Homemade Larabars (4 ways including nut-free!)

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These homemade Larabars taste SO much better than the packaged ones! Made with only a few whole ingredients, they are simple and quick to make for a healthy snack.
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Well, I stand corrected. All this time readers have been telling me I should make my own Larabars at home, and I proudly stood my ground saying I already make too many things from scratch so I would continue to buy them from the store. But that was until I figured out homemade LARABARS taste SO good compared to the packaged ones! On a recent blog post I shared that extra good food is worth the extra effort to me so it should be no surprise that I will have to start making these on a regular basis now!

Plus, since Larabars are such a simple snack, using only a few whole ingredients, that means they are simple to make at home as well. All you need are Medjool Dates, which can be found in the produce section if your store carries them, and some nuts, peanut butter, seeds and/or granola. And thanks to the seed version those who are nut-free can enjoy these bars now, too. They are the perfect “on-the-go” snack, and my girls were so excited when they saw me putting together the pictured platter…it was like torture for them waiting for me to finish taking pictures! My daughters seriously love these things.

Also be sure to check out my nut free Larabar recipe.

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  1. 5 stars
    Loved both of these recipes. If you’re looking for a crunchy granola, this isn’t it. But, it’s a fantastic soft bar to have in your repertoire of bars. I went beyond just the seeds in my latest batch and added pretzels and dark chocolate chips to it. Delicious!!

  2. I add 1/4 cup of melted coconut oil to my recipe which contains 20 dates. It adds yummy flavor (not very coconutty), but mostly helps with stickiness and to firm up the bars. I was on the hunt for some nut free recipes and these look delish! Thanks!

  3. Hi, I wonder if someone can help me. I’m in the UK and eat the Nakd version of your Lara bars. The cashew cookie is one I eat so I had a go at the basic recipe but it came out very sticky. I tried to shape and chill it but it didn’t help and even rolling it into balls it’s almost too sticky to be practical. Any ideas gratefully received as these taste lovely and just like the ones I buy and I’m switching our family over from processed foods. Thanks!

  4. Just a tip…rather than bars I make laraballs. They are a piece of cake to form and keep easily in glass container in the frig!

  5. I just made the cashew bars and though they taste amazing, I can’t get them to set. I would have to eat with a spoon in clumps. Any thoughts? Did I over process?

  6. Made the first recipe this afternoon, subbing in almond butter for my peanut-allergic munchkin. My 5yo wasn’t a fan, but my 10yo thought they were great (he’s the food allergic kid, so bonus points there). I figure you win some, you lose some. Will be trying some other varieties soon, maybe with some chocolate to attempt to win over the 5yo!

  7. I made cherry Larabars: put 12 pitted dates, half a cup whole almonds, and half a cup dried cherries (I used Trader Joe’s dark sweet nothing added cherries) in the food processor with around 1 Tbsp water. Purée til it comes together, then press into a rectangle & slice into bars. These taste better than the store bought kind!

  8. I really like these recipes as a base for lunch box and snack food. My family loves pumpkin pie, so I made a fall twist. Pumpkin pie lara bars. I used 1 c. dates, 1 c. pecans, 1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice (I use a mix of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and ginger) 1 tsp. olive oil and 1 Tbsp. water (give or take for consistency.) Perfect fall treat. Now I just have to hide them from my husband!

  9. I order my dates from Sheilds Dates in California. You can google it. They have all kinds of dates and date products. I love to use the dried date crystals! They aren’t good for all recipes, but I use them in my Chinese Chews. Also love to put some in my oatmeal along with a few chopped pecans!


  10. I buy Larabars from time to time, as I like the natural ingredients. Will try some of the recipes you shared…thank you.
    My favorite of the Larabars is Cherry Pie. Do you have a recipe for this bar?

  11. How long should I expect these to stay good for if kept in the refrigerator? I want to try them but don’t know if they would be eaten before they had a chance to go bad.

  12. Is there an alternative way to combine the ingredients if I don’t have a food processor? (I see it’s one of Lisa’s most-used appliances, so I imagine I’ll be getting one soon :) but I don’t currently have one.) I have a regular blender, a Nutribullet, an immersion blender, a Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus, and my hands…

  13. So I bought some dates for these and then forgot. They sat in my pantry until yesterday. They are packaged up but say “best if refrigerated” plus the date on them is 2 months ago. But they still look ok… Do you think they are ok to use, still?? I would hate to waste them, but I don’t want to make us sick or something! I have never bought dates before so I am unsure!

  14. Hi…I know this is an older post but I hope you are still answering questions. :) I’ve made peanut butter Larabars before using the ingredients on the package (just peanuts and dates), but they don’t have that real peanut butter flavour. I’ve thought about adding peanut butter but I wondered if they would need to be refrigerated? I use natural peanut butter, which of course separates if you leave it at room temperature. What kind of PB do you use?

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hi Shelley. Yes, refrigerate them. We use an organic peanut butter with only peanuts (and maybe salt) on the ingredient list. ~Amy

  15. I was wondering if there is something you could recommend to replace the dates with. My son is allergic to nuts and peanuts and those dates are packaged in a facility that processes nuts. Thanks!

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hi Nicole. This is a tough recipe to mimic without the use of some dried fruit to bind it. I have made the granola version with a little honey and Sunbutter. I don’t have a specific recipe, though. :)

  16. These were very tasty, but they seemed a little greasy. I used natural peanut butter. Any suggestions? Perhaps I over processed them…

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hi Leah. It is possible to over process. Also, make sure that your peanut butter does not have added oil. ~Amy

  17. Thanks for the post. I’ll have to try some of your combinations. Most of the time I make mine with unsweetened coconut, cocoa, dates and almonds. Very yummy.

  18. 4 stars
    Made a batch of the granola ones and one of the nut-free ones. Picky eater wasn’t thrilled with either but said the nut-free ones would be okay as a lunch treat. Older brother liked both, but preferred the nut-free as well. The granola ones ended up a little dry and crumbly.

  19. 5 stars
    I have to say I am always skeptical about granola bars. I made a version two weeks ago (all natural ingredients) and they were horribly sweet and super sticky. I decided to try to make the granola and then use that to make the homemade lara bars. I am amazed at how well these turned out. I have granola left over for the week and bars for lunch for my daughter! Thanks for all your recipes!

  20. My daughter LOVES Larabars so I’m super excited to try these! Any suggestions for on-the-go containers for these besides plastic wrap? Larabars are my grocery store- good behavior getter (LOL) and would love to know how others successfully traveled with these without a huge mess! Thanks!

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hi Jodi. I’ve used airtight plastic containers and separated layers with parchment paper. ~Amy

  21. Decided to try to make the Larabars with cashews and dates. WOW They are yummy! My boys 2 and 4 think they are having a treat for breakfast and my 4 year old says he could eat a thousand of them!

  22. I was wondering what you thought about conventional dates vs organic? I can’t see to find too much info on the topic but I was thinking since dates are so sweet they would have to use lots of pesticides to keep the bugs away.

    1. Your question on conventional vs. organic dates isa good one, but even with how sweet they are — the birds and insects can’t get to them. Conventional organic dates are grown nearly organic simply by the farming practices. The main difference is the organic soil the palm trees grow in, and some spraying at the base of the trees to control weeds. Nothing is sprayed on the dates themselves. Medjool Dates grow 50′ in the air on palm trees and the dates are bagged in protective bags so that pests can’t touch them, but also so none of the great fruit drops to the ground. Growers do the pollinating, thinning and harvest all by hand with great care.

  23. 4 stars
    Do you have nutritional information on these bars?
    They are delicious (thanks to my daughter for making them) but I need to watch my carb intake, so it would be helpful to know. Thanks.

      1. 4 stars
        No problem. I used a carb calculator to figure it out. FYI it’s about 21 carbs per bar for the basic recipe. Not bad for a snack. at least for my needs. Thanks.

  24. I just made the peanut butter larabars today. They were so sticky I could barely manage them. They did not form into bars either. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help.

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hi Shannon. The peanut butter bars are the stickiest of the bunch but should still be manageable. It is possible to fault with either too much or too little water when mixing. Once formed, I find that putting them in the fridge helps them set up better. ~Amy

  25. I used dates, rasins, peanut butter, dark chocolate, instant espresso powder disolved in some hot water and a bit of sea salt! Then I dusted my bars with cocoa powder! So good! Im going to try using chocolate and hazelnuts for a nutella flavor. And one made with almonds, coconut and chocolate for Almond Joy flavor.

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hi Jenny. We haven’t tried but I think it would work. Almonds are a bit “dryer” nut. Let us know how it turns out. ~Amy

  26. Thanks, Amy! By contrast I checked out the ingredients for a Larabar Cashew Cookie which is just cashews and dates. Larabar wouldn’t reveal to me how many dates went into one bar, but since the sugar content is 18 g and a date is about 4 g, then they put in 4.5 dates in each of those bars—which strikes me as a lot of sugar. Glad to see your recipe appears healthier!!