A Week with the Leakes: Breakfast & Snacks

Back by request, I bring you another “Week with the Leakes” where we documented every single thing the four of us ate for an entire week (our last name is Leake😉)! Once again I am breaking up this series into a few different posts: today is breakfast and snacks, next will come lunch, and then dinner and treats. We recorded all of this during a random week in November.

As I have mentioned before, this series is just a snapshot of our lives. While it isn’t always a true representation of our diets as a whole (or easy to get the photo – some are blurry or not well lit), we did our best to share what a typical week of meals looks like at our house. And, even though beverages aren’t pictured, our drink of choice is usually water. My husband and I might have a cup of coffee (usually a Maple Mocha or latte with honey for me) or glass of wine (or a beer for him) and the kids sometimes have an occasional glass of milk or juice, but other than that it’s pretty much just water to drink around here!


Now, without further ado, what we ate for a week starting with breakfast. As you can see, a few of us like to eat the same thing over and over again (with some variations) first thing in the morning.

The Adults

My husband and I love to have homemade granola with a variety of different fresh fruits (sometimes frozen – especially this time of year). I even had granola in a to-go thermos the one morning we had to wake up at 5:45 AM for my daughter’s gymnastics meet (that’s also the day I had prepared Overnight Oats for them as you can see below). So, not only was I the odd one eating cereal in my lap in the bleachers, but also the one snapping a picture of it for this post. Yes, it was slightly embarrassing, but I did it anyway! LOL!A Week with the Leakes: real food Breakfast

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12-Year-Old Daughter

I happened to make a double batch of homemade Whole-Wheat Waffles on Saturday morning, so my waffle-loving daughter was all set to eat and repeat for pretty much the rest of the week. The Whipped Cream was something she made by shaking heavy cream in a jar (no sugar added).

And it’s pretty apparent in all these pictures how I repeatedly tell my daughters (like a broken record) that they must have at least one fruit or vegetable with every meal!

A week of real food breakfast: waffles

10-Year-Old Daughter

As you can see, my younger daughter eats a variety of breakfasts including leftover dinner on occasion! Not for me, but she does not discriminate first thing in the morning.

Some explanation…

  • Saturday’s breakfast includes the same homemade whipped cream (with no sugar added) that my other daughter made on top of the homemade whole-wheat waffles.
  • Sunday’s breakfast was the overnight oats I was telling you about (on the day we had the early morning gymnastics meet).
  • Monday and Wednesday she just reheated the leftover waffles and added fruit.
  • Tuesday’s breakfast is a scrambled egg with cheese on top and some fruit.
  • Thursday’s breakfast is leftover cabbage rolls from dinner with apples on the side.
  • Friday’s breakfast is plain yogurt with a little granola, fruit, and honey on the side to mix in.

Real Food Breakfast for a week for my 10 year old


After school, my kids usually come home hungry for a snack and prepare something on their own. My husband snacks sometimes (not every day) and I rarely eat snacks. I suppose I just opt for meals that fill me up instead. Here’s how it went down…

The AdultsA Week with the Leakes: Snacks

12-Year-Old Daughter

We sometimes joke that our older daughter could survive on yogurt and waffles. I am actually surprised she only had yogurt twice during this week of pictures because usually, it’s more – she loves it!

  • Monday she had whole-wheat crackers, grapes, overnight oats and her beloved plain yogurt mixed with honey (which she remembered to photograph as soon as she was done, haha).
  • Tuesday was pretty much the same with the addition of some sliced cheese and organic pepperoni (a rare buy for us, but something they do enjoy on occasion).
  • Wednesday includes another rare buy and something more for the “treat” section of this post … organic knock-off fritos. My friend recently introduced me to these, and I kind of wish she hadn’t! It’s something I’ve only purchased twice (so far), and I’ll continue to keep those purchases far and wide. My daughter topped them with some melted cheese and pico de gallo and had sliced pears on the side along with some tea (with frothed milk on top). And apparently, she decided to garnish her tea drink with cinnamon as well; she’s cute LOL. :)
  • Thursday was apparently a whole LOT of peanut butter with sliced apples.
  • Friday was just more tea. She had a little bit of a sore throat that week.
    A week of snack for my 12 year old

10-Year-Old Daughter

Once again it’s obvious they’re trying to follow my “one fruit or vegetable” every time they eat something … this is after years of drilling it into their heads!

  • On Monday she discovered that organic pepperoni I rarely buy and made little pizzas using whole-wheat pita. She got a stamp of approval from me with those few shreds of arugula on top!
  • Wednesday she had more of the leftover cabbage rolls (which were falling apart) with some fruit. After she finished her snack I came home from my lunch appointment with some leftover sandwich I had saved for her, and she ate that, too. This girl of mine has a good appetite!
  • It took until Thursday for her to discover those knock-off organic fritos I had stashed in the pantry (or she would’ve eaten them sooner, I am sure!) and she topped hers with cheese and some Mexican spices (cumin and chili powder) along with more fruit on the side.
  • Friday she had one of her signature dishes using the leftover noodles in the fridge – homemade Alfredo Sauce topped with frozen peas (to once again adhere to my fruit/veggie rule)! She makes little batches of this for herself often.

After School Snacks for the week for my 10 year old


Well, that concludes our breakfasts and snacks for our “Week with the Leakes” series. Stay tuned for lunch, dinner and treats!

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    1. I am going to have my daughter type her answer to you herself!
      Hi there – its Sydney. The tea I drink is the brand Paromi Tea and it comes in a green glass jar. The type is Cinnamon Chai. The way I prepare it is by adding some honey, steamed milk, and a small bit of pumpkin pie spice on the top. Glad you’re interested!
      -Sydney Leake (-:

  1. Lindsay Untherbergus

    I started using your granola recipe for cereal and now I know why you love it so much! It is so filling and delicious! Keeps me full all throughout the morning while I’m at work which helps me focus :) My favorite weekend breakfast is your cinnamon raisin quick bread from your first cookbook… sometimes I use the bread to make French toast :)

  2. I notice the Yogurt is 2% and not whole yogurt. Do you prefer 2% than whole when talking about yogurt? And what brand crackers do you buy for your daughter? My son will not eat Triscuits. Thanks!

    1. Lisa usually buys Stoneyfield plain whole milk yogurt, I’m guessing the Face yogurt shown is 2% because it doesn’t come in a whole milk option. It is virtually impossible to find plain whole milk yogurt in any size but tubs.

      My kids will eat Crunchmaster crackers, as well as Triscuits if topped with a piece of cheese (even better microwaved/broiled to melt the cheese, yum).

  3. I have recently started reading your blog. What type of whole wheat crackers do you recommend? There appear to be two different ones – the ones your husband had for a snack vs daughters snack. Thanks!

    1. I’m curious about the round crackers too. I know Lisa typically buys woven wheat type crackers, Ak-mak or Crunchmaster(original), but I have not seen her post those crackers before.