Supermarket Real Food “Cheat Sheet”

Last week I made my feelings clear about “health food” stores and all of the organic junk food that they sell. I do love that these stores usually offer a wide variety (and high quality) selection of organic produce as well as a nice assortment of whole-grain products. But you still have to have your guard up when you are shopping because, as I mentioned, everything that health food stores offer is by no means “real food” approved. So what better thing to do than share a “cheat sheet” to help you navigate through all of that junk to find the good, wholesome, real food?

I spent a great deal of time walking through our local Earth Fare store (the South Charlotte location) looking at every single product that they sell. I know not everyone lives in Charlotte (or shops at Earth Fare for that matter!), but a lot of the products that they carry are sold nationwide. So what I came up with was an eleven-page bullet point list of every single item that you could buy and eat/drink from Earth Fare if you were following our real food rules. This document is the perfect “cheat sheet” for those taking the 10 Days of Real Food pledge. Oh how I wish I had this handed over to me when we started our 100 Days of Real Food pledge last year!

The Earth Fare Real Food Cheat Sheet is located in our Free Membership area, which you can join by clicking the button below –

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169 thoughts on “Supermarket Real Food “Cheat Sheet””

  1. Great idea! I have a Fitness Resource business and we have been
    pushing eating real honest to goodness food for a long time. Our favorite place to shop: farmers markets, local farms and speciality markets. We are not on facebook –our business is strictly word of mouth! Our favorite chefs include: Mark Bittman, Rozanne Gold and
    Jill Norman herbs and spices. Please send me via snail mail Supermarket Real Food cheat list. Our “super” market locations are Whole Foods and Central Market.

  2. I want to do this challenge I pretty much eat this way already…please tell me I can eat organic blue corn chips if they have less than 5 ingredients…

  3. I would love to have the Real Food Cheat sheet, is there a way to get it without being on Facebook, I do not have an account.
    thanks :)

  4. Hi! I would love to get a copy of the cheat sheet as well. Not a FB user. :/ If you are still emailing them out, I’d sure appreciate a copy. :)


  5. Hello,

    I’m not on facebook but I would love a copy of the cheat sheet.
    Thank you!! Your website is so great!! I have already used several of your recipes with great success!!!

  6. Not on facebook either. If I was, I would “like” your page. Please email the cheat sheet to me. I am so excited to get started! Thank you so much for this wonderful idea and sharing it with others.

  7. Lisa,

    As so many others i am not a facebook member. Would you please email me a copy of your cheat sheet. Thanks in advance.

  8. Thank you for all the wonderful ideas and recipes. I would love a copy of your cheat sheet but I am not on FB either. Thank you so much.

  9. Hi Lisa-Could you email me the cheat sheet? Like all the others, I am not a facebook member! Thanks so much! This website is awesome. I’m so glad I stumbled across it one day.

  10. I am not a facebook member either – could you email me the cheat sheet. I love your blog.
    Trying to put more health in my family’s meals.

  11. I thought my husband and I were the only two people in the world not on FB! LOL Glad to see so many of us hold outs. :) Anyway, please e-mail me your cheat sheet. I am a little overwhelmed right now and I think it would be a big help. BTW We watched Food, Inc. and I don’t think I can look down the isles of a grocery store the same, but I think that is a good thing.

  12. michelle mueller

    I am not on facebook. Can you email me cheat sheet?
    Thank you. I love your blog. I have been reading it nonstop since I found it.

  13. I just found your website and like all the others I am so appreciative of all the hard work you have done! Would you mind emailing me the cheat sheet, I do not have a facebook account, thank you.

  14. I am on facebook but cannot get the real food cheat sheet to download. Could you please e-mail it to me. I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks in advance!

  15. Yeah! Let the masses speak! Please be so kind as to not restrict your wisdom to the land of Facebook. We all want to be better! Please share in the blog.

  16. I’m not on Facebook (don’t wanna be) and I would greatly appreciate it if you could mail the real food cheat sheet to me. Thanks!

  17. Hello! I am not a facebook member, but would love a copy of the cheat sheet if you’d be so kind to email it to me and anything else you may have that you think may help this busy full time working mom of two provide a healthy way of eating for my family!
    Thank you on your pledge and hard work in helping educate others!
    Take care & keep up the awesome job,

  18. Hi
    I love this website. Please forward me the copy of the cheat sheet also as i am not on fb either. I have been wondering how to get junk food out of my life. I do love to do my own cooking and baking. Thats awesome you got your girls involved in this so early in their life.
    Great JOb!

  19. I thought I was the only one not on facebook!! LOL I am not on FB can I please get e-mailed a copy of the cheat sheet??!! Thank you!!

  20. I am not on FB, can you email me the cheat sheet please? I think it’s wonderful what you’ve done, and I look forward to the challenge for my family here in CA. Thank you!!

  21. Hi! I’m not on facebook (and relieved to see I’m not alone). Would you please email a copy of the cheat sheet? Thank you!

  22. Hello! Neat site! As I’m not on FB either, please email cheat sheet and all other neat tidbits only accessible by FB. Thank you!

  23. Is it still possible to have the “real food cheat sheet” emailed to me? I don’t have a FB account. Thank you!

  24. Hi! I love your blog- this is such a great idea. I dont have FB… could you email me a copy of your cheat sheets and other helpful lists/guides?

  25. Hi, this really sounds great!!
    However, I too am not a facebook member, please email me a copy of your cheat sheet.

    Thank U

    1. Debra — I’m not on facebook either! Did you get the cheat sheet emailed to you?? If so how can you tell me how I can get it emailed to me ;-) Thanks!

  26. Please email me a copy of the cheat sheet. I don’t have a Facebook account. The closest EarthFare is 1 1/2 hours away. We go every other week!


  27. Can you please email me a copy of the cheat sheet. I am not on FB and am wanting to change my lifestyle to include only real foods. Thanks!

  28. I am also not on FB and need the sheet emailed. Thank you so much. Glad to know of a fellow Charlotte mom who cares deeply about real food.

  29. LOVE your site! You have inspired many and, as another mama who is concerned about food/toxins/health/happiness, I grately appreciate all your efforts! I’m not on facebook, so could you please email me your supermarket cheat sheet? Thanks!

  30. Just found this site – FANTASTIC! Unfortunately, I’m not on facebook. Would you please email me a copy of this list?
    Thanks so much!

  31. My daughter just sent me the link to your blog and I am already hooked. Can’t wait to get home from work tonight to spend more time reading and making my shopping list. Not a face booker. Please email me the supermarket cheat sheet. Thanks!

  32. I would appreciate it it you could email the ‘real food cheat sheet’ to me, as well. Not into FB.

    Thank you!


  33. I too am not a Facebook user so please email the guide to me. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and continuing my family’s journey of eating real food. Thank you!

  34. Just came across this site,it is perfect since just this morning my husband and I decided we need to make healthier choices for our family.

    I am not on Facebook, can you email this list to me?

  35. I am not on facebook but I would love a copy of this “cheat sheet”. Would you please e-mail it to me? Thank you so much for what you are doing!

  36. Can you please email me the list? I read Michael Pollan’s Food Rules this weekend, and I really want to start the challenge, especially since the Farmer’s Market at Kings and Morehead is opening in a few weeks! Thank you!

  37. I do not use Facebook either. I would love if you could email it to me as well!
    I’m so inspired!
    Thank you!

  38. Would you please email this to me as I don’t have a Facebook account? And what an amazing amount of work to look through every product in the store. Thank you!

  39. I admit to taking perverse pleasure in not being on face book. I understand what you are trying to do with this, but would love to have it emailed to me. Thanks. Deborah

  40. Like many of the commenters, I do not have a facebook page. I am, however, participating in a 100 day challenge and would appreciate this copy as a guide!

  41. A lot of the stuff can be found at most grocery stores, so you should be able to adapt it to your area, Kris. We don’t have Earth Fare here in WA, either.

      1. Hoping I can get a copy of the list as well; I’m also not a facebooker. My friend and I had your coffee syrup and loved it!

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