Easy Fondue with Roasted Veggies

I developed an easy fondue recipe that my kids love! It's so much fun to gather around and share, especially with healthy dippers like roasted veggies.
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Fondue is such a fun, interactive appetizer to share with friends! Perfect for a cold day or a football game gathering, or just because. It had been awhile since I’d made fondue, and when I brought it up to my daughter she said, “I like the idea of fondue, but not the cheeses that are used in it.” Traditional fondue is made with Swiss-style cheeses such as Gruyere and Emmentaler, which have strong flavors.

So I took her feedback to heart and still used those traditional cheeses, but cut them in half and combined them with cheddar (which we all love!). I also offered roasted veggies and fresh fruit along with the typical bread dippers, to make it a little healthier, and the outcome was a big hit. I served this spread on New Year’s Eve and then again for out of town guests the following weekend. It was fun to gather around and share, and, since it was so easy, something we’ll definitely be making again soon!

Easy Fondue with dipping options

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Dipping Roasted Vegetables in an Easy Fondue Recipe

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  1. Love fondue!

    We do fondue for Christmas or New Years Eve, depending on our schedules. Sometimes it’s chosen as a birthday dinner during the year.

    Since we pull out the fondue for big celebrations, steak, sauted mushrooms, and a salad are usually served along side as we dip the french bread. I have yet to find a good whole wheat loaf to use and haven’t made the effort to make our own.

    One of my favorite fruits to dip in our family recipe is pear. The sweet and savory combo is to die for.

    We’ve always used a dry white wine, garlic, Gruyere, Emmentaler, and a pinch of nutmeg. I will happily substitute your recipe next time and see how we like it.

    Thank you for the recipe!

  2. Sandra McGrandle

    Can this be made without the beer or any alcoholic liquid at all, and if so, what is a good (and safe) substitute? Also, are nutrition facts available for this recipe? Without the beer or liqueur would it be keto acceptable? Thanks!

    1. Amy Taylor (comment moderator)

      Hi there. Sorry, but we’ve not tried any subs in this recipe. Also, we are not that familiar with the Keto diet.

    2. Yes, the alcohol can easily be substituted with applejuice (pure, non-diluted, unfiltered) and a tbsp of lemon juice (the acid is needed to bind the cheese and liquid).

  3. Funny, we just had traditional cheese fondue last weekend and two of my girls also thought the cheese was too strong. My oldest liked it, but only on apples, not bread. They did, however, all like the dark chocolate fondue, which I served with fresh fruit and homemade pound cake. It was fun to be able to give my girls all the fun of “The Melting Pot” at a quarter of the price. Also, to minimize cold germs, I gave each person their own ramekin to dip out of. Next time, I will try kid friendlier cheese.

    1. Recipe notes indicate that the recipe is gluten free if served without bread. Not true, if made with Guinness. Unfortunately, Guinness beer is not gluten free, it is made with barley and malt extract. True celiacs should not indulge.

  4. What could you substitute for the beer to serve at a children’s party? I think this would be a neat idea but don’t think I would feel comfortable serving beer to children.

    1. Traditional cheese fondue contains kirsch, a liqueur. I think cooking the beer 3-5 minutes to reduce it would cook away the alcohol leaving only a good flavor (not necessarily a “beer” flavor though).