Real Food Tips: 22 On-the-Go Breakfast Ideas

School started for us this week so it’s time to say goodbye to our leisurely summer breakfasts or even eating breakfast together at all…at least in my family. There is no way I could stomach food at 6 A.M. in order to eat with my daughter, but if she’s going to have a good day at school she has no choice. According to Parade Magazine, “Children who eat breakfast perform at nearly a grade level higher than those who do not.” So don’t even consider allowing your kids (or yourself!) to skip and instead implement some of these non-processed “on-the-go” breakfast ideas, which have been broken down into three categories:

Make, Freeze, Reheat…

There are quite a lot of breakfast foods you can make in advance, store in the freezer between sheets of wax paper, and then quickly reheat on a busy weekday morning. Just be sure to supplement these homemade breakfast ideas with some fresh fruit!

  1. Whole-grain banana pancakes

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    Whole-Wheat Banana Bread…Yum
  2. Whole-grain waffles (make it into a waffle sandwich with cream cheese, raisins, & cinnamon in the middle!)
  3. Whole-grain biscuits with pieces of cooked bacon & cheddar added to batter
  4. Homemade breakfast burritos (with scrambled eggs and cheese on whole-wheat or corn tortillas) frozen in individual bags or containers
  5. Whole-grain breakfast cookies made with pecans (or pumpkin seeds as a nut substitution)
  6. Whole-grain fruit muffins or zucchini muffins
  7. Whole-grain banana bread (pictured)
  8. Smoothies frozen in reusable freezie pop holders (these are an exception in this list because they don’t have to be heated up!)

Prepare Night Before…

With a little preparation the night before these breakfast ideas could come together fairly quickly before running out the door.

  1. Hard boiled eggs
  2. Little baggies of fresh berries, sliced apples or other fresh fruit
  3. Homemade granola bars
  4. Fruit smoothies (with or without peanut butter) that you can store in an insulated Thermos cup in fridge
  5. Oatmeal that you reheat in morning or overnight oats that can be eaten cold or warm
  6. Cereal with milk if you set out all the supplies at night including bowl, spoon, napkin, cup and a whole-grain cereal like homemade granola
  7. Individual portions of homemade trail mix (nuts, seeds, raisins, dried apple rings, and dried apricots)
  8. Little baggies of whole-grain cereal like store-bought corn puffs or shredded wheat

Grab and Go Morning of…

These are some great pre-packaged “real food” items to have on hand for those mornings where there is literally not a second to spare. Hopefully these ideas will convince you to leave those highly processed “milk and cereal bars” at the store!

  1. Lara Bars (pictured—these bars have no added sweeteners and the “cashew cookie” variety only has two ingredients!)
  2. Bananas or apples (with or without those store-bought individual packets of peanut butter)
  3. Little boxes of raisins
  4. Individual pre-packaged bags of freeze dried fruit (like Funky Monkey brand from Target or Crispy Green from Earth Fare)
  5. Small prepackaged bags of nuts found in baking aisle
  6. Applesauce squeeze packets

For some “real food” school lunch ideas check out this link:

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  1. I can’t have the kids do anything peanut or tree nut related due to both being banned at their school. I do love some of these for giving them to eat in the car on the way to school though.

  2. I know this is a really late comment, but with a little one that has severe nut/peanut and egg allergies, the granola and some whole wheat items are out due to cross contamination! She loves her pancakes in the mornings, so I am pretty sure that I can wing that one.

    Thanks for the suggestions!

  3. These all look delicious but I choose to eat low-carb, and one of those muffins would be my entire days worth of carbs. Any low-carb ideas?

    1. Hard boiled eggs or mini quiches baked in muffin tins would be a good low-carb option. If your diet allows sweet potatoes, a pre-baked sweet potato could be heated up quickly in the morning.

  4. Where do you recommend grocery shopping? I live Southeast of Charlotte, NC in Union county and am looking for the best places to get fresh meat and produce.

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hi Maria. The Matthews Farmer’s Market is a great resource. Stores that we frequent the most are probably Earth Fare, Whole Foods, and Trader Joes. I am also a fan of the new Matthews Publix. They have a good amount of organic produce and will replace anything that isn’t good. ~Amy

  5. We just made our first real food meal plan. My fiancé is a truck driver and often eats two meals a day on the road. These are perfect considering he is often tempted with easy to hold gas station junk food. Why just yesterday I though to myself how I wish you had a post like this for breakfast! Meal planning just became so much easier!

  6. Best pancakes

    2 eggs
    1 banana
    2 tbsp – real peanut/almond butter – real means not kid but only ground peanuts or almonds
    1 tsp cinnamon

    Great with blueberries

    Makes enough for about 2 people.

  7. Hi! I am wondering if it was your website/blog where I saw a recipe for your own version of pop tarts. I’m hoping it was you because I can’t remember who else it would be. If it was you, could you post the link to the recipe? Thanks :)


  8. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

    Hello Christine. You can find one ingredient whole grain cereals such as puffed rice or wheat as well as shredded wheat. Lisa finds organic versions at Earth Fare. ~Amy

  9. Do you recommend any cereals for my young children? They’ve only been exposed to Cheerios, but I just read that Cheerios used to have GMOs.

    I need something quick and easy for my 3 young children that I don’t have to cook.