Sheet Pan Honey Mustard Pork and Veggies

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Make weeknight dinner easy and delicious with this sheet pan pork tenderloin recipe. It's filled with apples, potatoes, and green beans that the whole family will enjoy.
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Sheet Pan Honey Mustard Pork and Veggies with apples apples, potatoes, and green beans.

Oh, how I love a super easy (and tasty) one dish dinner! This sheet pan pork tenderloin came together in no time at all, and the clean up was also super simple. This is exactly what our family needs for busy weeknights. I’m feeling inspired to try even more sheet pan dinners.

I marinated the pork tenderloin in a loaf pan (covered with plastic wrap in the fridge), but you could also use a ziplock bag if you prefer. For better results, just remember to turn the meat over about halfway through for even coverage.

Sheet Pan Honey Mustard Pork and Veggies on 100 Days of Real Food

Just look at how pretty and vibrant this one is before you stick it in the oven. It’s hard not to feel good about making such a colorful dinner like this one. Talk about (almost) eating the rainbow. :) Before baking it, I did toss the veggies and fruit together to better coat them with the sauce. I hope you enjoy this simple one-dish dinner as much as we did!

Sheet Pan Honey Mustard Pork and Veggies on 100 Days of Real Food

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  1. 5 stars
    I have made this several times already and my family loves it! I made it tonight and my son is already requesting that I make it again. Full of flavor and delicious!

  2. 5 stars
    This is very good! I don’t gravitate toward honey mustard, but ended up loving this. I made this as described with the exception of using Russet Potatoes (that’s what I had).

    I might try a different apple since mine barely kept their form, and mostly turned to mush. The taste was fantastic, so mainly a texture/presentation issue. I used “Envy” apples.

    1. 100 Days Admin

      Glad to hear you like it! Apple varieties can be tricky! Try using Honeycrisp if you can. – Nicole

  3. 5 stars
    I’m looking forward to giving this recipe a try! I’m wondering what kind of apples to use, would Granny Smith be best? Also would sweet potatoes hold up if added in 1/2 inch slices?

  4. Could this be modified to use a pork loin rather than tenderloin as it’s what I have on hand? Looks delicious!

  5. It’s is unsafe to use marinades from raw meat on other foods without cooking them.
    This recipe is unsafe!

  6. Wow! This looks amazing. I’ve already printed the recipe for my “Lisa” collection. Can’t wait to make this. I know already it will be a keeper.