BEST Pimento Cheese Sandwich Recipe

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All I have to say about this Pimento Cheese Sandwich is OMG! It is so incredibly good and you can make it at home in 10 minutes ... SO much better than store-bought and it kicks your classic grilled cheese sandwich up a notch.
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Grilled pimento cheese sandwich on a plate.

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This sandwich is so incredibly good that I cannot believe I ever ate pimento cheese cold before. Just imagine the soft pimento cream cheese mixture melted between two pieces of crispy bread that are grilled to perfection. Need I say more?

What Is Pimento Cheese?

If you’re not from the South then it might sound a little foreign to you, but I promise it’s worth a try! It’s a classic Southern cheese spread that is typically made with cheddar cheese, mayonnaise, and of course, pimento peppers. I did use cream cheese instead of mayo in my version.

What Does It Taste Like?

It’s like a creamy cheese with a kick. Think cheddar cheese (creamy, tangy, and rich) with pimentos (roasted sweet red bell peppers) and some flavorful spices including a little hot sauce to kick it up a notch.

Is Pimento Spread the Same as Pimento Cheese?

Pimento Cheese is actually a trademarked brand that makes pimento cheese spread. They are based out of South Carolina, so whether you call it pimento spread or cheese, it’s basically the same thing.

What Do You Eat Pimento Cheese With?

Traditionally, it’s served on crackers or between slices of bread as a sandwich, but since its gain in popularity, we’ve seen all sorts of other ways to enjoy this creamy spread. As I mentioned above, we use it for a grilled cheese sandwich, but you can also add it to your grits, macaroni, quesadillas, or jalapeno poppers (instead of plain cream cheese) … there are endless ideas out there for this tasty spread. 

How to Spruce up Your Pimento Cheese Sandwich

I love getting creative with recipes like this one, so you could definitely add in your favorite ingredients. Try adding in fresh jalapeno peppers, olives, diced pickles, or even crumbled bacon for a bit of variation to your sandwich.

Some Pairing Ideas for Pimento Cheese

Since Pimento Cheese Spread is meant to be more of an appetizer or light snack type of food, it pairs well with crackers, carrot sticks, celery, crostinis, or even pretzels if you’re serving it as a dip. But, if you want to try putting it in a grilled sandwich, here are some light suggestions to pair with it:

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  1. It may have become popular in the South because it didn’t spoil easily at room temperature, making it easy to pack in lunchboxes, particularly for textile workers. But it was also fashionable as a sandwich in tea rooms.

  2. I miss the Pimento Cheese sandwiches that my Grandma Dolly used to make! It brings me back to my childhood in Mississippi. Nothing better on a warm summer day.