Recipe: BLT with (or without) Crabmeat


Here is a recipe that offers a little twist on the classic BLT sandwich…if you so desire. With some fresh locally grown or homegrown tomatoes you cannot go wrong whether you decide to include the […]

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Recipe: Whole-Wheat Zucchini Bread

tie dye

Ever since I made this recipe we have a fear that our 5-year-old is going to turn into a piece of zucchini bread!  She cannot stop eating it. She actually said she was sad about […]

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(Not) Cleaning your plate

Plate&Fork- 032

I don’t know what it is about our society, but most of us have been taught (and are teaching our children) to “clean our plate”. As it turns out this might actually be really bad […]

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Day 25: Finally, Some Appreciation


As much as I like to complain about how difficult it has been to eat real food out in social situations and restaurants, how much I miss store-bought condiments and my white chocolate mochas, and […]

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Recipe: Fajitas

Fajitas from 100 Days of Real Food

I love a lot of different foods, but let me tell you that this fajita recipe is right up there at the top. This is the kind of meal where you hear my husband and […]

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Day 23: Out to Lunch

greek dinner

Today was the first time I have eaten in a restaurant (other than Earth Fare’s café) since starting our 100 Days of Real Food. My husband has of course eaten out quite a few times […]

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Buying organic (or not)

Despite the fact that we absolutely prefer and always try to buy organic…I really want to get one thing straight here. Just because something is organic does not automatically mean it is healthy and that […]

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Day 20: Social Plans and Ravioli


I have to admit that when faced with social plans my first thought is (from a food perspective) it would be easier just to stay home. But, I always talk myself out of taking the […]

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