Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers

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I must be living under a rock because I just recently learned about jalapeno poppers that are wrapped in bacon instead of battered and deep-fried. This recipe is perfect for any party, gathering, BBQ, or football tailgating as an appetizer.
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Jalapeno Poppers from 100 Days of Real Food

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Some Texan friends (of friends) brought these little treats to a New Year’s Eve party, and I had to force myself to stop eating them so there would be enough for others! Even though I don’t normally go for spicy dishes.

Apparently this appetizer is very much a “Texan thing,” and once I got home and “googled” it I realized I must be late to the party. Well I guess it’s better late than never so here’s our version of this recipe…just in time for those upcoming Superbowl parties!

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers

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Ready to go in the oven…

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  1. I love these! We put a slice of grilled chicken and pepper jack cheese in ours though and wrap half slice bacon around. Grill it too. I will have to try it with the cream cheese!

  2. 5 stars
    These are AMAZING grilled, but we highly recommend using something to catch the grease from the bacon and cheese, like foil or a grilling pan if you have one. But when you grill them, the outside of the pepper gets charred a teeny bit, and it’s delicious!
    Thank you for sharing all your recipes! :) And lunch-packing tips, because us moms need all the help we can get!!

  3. Add a little crushed pineapple to cream cheese for a sweet and savory flavor. Where do you get organic cream cheese? And what is guar gum that I keep seeing in cream cheese?

  4. I have made something like these… mine too took awhile before the bacon got crisp. My question is; do you think if I made these ahead of time, froze them, then took them camping… would they cook up on a camp fire? I’m gonna try it :)

  5. Question about the rack you cook them on – is this a special oven proof rack or can you use a non-stick cooling rack (all metal)?

    1. So I didn’t end up using a rack and it still worked fine. The bacon wasn’t very fatty and I had to cook mine about 10 minutes longer before the bacon crisped (maybe b/c I didn’t use a rack??? I don’t know). I think the extra cooking time made the peppers flatten out/collapse but they still tasted awesome!

    2. Sorry for the delay in my response…I just used a cooling rack (pictured). I think it does help with a better outcome. Glad they still tasted good!

  6. These freeze great! I make a bunch up ahead of time and freeze them on a sheet tray. When frozen I throw them in a zip lock bag. Then I can just cook what I need. No need to defrost.

  7. We fix these all of the time during the summer on the grill! I like to add granulated garlic and worcestershire sauce to the cream cheese. They are to die for! Also, if you don’t like them spicy, making sure to scrape the inside of them really well with a spoon and rinsing them with water helps.

  8. We make these on the grill in the summer. And I’ve also made jalapeno popper sandwiches that were soooo good! I chopped up some jalapenos and sauteed them, then mixed with softened cream cheese and bacon pieces. Then I spread it on bread and buttered the outside and grilled like you would a grilled cheese sandwich. Yummy!

  9. The meat market in our area calls them Cowboy Candy. They are wrapped with natural bacon. Can’t get enough of them!!!! (I think you could stuff a shoe with cream cheese, wrap it in bacon and I’d eat it) ha

  10. They actually have a name! They are called “ARMADILLO EGGS”. I also was shared this recipe from a Texan, and she informed me that is what they’re called. We leave the stems on to make them look like tails, lol. That is what she said to do. If you scoop ALL the ribs and seeds, it is kid friendly. You can use just mini sweet peppers for your kids if you’re too scared. :)

    1. I’m from Texas and that’s exactly what we call them! We do tend to leave the stem on, and we usually grill them, but I like to cut the very top end with the stem off, and eat them in two bites, starting with the stem end. The reason for this is because the stem end is hotter, and I like to end my bite with the less-hot end. ;)

  11. Hi Lisa! I have been following your site for some time now! My husband and daughters are doing it too, and we all just love your recipes! I have a question though, where do you get your bacon? I just told my husband last week that we could no longer eat bacon because all of the ones I could find (I shop in Whole Foods) have been cured with sugar, either brown or raw. We were going to cure our own with honey… but before I go all the way there I would love to know where you got yours! Thanks!

    1. 100 Days of Real Food

      We buy uncured bacon at either our Farmers’ Market or EarthFare (Applegate Organic Brand)…good luck!

  12. I made these last night & they were yummy. I have to make an appetizer tomorrow night & used all my jalepenos by I have 3 bell peppers (green, red and yellow) do u honk I could use then to make this?

  13. :) I never knew the rest of the country didn’t know about these things. Y’all have been missing out! I guess this is just one of the perks for being a Texas girl. We make ours pretty much the same except we leave the peppers whole and cook them on the grill. We have a homemade rack to stick the peppers in, so the filling doesn’t run out. You can find the racks in stores down here, or you can get one online. You should look up a recipe for Texas Caviar. It requires some minor adjustments with the dressing(it typically calls for zesty italian, but its easy enough to make), but it is amazing!!

  14. Next Up: Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese Sandwich!

    P.S. You could also sub that cornstarch with the whole ground cornMEAL for the breading stage in version 2. I make a breading for my fried green tomatoes that is equal parts buttermilk, cornmeal, and flour and it sticks very well and works out just fine. I think the slight hint of corn flavor with the jalepenos would complement wonderfully.

  15. Here are two links for dairy-free vegan versions of the poppers. They are both breaded rather than wrapped in bacon, but they are baked/broiled rather than fried.

    The first: uses a soy cream cheese product, I think there is one made by Tofutti, and vegan “cheese”.

    The second: seems a bit more labor-intensive on an already labor-intensive dish, but uses no soy. It makes something called “cashew cheese” to stuff the peppers. It calls for cornstarch, but it is only for the dredging step and I don’t see why that it couldn’t be left out entirely or replaced with WW flour.

    These recipes reminded me that I also enjoy the chedder cheese stuffed version that is breaded. I think they could be baked just as well.

    Ahhhhh. Poppers and Super Bowl Sunday!

  16. For the dairy free alternative, would silken tofu work maybe? Or possibly a little mayonaise mixed with corn or other veggies? Also, these can be made with the red serrano peppers too if you’d like to reduce the heat a little. I love these things too.

  17. I love jalapeno poppers, and when I make them, I add a 4 oz can of diced green chilies, and a small jar of pimentos, both juices and all, to the cream cheese. Then I sprinkle a little bit of chili powder on top. Everyone loves them, and always requests that I make them.

  18. I’ve never used cream cheese in mine… may have to try that! We use jack cheese and stuff the entire jalapeno with that and a medium sized shrimp, wrap it with bacon and grill it. We call it “Fire” and though it’s a labor of love to make, boy is it always a huge hit!

  19. is there a non-dairy alternative (we don’t eat dairy) for the center that is good? I have never tried a faux cream cheese. Since it is a major part of the recipe with a creamy center seems like it wouldn’t be as good without it. Any Ideas? :)

    1. 100 Days of Real Food

      Hmmm…sounds like some put another kind of meat (like sausage) in the middle. Maybe something like grits? Not sure!

  20. For another alternative, mix diced cooked bacon or chicken sausage for non-pork eaters and garlic powder into the cream cheese. Top with diced sundried tomatoes. You can also add mushrooms instead of bacon for a vegetarian version! If you want to turn up the heat, put all the seeds/insides into one bowl as you are deseeding, then dump out and use bowl (no rinsing!) to mix cream cheese. The oils from the insides stay in the bowl and really give it a kick!

  21. Lisa, aren’t these so fab?! YUM. I love them like this, I made a different version this fall. Froze enough for the holidays and still have a few lingering in my freezer. I cut jalepeno’s in half, removed seeds, mixed smoked gouda, organic cream cheese, and crumbled crisped smoked bacon, dash garlic powder. Mixed together and filled each half with this, froze them on a cookie sheet and layered them in ziplocs with saran over each layer. To eat, just thaw a bit, then bake. We found ourselves squabbling over the last ones on the plate. Literally was cutting them so each of us got a last piece. ha ha Thank you for sharing this marvelous snack!!

  22. Try adding a little of your homemade ranch dressing spice mix to the cream cheese. That’s what I do with mine, and they’re heavenly.

  23. Another yummy way is to use pineapple cream cheese. The sweetness of the pineapple works great with the spicy jelepanos!

  24. I just came across your website and am so excited to start the 10 day pledge with my family. The only question I have is that you don’t seem to use a lot of low-fat options. Why do you not recommend them in your recipes?

    1. I can’t speak for Lisa, and I hope she does reply, but low-fat does not equate to “healthier”. There are many studies out there that the nutrients you consume with animal fats are extremely good for you, particularly if you have a balanced diet that includes a lot of vegetables (esp. raw). There are also studies that show you eat less when you eat “real fat” items. In addition, when talking about diary items, the processing that they do to remove the fat and keep everything homogenous is detrimental to the product and how our bodies utilize it so those products are considered highly processed. Naturally, this is not well accepted, or even well known information because we have been told for years that low-fat is the way to go. I’ve even had my mom tell me that Twizzlers are healthy snacks because , “Look at the label, they don’t have any fat!” (info taught to her via the Weight Watchers program.)

  25. These are good cooked on a smoker, which is how my uncle makes them. I may smoke then finish in the oven as sometimes the bacon doesn’t get as crispy as I would like cooked only on the smoker.

  26. For those who do not like the heat of the jalepenos, you can try the pepperoncini peppers (in the jar – just rinse) or instead of cream cheese, use a piece of chicken breast to make it more filling. Delicious!

  27. These are delicious. I usually mix in some grated cheddar cheese with the cream cheese. Even better – brush them with a little BBQ sauce (of course, this assumes you have have good “real food” BBQ sauce, which I don’t unfortunately.)

      1. Assistant to 100 Days (Jill)

        Hi Kelly. I might just substitute something else for the molasses. Otherwise looks ok. Jill

  28. I just recently had a version of these, only instead of being stuffed with cream cheese, they were stuffed with spicy Italian sausage! They were amazing!! This recipe sounds awesome too. Gluten free too! :)