Deviled Eggs

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Here's a real food version of deviled eggs (i.e. sans mayo) that would be perfect for school lunches, Easter brunch, or cookouts. Add a little bacon to the top for a special treat!
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Both my kids like hard boiled eggs, but it never fails—they just won’t eat the yolk (it’s kind of hard to blame them). That is, unless I make egg salad or deviled eggs with them. Then magically, nothing goes to waste! Use these Air Fryer Eggs to make it quick and easy!

Deviled eggs on a plate sprinkled with paprika.

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Here’s a real food version of deviled eggs (i.e. sans highly processed store-bought mayo) that would be perfect for school lunches or Easter brunch this weekend. And I must know, does anyone else’s kids call these “Doubled Eggs?” Enjoy!

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    1. We have not tried it, but there are other recipes out there that sub it. Let us know if you try it out! – Nicole

  1. I used to eat these more or less with an identical recipe that you got here. Apart from I would use salad cream instead of the sour cream.
    Then I tried a different way of doing them and have got hooked on that for a while.
    I get an equal amout of small tomatoes to eggs, scoop out the insides and mix it with the yolk mix. Then spoon it back into the eggs and empty tomato shells.
    Great for party side dishes as well

  2. 5 stars
    Great recipe! I avoid the m-word, and the sour cream/olive oil substitution really created a great consistency. I’d tried other mayo free variations in the past, but this was the best one.
    I also added dill relish to the yellow mixture and a couple of capers on top.

    Thank you for this recipe!

  3. 5 stars
    Went looking for deviled eggs without mayo as my one daughter, for whom we’re having a bridal shower on Sunday, can’t have soy and most mayo has soy. So I’m going to make yours, love the idea. Also, we call these “angel eggs.”

  4. 5 stars
    What a great devil egg! Devil egg is not also my favorite, it like the whole of my family member and we must keep it for our daily breakfast. We make it easier because my favorite egg boiler helps me to make it more easier. Thanks for the share.

  5. I’m such trying It out because my doctor told me in New York City that I need to be on low carb diet because he thinks I am very fat

  6. 5 stars
    I do not use sour cream unless we have some on hand u can just use mustard and a little bit of pickle juice with the salt and paprika. And if I use mayo it is homemade. I have a special needs son, that unless I buy organic he cannot have it so make everything from scratch and we can our own veggies and fruit. So I use pickle juice from our pickles. We are as a family are on a no processed foods diet for our son’s sake.

    1. What does a diet have to do with a disability?!? I am mentally disabled… I’d like it if you don’t compare his disability with his diet… unless he impulsively cannot control rummaging the refrigerator smh

      1. Hello! There are all sorts of disabilities, and some of them (not all) have symptoms that can be helped with diet. For example, many people have seizures on top of a mental disability or autism. For some people, cutting out processed foods and going real and organic can make a huge difference for seizures! Again, everyone with a disability is unique, so this doesn’t apply to everyone. I think the person with a special needs son just didn’t explain her whole situation. She didn’t mean that her son is a compulsive eater.

      2. Amber,

        She just said “special needs,” you don’t know what kind of issue he has. Many physical and mental challenges are exacerbated by chemicals in foods and going organic and making things from scratch can be helpful to minimize food’s impact on a person’s health.

      3. Amber, just because your disability doesn’t have food restrictions doesn’t mean others do not. and special needs doesn’t always mean a mental or physical disability. take my daughter for instance she has to eat through a tube due to stomach issues and when she eats orally she can only have certain foods. which happen to be organic basically palo diet. I was actually pretty offended by your ignorant and insensitive comment. you would think you especially would know better.

      4. Shame on you, Special needs does not mean necessarily disabled physically I have a son who has a “mental” disability. I sometimes refer to as special needs. If not given direction and guidance and support would in fact eat foods that would greatly impact him.. at least their son has his family’s support…enough said..

      5. Amber, shut up. Read the comment again. Obviously her child has special dietary needs.

      6. There was no mention of disability, only special needs. Dietary restrictions are a need that are not normal, hence special.

      7. 5 stars
        You are what you eat is not far off. Eating healthier means being healthier, effecting your body and wellbeing. Mental health is effected by what we eat.

      8. A special needs child may be special needs because of stomach issues or sensitivity to some harsh things they use in processed foods. I have Gastroperesis and it’s a disability in itself somethings and the main problem surrounds different foods. People with celiac disease cannot have alot of processed foods. Please don’t act like you are special just because YOUR disability is different then their sons.

      9. I have an autoimmune diet and have to avoid food dyes and other additives. I am considered disabled, so I understand how others have to monitor diets for disabled individuals. -;)

  7. We love using just yellow mustard, finely diced pickles, and sting bit of lawrys salt sprinkled on top. No oil or dairy needed!

  8. Hello! I am so sorry if this question was already answered…have you found a good recipe for egg salad without the mayo? Do you substitute sour cream for that as well?

    1. Hi Andrea! Yes, you can sub sour cream in that as well. You could also use plain yogurt, mustard (with no mayo), or I have even used avocado and loved it.

  9. Yay for olive oil & mustard but have you read the ingredients in sour cream?! Nasty carrageenan.
    Maybe plain Greek yogurt would work?

  10. 4 stars
    I use my electric pressure cooker to steam farm fresh eggs. They are so super easy to peel. I can do 14 eggs in under 15 minutes. I wish I would have known this trick a long time ago. The poor eggs I have mutilated over the years is astounding.

  11. I often use plain nonfat organic yogurt instead of mayo. My body doesn’t handle saturated fats well. Spikes my LDL. I try to be selective on how I spend my sat fat allowance so I often use nonfat yogurt in place of mayo or sour cream.

  12. About peeling farm fresh eggs. I boil them in the usual fashion. Bring to a rapid boil for 7 to 10 minutes. Turn off heat and let them cool down on their own. Crack at the big rounded end where the air sack is located and peel. Make sure to get the membrane along with the shell or your egg will end up just another yoke lol. Hope this helps.

  13. I made these for lunch today and we loved them! I did add a little apple cider vinegar because that’s how my mom has always made them and I really wanted that flavor in there. Lisa and crew thanks for all your hard work and sharing your recipes with us :)

  14. So…how do you pack them to keep them from rolling all around, emptying out and making a mess? My kids love deviled eggs, but they don’t travel well.

  15. I made this tonight and I had to add more sour cream and olive oil to get a smooth consistency. Also added more mustard and some onion powder and black pepper. This was the first time making Deviled Eggs without the mayo and liked it a lot !

  16. I know this may sound weird, but I’ve made deviled eggs with red pepper hummus before instead of adding mayo/mustard or sour cream. As long as the hummus is very smooth, it tastes really good and has an excellent flavor.

  17. So, I have a recent discovery that makes hard-boiled eggs super-easy to peel! It’s an egg steamer…I got mine for $11 on ebay. I have my own chickens, so the eggs are typically really hard to peel…the egg steamer makes even the freshest eggs easy to peel! My kids like hard-boiled eggs, but I almost never made them in the past because they are so frustrating to peel. It’s my favorite new kitchen appliance!

  18. 5 stars
    My daughter is a vegetarian who doesn’t like mayo.I have been searching for a mayo free recipe. This recipe is awesome. They are so good my daughter says they are addictive. I follow the recipe but we prefer it without the olive oil. Thank you for sharing this recipe we love it.

  19. 5 stars
    So I started roughly following this recipe this morning, but decided to use my organic mayo, because I didn’t have any sour cream on hand. I tasted the yolk mixture after adding about half the mayo and didn’t care for it. The mayo tasted … chemically, maybe? I don’t know. Some kind of weird after taste, that I wasn’t fond of. Maybe something to do with the oil used? Anyway … I added some plain whole yogurt instead and it was SO MUCH BETTER. Next time, I’m just going to use all yogurt or sour cream and skip the mayo altogether. Anyway, wasn’t sure about deviled eggs without the mayo, but I’m a believer now! We ate them for lunch with raw sugar snap peas in the pod on the side and my 5 year old came up with the genius idea to dip the pea pods into the egg yolk filling. It was super yummy! Sort of reminded me of the classic asparagus spears with hollandaise sauce. Plus, a fun trick to encourage veggie eating. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. I totally agree about the organic mayo. It has such a weird aftertaste. Almost like Miracle Whip, maybe? I can’t believe something called “organic” could taste so chemical.

  20. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this recipe!! Even as a Southerner I had never had deviled eggs because I don’t eat mayo (blech!), and it had never occurred to me to try them with sour cream. I have tried subbing sour cream and yogurt in other traditionally mayo-based recipes without very satisfying results, but I decided to give these a try anyway. OH MY! They are DELICIOUS! My 4-year old and I just polished off a half batch of them!

  21. I always thought that the red powder was Cayenne Powder. Thanks for the recipe we will be trying this soon.

    By the way egg over easy are great with Cayenne powder.