Homemade Recipe for Granola Cereal (And Bars!)

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This is the perfect substitute for all those boxed cereals. This homemade granola recipe was adapted from Anson Mills, and can also be made into granola bars. Make it your own by adding in your favorite ingredients and be sure to make a large batch to keep for the week.
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This homemade recipe for granola is super yummy and so flexible! Below is our favorite cereal version, but there are many ways to tweak the recipe depending on your preferences.

homemade granola cereal in a bowl topped with fresh raspberries
100 Days of Real Food Cookbook, photo courtesy of Carrie Vitt

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Homemade Granola Bar and Cereal Recipe

For the nuts you can put either all almonds or all cashews (or split them as listed below or even try a totally different type of nut). Also, the same thing works for the seeds – you can either put in all pumpkin seeds or all sesame seeds or put in half and half. You could easily play around with the amounts of sesame seeds and flaxseeds as well. If you can’t find unsweetened shredded coconut you can leave it out completely.

If you want granola cereal make it with rolled oats. If you want granola bars then substitute steel cut oats for the rolled oats, and I also like to add dried fruit bits before baking the bars.

recipe for homemade granola on a baking tray with a stainless steel scoop

How to Make Cereal Homemade (Or, Granola Bars)!

For the cereal, once it has baked and cooled completely, you want to put it in a gallon zip lock to break it up into small cereal pieces. If you are making granola bars just break off big chunks instead of using a bag. Don’t expect perfectly uniform rectangles for your granola bars, these are homemade after all!

The oats, nuts and spices are seriously what make these bars come together! That being said, you can add any number of ingredients to make this cereal homemade with some fun, seasonal flavors. Simple modifications in the ingredient ratios can make for a festive mix, too. For instance, amp up the cinnamon and nutmeg for a perfectly fragrant winter-themed granola.

Looking for a protein granola that can help you last through those late-afternoon cravings? Fill your homemade granola mixture with some flax seeds, chia seeds or even powdered peanut butter to make those macros skyrocket! Dried fruits like raisins (or craisins, a personal favorite) can also make for a granola bar or homemade cereal that is perfectly crafted to fit your palate. Besides, the best way to add more nutrients to your family’s diet is by making recipes you’ll actually want to come back to!

How Long Does Homemade Granola Last?

This homemade granola recipe will stay crunchy and flavorful for about a month when stored in an airtight container out of direct sunlight. After that, you should probably start to plan your next batch! Side note: finished granola bars might fare well in the freezer if sealed properly although you should expect to lose some of that desired ‘crunch’ in doing so.

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  1. 5 stars
    I have been using this recipe for years with a few tweaks, based on my preferences. I use walnuts and pecans in place of the cashews and almonds. I leave out the coconut. I use my own homemade pumpkin pie spice (cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, allspice, ground cloves) and I use a lot more than the ~4 tsp. of ground spices used in the recipe.

  2. I love the granola recipe. I have it on hand almost continuously. I do keep it much longer than the 2 weeks. I keep thinking I should try some variations, but I like the original so much I haven’t made any adjustments. It is good plain as a snack, with milk/blueberries for breakfast, and on yogurt.

  3. DELICIOUS! Use this to top yogurt for a quick, “I want something sweet but not bad” type of snack. We keep it in the freezer so that it stays wonderful for a little longer. LOVE, love, love this granola!!

  4. 5 stars
    This is my favorite granola recipe. Ive even got others hooked on it. Ive been able to adapt it and play with it to make it plant based and its just perfect. But I have one question. How can I make it more crunchy or crispy? The only change I made was I took out the butter and swapped 1/2 cup coconut oil, and went a little bit less on the honey. Otherwise the flavor is perfect! Its just soft instead of crunchy like I like. I dont know if thats because of my substitution or if you had any other suggestions. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  5. 5 stars
    My family loves this granola! We use pecans instead of cashews and maple syrup instead of honey to mix it up and it’s delicious!

    1. I’ve used some roasted nuts- I think sunflower seeds when that’s all I’ve had and it turned out fine. I just don’t think you’d want a lot of roasted and salted since that would probably make it way too salty.

  6. You said you could use steel cut oats if you want the bars to hold together. It seems like steel cut oats would break your teeth! Did you mean quick oats?

  7. My daughter likes plain granola with no nuts or seeds. Would I just add 4 more cups of oats to replace the nuts and seeds called for in the recipe?

  8. I love this recipe for a cereal but I would really like to have bars. I find when I try to cut it into bars, it crumbles apart. Could I use more honey or add something to help it hold together better?

  9. 5 stars
    I make this recipe every other week for my husband and me… We love it! I’m sorry that I don’t have time to read through 90 pages of comments, and maybe this has already been answered. We’re getting ready to start the Daniel Fast next week, and I wondered if there is a way to make this adaptable for the fast. If you’re not familiar with the fast, it’s very strictly vegan, including the fact that I wouldn’t be able to use cow butter, but could I use coconut oil? Also, I can’t use any sweeteners, including I can’t use honey. I know the honey helps hold it together, but would it still work okay without adding honey? Obviously not as sweet, and also not held together, so a “looser” granola. The thing I’m looking for is that this would be a whole grains/nuts mix that would be great sprinkled on fruit for breakfast! I’m just curious if you’ve ever tried something like that with this recipe. Have you ever added raisins or dates, for example, to maybe add some sweetness to it. I might also add that I live overseas, so my options are somewhat limited… Any thoughts or recommendations you have would be greatly appreciated! ;)