Video: A Tour of My Real Food Freezer

Freezer Tour on 100 Days of #RealFood

Here is the final video in my kitchen tour series! In case you missed it I've already shared a tour of my fridge, pantry and kitchen (drawers, etc.). As you'll see in this video we actually have an [...] Keep Reading

Preserving Seasonal Foods: Bell Peppers

bell peppers

Bell pepper season has officially started, and I am pretty excited about it. It’s hard to think of another vegetable I like this much that’s also so versatile (tomatoes might be a close second!). We [...] Keep Reading

Preserving Seasonal Foods: Berries

strawberries - frozen

Every year readers ask how they can eat fresh, local produce in the dead of winter when their farmers’ markets are closed until May or June. Well, this new blog series entitled “Preserving Seasonal [...] Keep Reading