Recipes Using Medjool Dates

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Bacon makes everything taste better ... especially these Bacon Wrapped Medjool Dates. They make a simple and flavorful appetizer for any occasion. This recipe is from the Medjool Date website and it does not disappoint.
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This post has been brought to you by Bard Valley Natural Delights Medjool Dates. They are part of the Mediterranean Foods Alliance, which helps consumers discover the health benefits of Mediterranean foods. Tomorrow kicks off Mediterranean Diet Month so be sure to check out the details.

Maybe I used to be living under a rock, but before our switch to “real food” I had never before purchased or cooked with dates. And I am just being honest here, but it’s possible I didn’t even know what dates were.

Believe it or not Medjool dates are one of the oldest cultivated fruits in the world, which means they are also a whole food, of course. :) And even here in North Carolina you can easily find fresh Natural Delights Medjool dates at several local grocery stores including Harris Teeter, some Lowe’s locations and soon Earth Fare as well.

The great thing about Medjool dates is that they are so sweet so they can basically act as a sweetener in recipes. And when you are avoiding refined sugar you start to get creative when it comes to satisfying your sweet tooth.

A few weeks after starting our “100 Days of Real Food” pledge a reader actually suggested a “chocolate torte/truffle” recipe to me (pictured) using Medjool dates, and looking back I honestly don’t think I would have survived our pledge without them!

Chocolate Truffles Sweetened with Dates from 100 Days of Real Food

So today, I’d like to share three more recipes using Medjool dates in case you are new to this versatile sweet fruit as well. I do want to caution you though that even though the date seeds look like little pecans they are hard as a rock (pictured), so whatever you do be extra careful to remove the seeds first!

Date Recipes from 100 Days of Real Food

Medjool Date Seeds


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  1. Hi! Love all the date recipes, since I love dates!! My question though, is, do you have to buy Medjool dates or can you use any pitted dates? Seems like I can find other dates less expensive….

  2. 5 stars
    I wanted something a little different for my morning smoothie and decided to give this a go. It’s delicious! I think I’ll turn this into ice cream for my kids later this week. I’m going to put this one in my recipe box (I do fruit/veggie smoothies each morning and don’t want to get stuck in a rut so I have a huge – and growing – list of recipes). Next time, I think I’ll add a spoon of almond butter and see how that tastes.

  3. Hi, loving your recipes! Another suggestion for the dates is to put a chunk of pineapple inside the date and then wrap in bacon and broil-delicious!!!!

  4. I love medjool dates! I use them all of the time as a sweetener. My son has a milk allergy so I make hemp milk and sweeten it with a couple of medjool dates. I also chop one up and put it in our morning oatmeal, tastes just like I added a sweetener. I cannot wait to try the bacon wrapped dates, they look yummy!!!

  5. I have discovered Natural Delights Medjool Dates recenlty. I remove the pit and put a natural (oil separated on top) crunchy peanut butter inside, close them again. OMGosh this is an awesome dessert. I usually eat one, and sometimes eat two. I have also used dates in smoothies. They have a lot of fiber and are so good for you. Much better snack or dessert than something made from refined sugar. Great for traveling, too, although good dates may be a bit sticky, better to eat at a rest stop with an apple.

  6. I just tried dates for the first time. (I planned to make the Lara bars but our family ate most of my cashews first). Anyway, I ate a date with a few raw cashews and it immediately made me think of pecan pie! Has anyone used them as a sub for the refined sugars to make a pecan pie-like dessert?

    1. I use them as a sweetener in pumpkin pie. My very picky 9 year old loves it! I purée in my food processor and add to the other ingredients instead of any sugar. I have not tried in a pecan pie but think it would be delish!

  7. Thanks for the recipes. I am lucky enough to have a date palm growing in my garden. I have thousands of dates so I was looking for ways to use them. Fresh dates off the palm are completely different to the dates you buy in the shops. Shop bought ones are much harder and chewier. The fresh dates are really soft and sweet. I was never a fan of them when I was a child but I’m a big fan now!

    1. If you have thousands are you interested in getting rid of some? I live in small town and don’t have access locally to fresh ones. I’d love to try them. How much would you charge for a pound or so to be shipped to Georgia?? :)

  8. I never even thought about dates before this post. I read this, then last night I went to Fresh Market and they had Pecan Date Rolls from the The Jewel Date Co. They are DELICIOUS! My husband didn’t like them so I guess I get them all to myself! And only two ingredients, dates and pecans!

  9. Went to Harris Teeter and Lowes today to look for them, but could only find the Regulat Sun Maid variety. Are they not with the regular dried fruits?

  10. I am so with you about dates! When we switched over to whole foods from processed I saw a lot of recipes using them & asked a farmer at our local market if I could try one. I never had before because quite frankly I thought they looked gross. lol But man are they sweet! I’ve switched out processed carmel dip for apples for date paste…the kiddo noticed a color & texture difference but prefers the paste. :)

  11. I make my own ‘Lara bars’ with dates and cashews. delicious and only 2 ingredients! that’s a win-win right there :)

  12. Love all the recipes – can’t wait to try – but before I wonder around HT like a crazy woman – where might I find these dates?

    PS I’ve been reading your blog from Waxhaw and just figured out you were from Matthews :) – small world!

    1. 100 Days of Real Food

      It is a small world! And I usually go to Earth Fare myself…their dates are near the produce so check there first and secondly near the raisins. Good luck!

  13. I buy my dates at Costco. I don’t think they are medjool but I can’t think of what kind they are. They are very moist despite being pitted. I bought them when I got tired of having to pit the medjool ones I bought and don’t regret it!

  14. I don’t remember where I read about a high glycemic index, but I never researched it, I just cut back on my date consumption. (I usually check things out, this one slipped by me.)

    This is good news! Many thanks!

  15. I am coming to the end of doing the Whole30 challenge and I honestly had never considered using dates as a sweetener. Love the idea. And the bacon wrapped dates….oh wow…those sound amazing!

  16. Homemade larabars are super easy. half dates, half nuts (although my husband has trouble digesting nuts so I use natural peanut butter for his.) then flavorings of your choice. I like oatmeal, unsweetened coconut, and unsweetened cocoa powder, or raisins to make a pb&j. I always put in some ground flax or chia to get a little extra nutritional boost.

  17. I don’t know the difference between medjool and regular, but I, too, have used dates to make homemade Larabars. I used to buy granola with raisins and dates that I’d like to try to recreate!

  18. I have been using Medjool dates this past month for the first time and I love them. However, I really wish I had a good high-powered blender because the one I have doesn’t break them up enough. The food processor isn’t very good either. My sister is planning on buying me a blender. What I would give for a VitaMix!

  19. I’ve used dates in raw cakes and brownies. Love them! All things in moderation though, because they are hard to digest and very high in (natural, but condensed) sugar.

  20. Like you, I just discovered dates for the first time after starting to eat healthy foods! I was so embarrassed, I’m glad I know I’m not the only one! :-) Love the simplicity of these date recipes!

  21. I love Medjool dates, to, but they are very high on the glycemic index, so you do have to think of them as a sweetener. They really aren’t for casual snacking – it would be like swallowing spoonfuls of sugar.

    1. 100 Days of Real Food

      Actually according to my contacts with Medjool Dates they are considered between low and medium glycemic reading.

  22. Yum! One of my favorite appetizers to make: stuff with goat cheese, wrap in bacon or prosciutto, then drizzle with honey and sprinkle cinnamon. Absolutely divine!

  23. I stuff my dates with goat cheese before wrapping them and then throwing them in the oven. I just about died and went to heaven. Then proceeded forget about anything that has to do with portion control. LOL

  24. MMM, the bacon ones sound so good! I like them just stuffed with some cream cheese..those goat cheese or feta ones sound good too. Sweet and savory!

  25. We buy organic medjool dates from the bulk section at our supermarket. I prefer whole dates because they are moister than the pitted ones. One of my favorite sweet snacks is dates stuffed with a dab of natural peanut butter. I would also highly recommend the recipe for chocolate bliss balls posted on the food matters website. I made them as a treat for my husband for easter. Just a few simple ingredients and they were to die for.

  26. I would also like to know if the prepackaged, dried and pitted dates are not as good.

    I love to cook dates down with an equal amount of water for 45 minutes at a simmer. Let them cool for fifteen minutes, then process until smooth. I then use this as a substitute for sugar in baked goods. It makes muffins incredibly moist.

    1. 100 Days of Real Food

      Karen – I just answered Casey…and as I said to her there are different varieties of dates, which are just different (not better/worse), but I would think with any produce fresh would be the way to go (over dried) if it’s something you can find. But if not dried fruit in general is certainly still a great choice especially over all the highly processed options out there!

  27. We love medjool dates I cut them up in our hot cereal, then I sprinkle coconut and almonds on top. Thanks for sharing your recipes. I will give them a try.

  28. I have recently discovered dates as well. I bought some LARA bars and decided that i needed to make my own. I processed some peanut butter with dates and some different flavorings like cinnamon and vanilla. Then I added some more chopped nuts after it was all blended up. Put them into silicone cupcake holders and tossed them in the fridge. They are a perfect addition to lunches and as afternoon snacks. Dates rock! I’m totally trying your smoothie recipe!

  29. I have only recently discovered dates. I LOVE them. I used them to make a delicious chocolate chip cookie dip recipe featured on

    Question though, I have only bought dried pitted dates (like the kind by sun maid) is there another brand that is better? Can you buy a date that isn’t dried? Or is a date a dried form of some other fruit? Grape=raisin. Would it be better to buy the kind with pit and take pit out myself?

    Also, strange question, but anyone ever used dates to sweeten hot tea? How might I attempt this? I’m thinking cook the dates down to some sort of sryup? Maybe i’m just dreaming!

    This new real food journey is exciting and confusing, but I want to learn! Thanks for everything!

    1. I have some of the same questions (e.g. what specific kind of date is best and should they come with the pits for some reason) so thanks for asking!

      But I know the answer to your tea question… you can get date sugar, which is basically just finely ground dates, and I’d imagine that could work decently in hot beverages, though I know it’s not prone to melting so maybe not?

    2. 100 Days of Real Food

      You can buy dates fresh or dried. The Medjool dates pictured at the top of the post are fresh (containing seeds and all). A common type to buy dried is called “Deglet Noor” which are typically sold chopped and pitted. I can’t speak to what’s better …just like there are different types of apples there are different types of dates, but I would think if you could get fresh over dried it would be the way to go.

  30. In the first recipe you can sub goat cheese or feta instead of the nuts (I’m allergic)inside the dates and its divine.

  31. Oh, I love dates! Medjool especially. They’re great as a sweet snack just popped straight out of the container too! So glad you discovered them for yourself.

  32. We have just finished our first month of 100% (well pretty close to it) of REAL food. It is like having a new family! Your blog is a huge blessing. We are going out of town next week and I am bringing your recipes with me :)