the new cookbook – thank you to those who have already left one for me. I LOVE getting reviews and read every. single. one!

Funny enough, I was thrilled to be told last week that my new book “makes everything look so easy” because that was exactly my goal with this – to make your life easier. I responded by saying it is easy to eat this way as long as you know what to do, which is precisely what I put into this book for you. So I hope you just love it and that it helps!

The other fun thing about launch day today is that I get to see your pics when your copy arrives! So please use my #100daysfastandfab hashtag to help me find them on social media. Thank you for doing that. :)

100 Days of Real Food new cookbook: Fast & Fabulous

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Today I want to answer some of the questions I’ve been getting, show you several of the pages from inside the new cookbook, and share some pics from my Book Launch Party that we had in Charlotte on Sunday evening! If you have any additional questions just leave them in the comments for me.

Also, if you would like a signed copy of the book, those are being shipped worldwide from my local, independent bookstore – Park Road Books. And, in my opinion, that would make such a lovely holiday gift for someone special in your life!

The book is also available through any of the following (and the price is still REALLY good!)…

Park Road Books (exclusive signed copy – personalization welcome) | Amazon | Indie Bound | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Books-a-Million | Walmart

Buy the "100 Days of Real Food: Fast and Fabulous" cookbook from Apple iBooks

Your Questions Answered

  • All 100 recipes in this book…
    • Are quick and easy,
    • Only call for very common (unprocessed!) ingredients you probably already have on hand,
    • Have a color photo,
    • Follow our real food rules (i.e. whole grain, no refined sugar, nothing out of a package with more than 5 ingredients, etc.)
    • And are different from my first cookbook!
  • Only 25% of the recipes have been previously published on my blog (and are noted at the top of the recipe).
  • For those with special dietary needs, there is a chart in the back to help you find these…
    • 85 recipes are (or can easily be) Gluten-Free
    • 52 recipes are (or can easily be) Dairy-Free
    • 69 recipes are (or can easily be) Vegetarian
    • 85 recipes are (or can easily be) Peanut/Tree Nut-Free

Also, my family and I recently made the cover recipe (Easy Fish Tacos!) together on Facebook Live. It’s still there and currently pinned to the top if you want to watch it (no account required).

See Inside

Here’s what the pages look like inside including recipes you can try if you have not received your copy yet (click to enlarge images)!

100 Days of Real Food new cookbook recipe: Easy Fish Tacos with Pico de Gallo
100 Days of Real Food new cookbook recipe - Veggie Cream Cheese Dip
100 Days of Real Food new cookbook recipe: Asian Rice Noodle Salad
100 Days of Real Food new cookbook recipe: White Chicken Chili
100 Days of Real Food new cookbook recipe: Cinnamon Glazed Bananas

My Book Launch Party!

On Sunday evening I gathered with family, friends, and some fans to celebrate. The party was held at an amazing farm-to-table restaurant here in Charlotte called Passion8. I was a little nervous to have Chef Luca make my “quick and easy” recipes that are meant for busy moms – since his dishes are usually much fancier fare – and I think he was not quite sure what to expect either! But honestly everything turned out even better than I could have expected. I think we were both pleasantly surprised! He even said it was, “by far the best, easiest and most delicious cookbook yet,” which is a HUGE compliment coming from him – yay. :)

100 Days of Real Food: Fast & Fabulous New Cookbook Launch Party
The four of us at the party! :)

The food that was served at the party was as follows:

  • Smoked Salmon Dip on page 170
  • Easy Baked Falafel on page 172
  • Moroccan Meatballs on page 178
  • Tzatziki Sauce on page 275 (to go with Meatballs and Falafel) 
  • Whole-Wheat Couscous and Tomato Salad on page 97
  • Layered Jar Salad with White Beans on page 115
  • White Chicken Chili on page 188
  • Cinnamon-Glazed Bananas on page 247 (served over homemade vanilla ice cream!)

Here are some of the pics! I also did a little Facebook live video tour just before the party started and it’s still on my page if you want to check it out. I’m so glad we were able to include little ones this time (including my two, which as you can see LOVE to help sign books when asked LOL).

100 Days of Real Food: Fast & Fabulous New Cookbook Launch Party at Passion8 in Charlotte, NC
100 Days of Real Food: Fast & Fabulous Book Launch Party at Passion8 in Charlotte, NC //// Photo Credits:

It was a really fun night – a big thank you to everyone who helped make the party a success and came out to celebrate with us!

Recipe Videos from My New Cookbook

We turned two of the recipes above into quick cooking videos, and here they are if you want to check them out…

[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”ETboj5XC” upload-date=”2020-06-22T22:56:00.000Z” name=”White Chicken Chili Recipe” description=”White Chicken Chili ” player-type=”default” override-embed=”default”]
[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”pkdDzQbr” upload-date=”2020-06-22T22:56:39.000Z” name=”Cinnamon Glazed Bananas” description=”Cinnamon Glazed Bananas” player-type=”default” override-embed=”default”]

Where to Purchase

Once again, this is where you can get your copy (or extra copies for holiday gifts) of my new cookbook if you have not grabbed one already!

Park Road Books (exclusive signed copy – personalization welcome) | Amazon | Indie Bound | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Books-a-Million | Walmart

Buy the "100 Days of Real Food: Fast and Fabulous" cookbook from Apple iBooks

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for all your support and for sharing my excitement this week. I hope you enjoy your new cookbook!

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  1. I recently purchased your “on a budget” book. How does your “fast fabulous” book differ from the budget cookbook?

  2. Hello! I have a question – I attempted to make the ‘Easy Baked Falafel’ from the ‘100 Days…’ cookbook. I don’t know what food processor I need to use to get this right, but I started as directed. When nothing moved, I started dumping in olive oil. After much oil and still nothing moving in the processor, I added some water. When it became apparent that I was going to end up with something that resembled peanut butter (good luck forming that into patties), I gave up, added some tahini & lemon juice and turned it into quite an interesting ‘hummus’.

    So what am I missing here? I have kitchen aid food processor, and I don’t feel like buying a new one. Is the recipe missing liquid? Please advise…

  3. My copy of 100 Days Fast & Fabulous has the Salads chapter printed twice, and is missing the Sides chapter all together. Is there any way I can get the Sides recipes, either hard copy or online?

  4. Is there anyway to still get an autographed copy? The link no longer works so I am assuming they aren’t available anymore as this is an old post but would LOVE to get a personalized copy!

  5. I`m confused. I was trying to buy your book in Canada so went to – it shows two versions, with the same cover, but different publishing dates and prices.

    100 Days of Real Food: How We Did It, What We Learned, and 100 Easy, Wholesome Recipes Your Family Will Love Hardcover by Lisa Leake (Author) – Aug 26 2014 ($26.24 CDN)
    100 Days of Real Food: Fast & Fabulous: The Easy and Delicious Way to Cut Out Processed Food Hardcover by Lisa Leake (Author) – Oct 25 2016 ($31.39 CDN)

    Not sure which one to order, but if they are both identical I would order the one that is less expensive, lol.

    1. Weird that it would show the same cover, but they are different books! Fast and Fabulous is her newest one. They are both great!!

    2. Amy Taylor (comment moderator)

      Julie’s reply is correct. They are two different books published two years apart. The covers are similar but the photo and color are different. Please let us know if you need further guidance.

  6. I just bought your new book tonight at a school fundraiser held at our local Barnes & Noble. I flipped through it all night and couldn’t leave without it. Looking forward to implementing for a healthier 2017!

  7. I could write a book about how much I love your books!

    I am a newbie and I just finished creating my first weekly menu based on a combination of your recipes and mine (with a healthier twist). I’m actually excited to cook! (Never happens!) I love how quick and easy (and normal!) your recipes are.

    I made your granola and I am in love! I couldn’t stop snacking on it yesterday because it was so tasty. Lots of calories though so I gotta stop doing that. :)

    I don’t feel like I need to go buy weird things my family doesn’t recognize or that I have to cook twice because my family doesn’t want my “diet food”. I can’t tell you what a huge breath of fresh air that is! Changing your diet is hard enough without having to fight your family or do double the work.

    I’m so grateful for you!

  8. I have a silly question, I’ve been thinking about getting your book for a while and then you came out with your second book. Would I be missing any steps by getting your new book first and then getting your first one? Trying to change my families eating habits little by little.

    1. I don’t have the 2nd book YET, but I do have the first one and I LOVE it! It has templates for shopping and meal planning that I use ALL the time, plus tips that I found helpful when I was first cleaning up my family’s diet. I don’t think you can go wrong either way, but for me, the first one was really helpful when I started out. Just my two cents! ☺

    2. Her first book covers a LOT of hows, how tos, and whys of eating REAL food. The second book, I think, has better recipes. If you just want recipes skip the first book. If you need an intro or your just beginning your real food journey, definitely start with book 1. :-)

  9. My book came in the mail yesterday and I flipped through each recipe before bed! There are so many I want to make this week! I am so excited to start cooking:)

  10. I just got your new cookbook and was looking through it. The apple cheddar salad looks good, but I thought you only used white cheese because of unnecessary additives? Has this changed?

    1. Amy Taylor (comment moderator)

      Hi there. I’ll have to check with Lisa specifically on the cheese that she used but pasture raised cows often produce a more yellowish cheese.

  11. Hi, Lisa! I loved your first book and receiving your emails with all the great information! I am pretty certain I will be ordering your new cookbook. However, I am just curious if the new book contains new ideas and information or is a repeat of the information from your first book on how to cut our processed food for others whom may have not purchased the first book?

    1. Amy Taylor (comment moderator)

      Hi Jenny. It reviews the basics of Lisa’s family’s journey to real food but it is full of new information, meal plans and recipes. ;)

  12. My book was delivered yesterday. Today for breakfast I made the Applesauce Oatmeal Pancakes. They were really easy to make and turned out great. So excited about about your cookbook!

  13. Hey Lisa, I mentioned this in one of my book reviews but where’s the slowcooker chicken? Twice in the book it references page 103 which is for crab stuffed avocados. Is it hidden somewhere else? Thanks!

    1. I really hate to hear about that indexing error! It’s one page before on page 101. We’ll be sure to have that corrected before the next printing.

  14. Received my preordered book in the mail yesterday! Haven’t tried any of the recipes yet but I flipped thru it from cover to cover looking at and reading most of the recipes and I can’t wait to try a lot of them!! All the recipes really DO look fast and easy!!

  15. Do you have PDF copies of your Meal Plan/Shopping List Templates? These are fantastic, and I’d love to have electronic copies.

  16. Is it available in Canada yet?! Just found your blog and am so in love, my family has been changing out diet over the past year to a real food unprocessed way of life and we are so much happy!