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I am a list maker. Whether it’s my grocery list, my to-do list, or the list of areas in our house that I need to “declutter” (my New Year’s Resolution!) let’s face it I like lists. So when I applied my list-making skill to my real food blog I ended up with a bunch of “Real Food Tips” and here they are…

May 2015 update: Since I keep posting tips and this page was getting so long, we’ve set up the blog so you can click here to browse through ALL my Real Food Tips posts.

Real Food Tips for Cutting out Processed Food

1. 10 Reasons to Cut Out Processed Food

2. 14 Steps to Cut Out Processed Food

3. 10 Highly Processed Foods to Avoid

4. 8 Ways to Avoid Processed Food

5. 10 Common Misconceptions

6. 8 (More) Common Misconceptions

7. 10 Items I Never Purchased Before Cutting Processed Food

8. 6 Ways to Ease the Switch to Whole Grain

Real Food Tips for Meal Ideas

9. 22 On-the-Go Breakfast Ideas

10. 4 Super Quick Wholesome Dinners

11. 10 Recipes to Cook with Your Kids

12. Salad Inspiration

13. Top 10 Travel Snacks

14. 5 Ways to (Easily) Eat More Kale

Real Food Tips for School Lunches

14. 10 Ways to Switch Up Your Kids Lunch

15. Nut-Free School Lunch Ideas

16. 21 Ways to Plan Ahead for School Lunches

17. School Lunch FAQ

Real Food Tips for Shopping and Meal Planning

18. 10 Pointers for Farmers’ Market Shopping

19. 12 Ways to Keep it Cheap

20. 3 Deceiving Food Products

21. 8 Meal Planning Pointers

22. Buying “Real Food” from a Mainstream Supermarket

23. 21 Essentials for Freezer, Pantry & Fridge

Miscellaneous Real Food Tips

24. 12 Ways to Deal with a Picky Eater

25. 34 Random Food & Cooking Tricks

26. My Favorite Kitchen Tools and Appliances

27. 7 Reasons I Hate Artificial Food Dyes

28. 5 Easy Changes for the New Year

29. 10 Ways to Be Less Wasteful

30. How to Use Freezie Pop Molds

31. How to Pack a Cooler (Safely)

Real Food Tips for the Holidays

32. 7 Healthy Holiday Parties (for kids!)

33. Easter Without Junk Food!

34. 20 Ways to do Halloween without candy!

35. The Only Halloween Candy I’ll Ever Buy plus Alternatives

36. 5 Uses for Leftover Turkey

37. Advent Calendars (without candy!)

38. 12 Homemade Holiday Gifts (that aren’t cookies!)

39. Kitchen Tool Holiday Gift Guide

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    1. Amy Taylor (comment moderator)

      Hi. I can’t answer your question about insulin but 100% pure stevia liquid, at least, has no additives.

    2. Insulin is something your body produces in your pancreas. I think you are talking about innulin (if I am spelling it right). I don’t know what that is but I see it listed as an ingredient in food.

  1. Hi I am just starting out with this and wondered about pork consumption. I noticed very little recipes using pork or beef

  2. I subscribed to your website after just hearing your interview on Charlotte Talks this morning. I love your story and I share your priority of using whole foods at home. It’s definitely been a challenge though and I’ve really not held the same standards for us when we eat out or at friend’s homes. I’m looking forward to reading your tips and recipes!

  3. I just discovered your wonderful site and have taken the 10 day pledge. It’s time we stopped eating chemicals. Many of my friends have health problems that I consider related to their less than healthy diet. I’m fortunate to live in a small town with a wonderful food co-op that carried local organic produce, bulk grains and local pastured meat and eggs. They do persist in carrying canola however. You have lots of great recipes too.