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I am excited to be partnering with Stonyfield on today’s post! They are a great organic company that not only does their best to treat both farmers and the planet well, but is also passionate about helping in the fight to label GMOs. And today we are going to be discussing Stonyfield’s signature product – organic yogurt!!

I think it’s safe to say that most of us have eaten yogurt at one time or another. I know my family has certainly had our fair share. That’s the thing though – most of us just sit down and eat yogurt (or add it to a smoothie), but it’s not always top of mind when it comes to cooking and baking. Maybe we don’t think about using yogurt in recipes? Or know how to cook with it exactly? Well whatever the reason, it’s never too late to start experimenting, which is why I am excited to share with you the following Yogurt Substitution Chart!

And to think, just last week some readers were asking me what they could substitute for heavy cream…who knew. :)

Yogurt substitution chart from Stonyfield and 100 Days of #RealFood

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I also made a printable version for you in case you want to keep this conversion chart handy! :) If it doesn’t open properly in your browser, just Right Click > Save As to download to your computer.

And whether it’s for cooking, baking, or eating, this is what I personally look for in a yogurt:

  • Plain: That way I can sweeten or flavor it myself and know exactly what I am eating (including how much sweetener and what kind).
  • Organic: Especially with dairy products, I think it’s important to avoid the added hormones in the animals as well as the pesticides and GMOs in their feed.
  • Whole Milk: In general, I just prefer getting as close to the real deal as possible.

Some people are also curious about Greek yogurt. My personal opinion is that Greek yogurt is not really better or worse than the regular stuff – just different!

So before I let you go…how about some recipes that use yogurt to get you started? Enjoy!

Corn Chowder from Stonyfield and 100 Days of Real Food

Bibb salad with sauteed shrimp from Stonyfield and 100 Days of #RealFood

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  1. Hubby , 10 year old daughter, and I loved it! Picky younger boys did not. Don’t care…I’ll be making this again and adding shrimp to it after it is blended. Actually, going to make it tonight, which should be perfect on a cold day in Ohio.

  2. i just bought the book and am having a great time reading. So glad to read this yogurt info. I’ve always bought vanilla yogurt so I’m wondering, do you use either maple/honey/vanilla or all of them and what would be the amount per 1/2 cup of plain yogurt?

    1. Amy Taylor (comment moderator)

      Hi Nancy. Use either maple or honey with a bit of vanilla. Add it to your suit your own taste buds. :) I typically 1/2-2 tsp maple syrup and an 1/8 tsp vanilla. ~Amy

  3. I have a quick question on yogurt….I know you sweeten it yourself with maple syrup and vanilla – I am wondering do you think one could sweeten the whole container once you buy it and will it last? I looked but haven’t really found out how much maple syrup/vanilla to yogurt ratio?

  4. 5 stars
    Recently I substituted plain nonfat Stonyfield yogurt for buttermilk in an old chocolate fudge cake recipe. The buttermilk sold in stores in the last few years I have found to be like skim milk, so I’m sure the old recipe intended for the reader to use a firmer, rich buttermilk. The substitution worked perfectly, ounce for ounce. I had read on the Stonyfield package that such substitutions would work, and I am sure it worked better than the modern buttermilk would have in the old recipe. Thanks to Stonyfield!

  5. 5 stars
    I used several of theses substitutes – and I never see myself buying sour cream again. I used yogurt to make cream of potato soup, alfredo sauce as well as simply adding fruit and eating. This is the best ever!

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hello Rose. You could try subbing Greek yogurt, though we’ve not subbed for evaporated milk. Let us know how it goes. ~Amy

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hi Amber. We had an offer back in January but I don’t know that it will be repeated. ~Amy

  6. Many items substitute yogurt for milk or cream – but having lactose issues, I’m really searching for something i can use in place of it – and have found soy upsetting too. Almond milk has worked – but we have found recipes come out too bland or dry. Looking for suggestions. Two areas specifically I’ve been researching is Ranch Dressing, or Blue Cheese dressing. Have a couple recipes that call for that. THank you and keep up great web site.

  7. Hi.
    Being from Canada, I’m not familiar with your brand of yougurt but I do buy only Organic brands and I make my own. My Mum have me the recipie years ago. So easy to make; I had a hard time keeping it in the house once my kids learnt to mix honey with it. It’s a Dutch recipie. If anyone would like it please let me know.
    In regards to Greek vs regular yougurt I must disagree with your comment of no difference between them. There is 6% or greater of protein in pure (& Organic) Greece yougurt. Also, a brand of regular, yougurt such as ASTRO, it is milk and cream and no thickeners or preservatives.
    These make a tremendous difference in dishes calling for yougurt or sour cream.
    Thank-you for this forum to state my thoughts and views.

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Thanks for sharing, Allyson! I choose Greek yogurt for my kids because it is higher in protein as we eat a mostly plant based diet. ~Amy

  8. I normally buy vanilla yogurt but you mentioned sweetening plain yogurt yourself. What would you use to do that? I have six little girls and they love to mix yogurt and granola for breakfast or a school snack!

  9. Absolutely LOVE the mayo substitution. I use this with tuna salad and absolutely can not tell the difference. Considering all the positives on the side of yogurt and the negatives on mayo ~ this is a no brainer. Our brand of choice is Stonyfield, too.

  10. Full fat plain Greek yogurt is available at Trader Joe’s, in a blue and white package. The only place I’ve found it. It is similar to labneh, one of the best Middle Eastern/Arab dips. Yum!

  11. Hi! I have converted our family into eating plain yogurt and flavoring it myself. I see that some plain yogurts have different ingredients besides the pasteurized milk. I buy Chobani Greek right now because they have it at BJs :) I would prefer the whole milk but I can’t find it. The ingredients are milk and the cultures. The cultures are ok to see in an ingredient list right?

  12. I just bought a quart of this to make homemade yogurt. I was also looking at recipes to substitute yogurt, I made cornbread last night with it, it was sooo good and moist! Thanks!

  13. Lisa,

    My children and myself are lactose intolerant and we have discovered that the Greek yogurt is ok for us as long as we don’t eat it everyday. After research we learned that the Greek yogurt has one extra step to take more of the whey out…thus making it more easily digestable for people who are intolerant. We also prefer the texture of the Greek over Plain so thats good for us. Thanks for aharing this chart! It will be used in our kitchen!
    Be Well

  14. Go one step further and get GRASS-FED, plain, whole milk organic yogurt. Can be hard to find, but my grocery store stocks Dreaming Cow brand yogurt. Its awesome!

  15. Thanks for sharing this. I love stonyfield yogurt (we go through quarts of it each week). We buy mostly the whole milk plain because the vanilla has “natural flavors.” Why is it so hard to flavor vanilla yogurt with say actual vanilla??

  16. We eat greek yogurt at home all the time. I can’t find how to substitute greek yogurt for regular yogurt in Stoney Creek recipes. I don’t want to buy 2 kinds when I already have the one. How would I substitute greek for plain?

  17. That is a good thought Debbie. If you are making a baking substitution, does it matter is it is full fat or fat free plain yogurt?

  18. Strained yogurt is the best! Scoop some Stoneyfield Organic Plain yogurt into a cheesecloth lined sieve and place it in your fridge for 12-24 hours and it is the creamiest thing you can imagine! I add some frozen fruit to it for a super delicious and uber healthy dessert that my children go crazy for. My husband uses it like cream cheese on bagels and the recipe possibilities are seriously endless!!

    1. I do the same thing. Strain the yogurt and then add some herbs and black pepper and spread it on crackers. I think I got this from an old episode of Good Eats. He called it yogurt cheese. So yummy.

    2. That’s called labneh in the Middle East, you can eat as it is, topped with some crushed dried mint, and some pita bread. You can also use it in recipes that call for sour cream.

    3. That’s actually the way I make cream cheese. I use Trader Joe’s full fat organic yogurt, dump it in a 4 layer cheesecloth-lined strainer over a large glass bowl for 24 hours on the counter, covered with an upside down plate. The next day I tie up the corners and use wooden spoon handles (2) to twist it up, gently. I leave it until the whey stops dripping out (generally, 12 hours). Best.cream.cheese.ever. Oh, and don’t touch it with anything but clean knife or spoon…it has a nasty habit of growing whatever it picks up.

  19. Question on plain greek yogurt – why can I never find a full-fat version? It’s always fat free that I can find. What is your take on doing fat free in this product? (I’m not a fat free fan usually per your other posts)

  20. Oh nevermind, I NEVER noticed this on the Hodgson Mill bag. It says NON GMO Project Verified. Does that mean it has no GMOs?

  21. I was just wondering about this!!! Great! I couldn’t find full fat yogurt at our Kroger, but Stonyfield’s website says we have it here. I’ll have to look better next time I go shopping. Also, I am SO excited to be making a trip to Trader Joe’s this weekend. I hope to find some foods there that are considered real food but not available around here. I am going to stock up!
    I have a question about corn. I would love to try your recipes with corn, but would you say organic corn is the way to go? I’ve read that corn is something to stay away from as far as GMOs go. What’s your take on this? I was using 100% whole grain stone ground yellow corn meal Hodgson Mill brand but its not organic. I love your cornbread recipe! Any advice?

  22. I use yogurt in pancake and waffle recipes (I substitute it for a portion of the milk). It reacts with the baking powder to make the pancakes/ waffles nice and fluffy.