10 Unique Hostess Gift Ideas That Are Sure to Delight

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As you hop from party to party this month I do think it’s nice to bring along a little something extra for the party host—entertaining is a lot of work after all! You could always resort to that good o’l bottle of wine (or champagne—ooolala), but if you like to stand out and do things your own way, here are some creative hostess gift ideas that are sure to please.

I know I’d love to be given any one of these (although I’ve certainly never turned away a bottle of wine either, ha)! :)

Unique Hostess Gift Ideas

1. Apple Cider + Mulling Spices

Found at most any grocery store (and also online) this time of year, mulling spices not only make your house smell fabulous, but they transform plain old apple cider (or juice) into an extra special warm drink.

Homemade apple cider in a glass container with a bag of mulling spice and a gift tag.

2. Make Your Own Granola Kit (layered in a jar)

I tend to give out granola I’ve already made, but gifts layered in a cute little jar are always fun, too. Plus it’s hard to beat that sense of accomplishment for the one who actually makes it. Don’t forget to attach a recipe card.

Homamde granola in a mason jar with festive ribbon and a gift tab.

3. Stovetop Potpourri

Another way to add a festive aroma to your home is with homemade stovetop potpourri. I’m sure there are a million combinations that will work beautifully, but I happen to like this one from I Heart Naptime – and look how pretty some of the colors are!

Two cinnamon sticks in a package, an orange, and a bowl of cranberries sitting on a wood cutting board to make stovetop potpourri.

4. Rosemary Tree

I love nothing more than a practical gift and this is one you can plant in your yard and eat after the holiday is over! What a great way to promote cooking fresh. (FYI – I’ve seen these for sale at Trader Joe’s and other grocery stores.)

A small decorative pot of rosemary to look like a christmas tree with tiny lights around it.

5. Prosecco Cocktail Set

Now if you really want to kick things up a notch then this is the way to do it. Prosecco is all the rage right now so how about pairing it with a pretty juice and directions for making an easy and fun drink? The sign on this one reads “Mix together Prosecco and pomegranate juice for a festive cocktail!”

A bottle of Lamarca Prosecco and a glass jar of Pomegranate juice with a gift tag.

6. Pretty Cheese Board/Knives

If you’re going to someone’s house for a party, chances are they like to entertain! So they’d surely love a fun new piece to add to their collection. I especially love this slate cheese board that allows you to write directly on the board with chalk so you can label the cheese that’s being served.

7. Tortilla Making Kit

This little kit is another good one for someone who likes to entertain (and presumably cook) that they might not already own. You’ll need a tortilla press and masa harina – and if you really want to go all out a tortilla warmer as well. It does take a little practice, but once you get the hang of it nothing beats homemade tortillas!

A tortilla press and bag of Masa Harina with a festive bow.

8. Homemade Jam or Pimento Cheese (or other homemade food in a jar)

Let’s face it, jars make most things look cute. And what a nice gesture to give your hostess something deliciously homemade (and real) to snack on after all that entertaining.

Three mason jars on a table filled with homemade jam.

9. Cinnamon Grater

I’ve had mine (pictured below) for years, but unfortunately, it has been discontinued. But this one would also be perfect as a gift for someone on your list or great for a party host as well. And again, right up the alley of someone who likes to entertain/cook and also such a unique gift they likely don’t already own! The difference in taste between fresh cinnamon and store-bought grated stuff will surely blow your mind.

A starter set with cinnamon sticks and a grater.

10. (Oldie But Goodie): Homemade Vanilla Extract

If you’ve been a long time reader you know how I love giving out homemade vanilla extract this time of year. But did you see the new bottles and chalkboard labels I found for this most recent batch (both from the craft store)? I love how they turned out and have really enjoyed giving them out to several party hosts already so far – one of whom said, “I just ran out from the last bottle you gave me and was hoping you’d be bringing some!” Score :)

Six bottles of homemade vanilla extract with labels.

I hope these suggestions help, and I’d love to hear your unique hostess gift ideas in the comments! For more fun ideas be sure to check out my “12 Homemade Holiday Gifts (that aren’t cookies!)” post.

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  1. I would love to see an updated post to include links or ideas of where to get all of the cute jars. They are so overpriced at the craft stores (like Hobby Lobby & Michael’s) and I haven’t seen the cute tall ones for liquids anywhere. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. Can you leave the beans in the jar too long for the vanilla extract? I have had mine “steeping” since Thanksgiving. Can the beans be in the vodka too long?

  3. Great list! This year the kids and I made pancakes in a jar with one of our favorite chocolate chip, cranberry, and walnut pancake recipes. Next year we will be making the homemade vanilla extract. I need to find those cute bottles too!

  4. I love these ideas! Thank you. I would like to try and make the homemade vanilla extract. I noticed that in the recipe link you left the vanilla bean in the jar, but in the newer picture I didn’t see it? Is that because you prepped weeks ahead? Curious too where you found the bottles? Happy Holidays!

    1. Amy Taylor (comment moderator)

      Hi. Yes, the bean can be removed once it has steeped for several weeks. You can find similar bottles at craft stores or online.

  5. Thank you so much for the inspiration! When you give the granola kits, I assume they are in pint jars. How much honey, butter, vanilla and salt do you put on the recipe card? If my calculations are correct, the recipe on your webpage makes about 3.75 pints of dry mix, is that what you get? Thank you, and Merry Christmas!

  6. I love giving the rosemary tree! It smells so delicious in the kitchen and looks so festive like a mini Christmas tree. My little hostess gift idea to add to the list: Gift a nice bottle of olive oil instead of wine for something a bit unique. I got a case last time I was in San Fran shipped to my house so it’s local organic California EVOO and it is SO delicious! If you’re feeling crafty, even could add a bag of homemade dipping herb blend …
    Happy Holidays!

  7. Rosemary tree is genius! Food, I love to take real food as gifts. Like, a Bag of oranges with a big bow on top; or a Bowl of pomegranates – they look like ornaments. So cute.

    Merry Christmas ya’ll!

  8. These are such creative ideas Lisa! I had actually bought a little Rosemary tree the other day to spruce up our kitchen for the holidays and it really is such an easy and inexpensive way to decorate (I had fun finding super cute mini decorations for it too!) I plan to freeze the rosemary once we wrap things up with Christmas. I have never tried freezing fresh rosemary, but I’ve heard it works great and retains the flavor very well. We shall see…

    Hope you and your family are enjoying a happy holiday season =)

  9. I used your easy taco seasoning recipe to make cute gifts. I use the taco seasoning all the time. I love how simple it is- just 4 ingredients!

    I’m giving it as a Christmas gift but this would also make a great hostess gift. It can be gussied up a bit by adding a new set of measuring spoons. :)

    Here’s my blog post if you want to see how cute the little mason jars of homemade taco seasoning looks.


  10. We have Michaels and Hobby Lobby around here. Neither had anything like this, but Meijer’s had square base bottles with bail-stoppers in half-litre and litre sizes. I took all 3 of the half-litre bottles on the shelf – that will let me make one each for my two sisters-in-law and one for my niece.

  11. After making vanilla extract, I know it takes a few weeks for the vanilla to leach out into the alcohol, but is there a point when you should take the vanilla bean out so it does t get too strong for baking?

  12. I found bottles for the vanilla exactly like this at The Container Store for $6 a piece. Then I went to Hobby lobby and found then for $2.99 before the 50% off discount on glassware, so I grabbed everything they had!! :)

    1. Well, I’m not sure which chain each person has in their own town, but here it’s either Michael’s or AC Moore and they pretty much have all the same stuff. I hope that clears things up for you.

      1. 100 Days Admin

        Crystal, most craft stores will have very similar bottles year round. :) – Nicole