Real Food Tips: 5 Uses for Leftover Turkey

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I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving and time with family today. Before we know it we will be on to those tasty leftovers! I am sure I’m not the only one who tries to be creative with all that turkey we couldn’t finish so here are some ideas to consider:

  1. Make “Turkey Noodle Soup” instead of “Chicken Noodle Soup” (pictured below) and freeze the leftovers. Here is a recipe to get you started (just sub turkey for the chicken):
  2. Make “Turkey Terrific Sandwiches” inspired by a sandwich shop on Nantucket Island called Provisions. All it takes is some good whole-wheat bread, a little mayo, stuffing, turkey, and the optional cranberry sauce to make one good sandwich. Another great sandwich option would be turkey, brie, and a quick apple chutney…yum!
  3. Make homemade turkey stock with the bones…just like you do with leftover chicken bones/parts. This would be the perfect starting point for your “Turkey Noodle Soup” as mentioned above or for other dishes that call for chicken broth/stock. Here are the details on “The Best Whole Chicken in a Crock Pot” recipe:
  4. Freeze batches of the cooked turkey meat for sandwiches or recipes on another day using either zip lock bags or other freezer-safe containers.
  5. Sub turkey for cooked chicken/meat (or just add it to the veggies in vegetarian dishes) in some of your favorite recipes including…

If you have any additional suggestions for turkey leftovers please leave them in the comments below!


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22 comments to Real Food Tips: 5 Uses for Leftover Turkey

  • Sarah

    Hot Browns! Open faced turkey sandwich (on whole wheat) with a cheese sauce and bacon on top.

  • Lisa! This is a great post. Your turkey looks so delicious. I made turkey soup because that is all I wanted to eat (Stupid sick germs!) and some turkey and mashed potato empanadas.

    • 100 Days of Real Food

      Yum…love empanadas! We also made the turkey noodle soup and a last-minute gumbo, too…which was a big hit! Good to hear from you :)

  • Annalisa

    Turkey taquitos in whole heat tortillas

  • Dawn

    I make Turkey pot pie out of my left overs (We raise turkeys- so LOTS of left overs)
    I shred up the meat, take the onions out of the cooking pan and set them aside chopped up. I also take all the large herbs out of the pan- add a bit of lemon juice and milk- bring to a boil and add gravy thickener. Once I have a great gravy I set that aside with the onions. I add chopped up broc and carrots to the meat in a large pan- pour the gravy over that and then put drop cheddar biscuits on top of that- cook till biscuits are done. I always cook my turkey with 2 sticks of butter mixed with the juice of 2 lemons, fresh garlic and 1/2 box of bells seasoning. I put the lemon halves inside the turkey along with 3 cut in quarters onions and a sprig or two of rosemary. I shove the flavored butter underneath the skin of the whole bird- and coat some outside the skin. This way the meat it’s self is flavored.

  • Cheryl

    I take leftover stuffing layer in the bottom of the pan, cover with favorite vegetable mix, slices of turkey over that, and cover with gravy or cream of mushroom soup. Bake 25 minutes at 400 degrees. Great casserole dish.

  • Cindy

    We use the leftovers and make a turkey burrito. Put in some turkey and anything else you want, throw in a little cheese, wrap in tortilla, warm it up and enjoy.

  • Rose

    How could everyone forget turkey a’la king? I saute’ mushrooms in butter with a little onion, add turkey gravy, pimento’s and cut in chunks, turkey meat leftovers and serve over homemade mashed potatoes with steamed green beans and maybe a cucumber salad. Yum! Total comfort food with the mashed potatoes.

  • I love to make turkey tetrazzini – it takes about 2 cups of leftover turkey! I like to use a mix of light and dark meat.

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