Green Eggs and Ham With Kale or Spinach

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Dr. Seuss’s birthday celebration at school means it’s yet another day filled with fun-themed activities, including food, of course! Plus who can resist bringing one of Dr. Seuss’s most legendary books to life: Green Eggs and Ham! No need to break out the artificial green dye though, see below for a much more nutritious (and delicious) alternative.
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Plate of homemade green eggs and ham made with kale instead of dye for Dr. Seuss Day

Until I had kids in school I never realized how many holidays and special occasions could be celebrated. Aside from the standard ones like Halloween and Valentine’s Day, there’s also the 100th Day of School, President’s Day, and Football Fridays … and now Dr. Seuss Day! I decided to kick off our Dr. Seuss Day celebration with this fun green eggs and ham recipe that uses kale instead of green dye.

But whether you are a Dr. Seuss fan or not, you can still enjoy this dish for breakfast (or lunch or dinner). I promise it will taste just as good without the colorful toothpicks. Enjoy! You will also love these Classic Scrambled Eggs and this Healthy Frittata!

Dye Free Green Eggs and Ham

It wouldn’t be real food if we included food coloring in this green eggs and ham recipe! This recipe gets its green color from rich leafy greens like kale or spinach.

Eggs and kale make a surprisingly good combination, and once you’re done you can check “eating your greens for the day” off your list.

Real Food Ham Ideas

You can’t have green eggs and ham without the ham! Unfortunately, deli meats are full of added ingredients including nitrates, which are used as a preservative or added during the curing process. 

To avoid this, you could swap with your own homemade baked ham, or simply enjoy the occasional serving of deli ham in true moderation (deli meat is not something we purchase regularly).

Kale and Eggs Recipe for Busy Mornings

This isn’t just a special occasion breakfast recipe! You can easily whip up these delicious green eggs with kale on busy mornings for a healthy, leafy green packed way to start the day. I always keep some fresh or frozen kale and spinach handy to throw into eggs or smoothies in the morning.

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  1. 5 stars
    I had to laugh at this! I make something similar: 8 eggs and several handsfull of spinach / kale salad mix, but I throw a few thin slices of nitrate-free ham or cooked nitrate-free bacon, a bit of Feta and some sautéed onion right into the blender too! I olive-oil-spray the 11″x9″ baking sheet that goes with my toaster oven, then pour this “glop” in and bake @ 350′ for 20 minutes. Then I cut it into squares that fit the homemade whole wheat biscuits, split-n-stuff the biscuits, Baggie and freeze. Voila: breakfast sandwiches for me for weeks! I put them all in a gallon Ziploc & toss it in the freezer @ work, then grab one on my way out the door after night shift. Keeps me out of McDonalds or 7-11 when I’m tired and willing to kill for an Egg McMuffin. And so far, the green has kept my coworkers from stealing them — their loss, eh? Try Amy’s recipe!

    1. I love this suggestion! And I imagine the green does discourage some potential brown bag thieves, too :D

  2. Has anyone ever used a hand immersion blender for something like this? We are moving and our blender is packed up!! I really wanted to do this tonight….

  3. We made these for breakfast this morning. We cooked sausage with diced peppers and onions then added the green eggs. When it was done cooking we topped it all with parmesan cheese. All three of the kids, my husband, and I loved it.

  4. This looks like a great recipe idea! It sounds like a wonderful way to add veggies into food in the mornings. My husband and I often eat eggs for breakfast on weekday mornings, so I wanted to ask: can we blend a batch of this and then have it sitting in the fridge as an egg mix, that we can pour a bit of into a skillet every morning to cook with? Or does cracking the eggs cause them to start to go bad quickly? I didn’t know if this blend would last for a week in the fridge. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hi Allison. No, I would use them fresh. Bacteria can potentially build up on eggs rather quickly once cracked. While the cracked eggs alone might be okay for a couple days in the fridge, once you mix in other things, you increase the rick of bacteria development. :) ~Amy

  5. 5 stars
    I added some veggies while cooking (peppers, mushrooms) and tossed the ham in as well. My 2 year old LOVED this, and we had to read the book aloud as we ate, of course. She was still talking about this dish the next day. Thanks for helping me look like a genius in my daughter’s eyes! :)

    thanks also for all your recipes and this blog overall. I absolutely love it.

  6. I am excited to try as my son has asked for green eggs and ham for his birthday breakfast. He is picky so I was doubly excited to read the recipe was well received by children :). Thank you for the healthy alternative !

  7. I made these this morning. My husband was skeptical at first, but he loved them! They were very tasty! You don’t taste the kale, or at least I didn’t. Thanks for providing a website with real recipes!!

  8. This sounds delicious! I do something similar with spinach, but I will definitely try it with kale next time.
    The only thing I would suggest, is that you not add the eggs in until the other ingredients have been blended. Over mixing eggs causes them to be less fluffy and overall not have as nice a texture. I’d whizz up the other ingredients and then just mix the eggs for a few seconds.
    : )

  9. Another way to get green eggs is adding pesto–its so yummy! My husband and I had pesto eggs on our honeymoon and I love recreating them. It makes them super light and fluffy and it’s such an easy thing to make but makes you look like a cooking genius : )

  10. I’ve had green eggs in ham that use pesto for the green. Now that’s tasty. The kale would be more nutritious, but the pesto was super good too. and all you have to do is spoon pesto into eggs and scramble.

  11. 5 stars
    These were sooooo good. My whole family loved these (which includes an 8 year old boy). We’ll actually be eating green eggs often now- not just once a year. THANK YOU! :)

  12. I’ve been doing something similar for my son who loves green eggs! I put fresh spinach, feta cheese and eggs in my blender and then cook up an omelet. I was so disgusted when his school hosted a green eggs and ham breakfast and they had the grossest scrambled eggs with green food dye! Yuck!

  13. I gave these to my super picky 5 year old the day your posted this recipe. He demolished his plate, and started in on mine. He has asked for green eggs nearly every day since, and has also developed a love for “green monster smoothies.” Thanks for helping me to turn my veggie hater into a spinach fanatic! (The best part: he helps me stuff the spinach into the blender. He knows what makes it green and still love it!)

  14. Cannot believe it … just gave it to 4 kids who are the PICKIEST of PICKY eaters and they all ate seconds … and thirds … thank you. :) I can’t stop laughing, not sure why, think it’s what I do when I’m nervous and I was sure that none of them would like it … very relieved.

  15. Just made these eggs this morning! My one year old was getting sick of just regular scrambled eggs. He Loved these…he ate about half of the batch! But i did only use 4 eggs and reduced the rest of the ingredients a bit. Thank you so much for all you do for those of us who want to go to real food but didn’t know where to start. I am officially obsessed with your blog…thanks so much!

  16. This looks yummy! I almost skipped the green eggs too, but decided to make deviled eggs mixed with frozen spinach for lunch and they were a big hit.

  17. what a fun idea! i regularly use spinach in my eggs– and whatever leftover veggies we have on hand. i’m so used to throwing kale into soups, etc that for some reason I never considered tossing it into our scrambled eggs! thanks for this idea, and all of your wonderful posts. this is one of my favorite peer blogs to read. keep up the wonderful writing and inspiration!

  18. I made these this morning!!
    AMAZING RESPONSE – “Oh mom, this breakfast was sooo good today, THANK YOU!” {by:Chris 17 and Warren 12}
    We used chopped kale and green onions in the eggs.(Very attractive color!) There was a dash of green Tobasco to add a little bit of flavor. This was served with organic nitrate free ham breakfast slices and heart shaped wheat free biscuits along with a dollop of raw milk butter. We had freshly made Thai tea to drink.
    YOU were my inspiration…..making fun memories for my children…..thank you, thank you!

  19. You read my mind! I dropped my preschooler off this morning and learned that they were making green eggs and ham. Ick! My head was spinning-no food coloring please. What a great idea you have. Thanks for sharing.

  20. love your site, especially loved your husband comments, that’s what Real men are supposed to be like! Keep up the great work. Thank you

  21. Made my Dr. Seuss toothpicks, ham, green eggs and heart shaped toast this morning for my family. I loved it. My girls loved it. The “green” eggs, however, weren’t their favorite simply because of the green presentation. Oh well. It was a homerun in my book because my husband cleaned his plate! What a fun start to our day. Thank you for sharing all your great ideas.

  22. green eggs are our friday night ‘fuss free’ speciality! my kids even request it when staying at their grandparents. such an awesome way to boost their intake of veggies, particularly spinach.

  23. Love this! Can’t wait to try it!!

    We juiced Kale in our Omega juicer and used the green juice to color home made frosting for St. Patricks Day treats! EASY!!!

  24. I was wondering about the sugar content in ham and bacon. When I looked in the grocery store it seemed like they all had added sugar. Is there a brand that doesn’t?

    1. 100 Days of Real Food

      We oftentimes buy uncured ham from our local farmer’s market. The best storebrand I’ve seen (for both ham and bacon) is Applegate Farms organic.

  25. I have a bunch of kale in my crisper that I was wondering how to use (my previous at kale chips didn’t go over so well). This will be perfect! p.s. I’ve enjoyed following your website immensely. I can (almost) make your granola recipe from scratch. Thanks for all the hard work you put into your blog.

  26. I give my 20 month old green eggs a few times a week! Honestly he probably thinks that scrambled eggs are always green! I puree it really well because he’s going through a really picky stage right now and it’s better if there aren’t any pieces he can pick out. They’re yummy and it’s an easy way to get some greens in him!

  27. If you put the eggs and greens and blend them together, the entire eggs come out green. My kids thought is was really cool!!

  28. I would say another good side dish option would be homemade whole wheat pita pockets…so you can have a Wocket in your (pita)Pocket, too! Lol

  29. Can’t wait to try this, it looks delicious! Do you buy your butter from the farmer’s market or is there a specific brand you get from Earth Fare? Thanks for all the recipes and info, you’re awesome!