Tomato Bisque Recipe

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I absolutely love ordering Tomato Bisque when out at restaurants and was pleasantly surprised at how tasty the outcome can be at home too. This recipe pairs perfectly with a grilled cheese sandwich during those colder months. Make sure to make a double batch to freeze for later.
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Tomato Bisque recipe served in a white bowl with garnish

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We are at the very tail end of tomato season here in N.C. (thanks to the warm fall weather we’ve been having) so we did use fresh tomatoes, but this tomato bisque recipe can easily be made with canned tomatoes as well. (For a tomato bisque with fresh tomatoes, aim for roughly 10 of them in lieu of the canned version we use for this recipe).

Easy Tomato Bisque Soup Recipe

I should also mention that my kids (who are not even tomato fans other than spaghetti and pizza sauce) loved this dish! They even asked for seconds. Tomato bisque is a great way to sneak some more veggies into your family’s diet! The creamy and delicious soup is packed with flavor, and seriously stands as an entire meal on its own. So enjoy and don’t forget to freeze the leftovers!

Below, find our recipe for making Tomato Bisque from scratch including all of the hearty ingredients and step-by-step directions!

Creamy Homemade Tomato Bisque

This is a great opportunity to use up some extra tomatoes from the garden, and a must-try easy to make soup recipe if you’re new to the game! I intentionally created this recipe with nutrition and ingredient quality in mind. Unlike the canned stuff, there’s no hidden sodium or sugars. That makes this bisque a comfort-style meal your whole family can enjoy without sacrificing your commitment to real food.

How to Make This an Even More Creamy Tomato Bisque

True to this recipe, it’s really easy to make it this tomato bisque even creamier! The secret isn’t in the hearty whole wheat roux, but instead the heavy cream. Whether you’re using organic or regular cream, you can simply adjust the creaminess of this tomato bisque by adding more or less. Pairing it with a grilled cheese? You might want it to be a bit on the creamy side so it’s perfect for dipping!

Tip: If you don’t have any heavy cream on hand, whole milk can be substituted, but of course wont’ be as thick. Add it a little at a time to get the texture and taste combination you’re looking for.

Can you Freeze Tomato Bisque?

This tomato bisque recipe is ideal for freezing! In fact, I recommend doubling the batch so your next soup night can be an easy one. Whether you’re saving your leftovers for another meal or cooking a batch of this ahead of time, you’ll find it freezes exceptionally well. To freeze this bisque, pour the completely cooled soup into freezer proof jars up to the fill line, screw on the top, and add a label with date. We use a mix of 8 oz jelly jars (for individual servings) and 16 oz wide mouth mason jars at our house.

*I suggest consuming the frozen soup within a year for best flavor and consistency, however there is no safety issue if you wait longer.

How to Reheat Bisque:

Place the freezer container under some warm water momentarily to help dislodge the frozen bisque if need be. Next, place the frozen soup in a pot and cook it on low to medium temperature to melt and then begin reheating.

Alternatively, you could freeze it in smaller portions and reheat it in the microwave for work or school lunches! Open the container and set the lid aside (no metal in the microwave!), place a folded piece of paper towel on top to avoid splatters, and microwave it on the reheat setting until it’s steaming and heated through.

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I have many more soup recipes for you to try. Enjoy!

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  1. I am trying to be more healthy and thought whole food would be the way to go. However, when I see ingredients such as bacon and heavy cream, red flags appear in my mind. I guess I have always equated real food=healthy food…but that is not necessarily the case. All real food is not necessarily healthy…it is just not processed which, for most American diets is a huge improvement! I think I’ll try the recipe with a few modifications. Perhaps nitrate free bacon (and cut off all visible fat) and would I be able to substitute a low fat half & half for the heavy cream?

    1. 4 stars
      I use a very similar recipe of my grandmothers but have adapted it. I never use pork and I use almond milk thickened blended with soy sour cream in place of heavy cream. I also use veggie stock or broth rather than chicken. for me the key is good tomatoes and a little garnish of a quality parmesan for a zip.

  2. 5 stars
    This is one of my (and my family’s) favorite soups. I make it all the time! My daughter recently requested it for her 5th birthday, and I decided to try it in our electric pressure cooker. It turned out AMAZING! Flavors seemed more pronounced. Since you can saute in the cooker, I just did everything the same as the recipe but instead of simmering, I pressure cooked it for 5 minutes. My new favorite way to cook one of my favorite soups!

  3. Tomato soup IS fairly bland. The key is awesome chicken broth. Thats the depth of flavor. But the flavor of tom soup is still fairly bland. Otherwise you have spaghetti sauce soup or taco salsa soup or curry soup, depending on what you add to jazz it up.
    Add pasta or dunk grilled cheese or quesadillas into it if you wanna get rly crazy.

  4. 4 stars
    I found this soup to be a little bland even after seasoning with salt and pepper (I also simmered it with more of each herb than the recipe called for). I seasoned it liberally at the end with more fresh herbs, chopped, and with a few dried herbs as well (basil, oregano, thyme, parsley). After adding the cream I finished each bowl off with a bit of balsamic vinegar as a nice acid at the end and then I found it really good!

    If you’re using fresh tomatoes, you may not need as much broth depending on the water content of your tomatoes. (I doubled the recipe and used 8 cups of broth.)

  5. I love this tomato bisque recipe! Honestly, it’s the only way I’ve had it so far! It’s easy to throw together a dive frozen it in batches for easy lunches throughout the week. Love it!

  6. 1 star
    This recipe is beyond rediculious for the effort put into such a small yield! And it DOES NOT taste like real tomato bisque. Terrible! Do not waste your time,

    1. Hi Bill – The yield is clearly indicated in the recipe, but you can easily adjust it by clicking the little arrows by the number of servings. The ingredient quantities will update automatically so you can print and use the recipe without extra calculations (we often make double or triple batches and freeze the leftovers in jelly jars). As for the flavor, you could reduce or omit the bacon for a more traditional flavor profile, but I personally look forward to this recipe as it is. – Jason

  7. Made this tonight and it was amazing! My 6yo, 9yo, and husband loved it. It was so easy too. It is definitely bacon-y and I’m sure that’s one of the reasons it went over so well. Thank you!

      1. Whenever I freeze soups with cream in them, when I go to reheat, I just use the immersion blender on it again. Smooths it right out again.,,
        Trying his soup tonight! Can’t wait!!

  8. My 9yo and I made this yesterday. She declared it “better than canned” (a big compliment from her!) and she has taken some in a thermos for lunch.

    1. 5 stars
      We are gluten free and Dairy Free and make this recipe often. We sub the heavy cream for a can of full-fat coconut milk, from the asian isle in the grocery store. When you buy it, shake the can, if you can’t hear liquid moving around that means it has a lot of cream in it. That’s what you want :) It also tastes great without any cream or milk–but then I guess it can’t be considered “bisque”.

      1. Does the coconut flavor cook out or does it just add another layer of depth to the end result? I can’t imagine coconut and tomato going together well

  9. Made this last night, and it was really good! I used 1 tsp dried parsley and about 1/2 tsp dried thyme as substitutes since I didn’t have fresh on hand. Served it with cheese toast, and everyone (3 kids and husband) really liked it. :)

    1. Yes, I’d put it in the blender regardless. Ideally, you’d want the tomatoes (and everything) to be smooth in a soup like this.

  10. 5 stars
    I don’t know why it took me so long to make homemade tomato soup! Thank you for this recipe!! I did not include the meat (because I did not have any on hand) nor the heavy cream and it was still amazing! I made a toasted cheese on the homemade honey wheat sandwich bread with cheddar cheese and it was such a great combination. Tasted like comfort food on a cold winter day and I felt good about eating it because I knew exactly what was in it. I’m freezing the rest in small containers since I’m the only person in my house that likes tomato soup.

  11. I tried this recipe this evening, once again I felt as though it was missing ‘something’, not sure if it’s a spice or what. I wasn’t a fan of the bacon either, too chewy. I used the hand held mixer to crush all the ingredients and it smelled amazing cooking, I didn’t care for the taste. I also added basil, parsely, and more garlic to it, and still it was not a go at our house. So far, I love your baking recipes, not sure if I like any of the cooking ones!

  12. A+. We made this bisque tonight and it was perfect! Added a can of tomato paste like another reviewer did for a more tomato flavor, a and tasted as we went along to ensure the flavor was what we wanted. Dear hubby enjoyed it too (he added a bit more bacon)! Overall a great recipe. We’ll keep this recipe on hand. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  13. 5 stars
    This was such a great recipe! Definitely my new go-to tomato soup recipe! Very very tasty w/o anything too “fancy” to change it from the original, simple taste of pure tomato soup.

  14. 4 stars
    I like tomato bisque, but my youngest daughter is the real tomato soup fan here & doesn’t care for the creamed soup. Since none of us is a fan of the Campbell’s type, we have been using the tomato-basil type (Progresso or some similar brand). I’d like to make that kind of tomato soup myself and avoid the canned soup with all of the extra salt & stuff. Where can I find a healthy recipe for a tomato-basil soup? Anyone??

    1. I also do not like creamy tomato soup so I made this recipe and left out the cream and left out the ham. It was perfect. If I would have had fresh basil on hand I would have used it. I think you should try this recipe for your tomato soup.

  15. 5 stars
    This was so good! I am not usually a tomato soup kind of person, but this was just downright tasty. Even my non-tomato soup loving hubby devoured his. I’m going to make this for my in-laws when they come over for dinner next weekend.

  16. Amazing! I made this for the first time last night to take for my lunches this week and couldn’t quit sampling it. What a great recipe. Thanks so much. This one is going in my regular rotation!

  17. 5 stars
    My family is addicted to the canned tomato soup and I just cannot in good conscience serve that to them anymore. I have tried other “homemade” versions which they did not like, although I’m not sure why. However, this one was a hit! It is definitely thicker than the processed variety so I thinned it out a little more for my kids, but my picky husband raved about it. I loved that it was so easy to throw together for a weeknight “real-food” meal. I also thought that it tasted great without the cream.

  18. This may be a silly question, but do you strain the soup to get the herbs out or do you just put the entire sprig in so that it just pulls straight out? Thanks!!

    1. Amy Taylor (comment moderator)

      No, you do not need to strain. The sprigs will stay mostly intact, so you can just pull them out. ;)

  19. 5 stars
    This was so easy and delicious. I am on a soup cooking mission today. Needless to say, I will never buy a red and white can of tomato soup ever again.

  20. I made this recipe this weekend and my entire family absolutely loved it! My husband suggested putting it on the weekly menu and my middle child suggested the daily menu! Thanks for a great recipe!

  21. Have you ever tried freezing your tomato soup in the quart canning jars for an easy meal night in the future? I don’t see any reason this wouldn’t work just like the jelly jars, do you?


  22. This may be a silly question but how do I freeze this soup? I am new to freezing things and it seems like I have read somewhere that acidic foods such as tomatoes have to be froze a certain way to prevent bacteria growth.

  23. I made this tonight for dinner and it was delicious! I didn’t include the bacon (or any meat, for that matter) as I limit our bacon consumption to once a month. I also only added salt and pepper because I didn’t want the herbs to over power since I was feeding this to my kids. It was seriously restaurant quality! I definitely recommend the stick hand blender. I couldn’t imagine having to pour it into an actual blender or food processor. Anyway, it was just so good! I paired it with grilled cheese sandwiches which just completed the meal!

  24. 5 stars
    After realizing how nasty canned tomato soup can be I tried this recipe on my four small children. I had a hunch my kids would like it so I made a very large batch; Because of the quantity I did have to blend it in several smaller batches. I used a huge Tupperware “that’s a mega bowl” to mix it all back together. As the very large bowl full of soup sat on the table one of my children exclaimed, “It looks like a pot of gold!” It was absolutely Delicious! During the meal my kids loving renamed this tomato bisque “EDIBLE TREASURE.” I now make an even bigger batch which I divide into five portions. We eat one and freeze the other four. It makes a great quick lunch that requires little prep on a busy home school day. We were all ready on our own little real food adventure but this recipe is what got me “hooked on Lisa”…I’m a big fan. :)