Giveaway: Pizza Stone ($50 Value)

grilled pizza

Today I am giving away a super high quality pizza stone to one lucky winner. This stone, which retails for $50, is made by Emile Henry and can be used in the oven or on […]

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Mini-Pledge Week 7: 100% Whole Grain

image courtesy of

If you’ve been following along you knew this one was coming. I’ve been trying to ease everyone into the “real food” mini-pledges by holding off on the harder ones, but the time has come! Even […]

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Recipe: Tzatziki Sauce

Recipe Tzatziki Sauce for 100 Days of Real Food

This Greek yogurt-based sauce is incredibly simple to make and versatile. It is traditionally served with souvlaki and gyros, but we think there are many more possibilities beyond these dishes. Tzatziki can be used as […]

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Food: Bad, Better, Best

Since it is not always ideal or possible to make the most optimal food choice here’s my take on some of the options… Bad Better Best Why Bag of crunchy deep fried potato chips Bag […]

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Easter without junk food!

bread bunny

I never noticed until we made our switch to real food that every single holiday seems to revolve around food! And not just any kind of food…“junk food” of course. I think building family traditions […]

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