5 Unique Teacher Gift Ideas (for end of year)!

It’s hard to believe the school year will soon be coming to a close with about one month to go. Teachers work so hard; it’s nice to give them a little something before we part ways for the summer! I usually like to contribute to the classroom gift card pool for my daughters’ teachers, but it’s always fun to give something personalized as well.

There are lots of cute ideas out there on Pinterest including your fair share of candy bars, sodas, powdered drink mixes, and more. While many are creative and thoughtful, there is a way to get in on the fun while still (somewhat) honoring our real food values.

So today I present to you…

5 Unique Teacher Gift Ideas on 100 Days of Real Food

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Five Unique Teacher Gift Ideas!

  1. SALAD GIFT SET: Salad Bowl, Servers & Salad Dressing Bottle with recipes.
    Salad Kit Teacher Gift on 100 Days of Real Food
  2. MADELEINE GIFT SET: Pan + Homemade Whole-Wheat Cakes.
    Madeleine Kit Teacher Gift on 100 Days of Real Food

  3. HOMEGROWN HERBS: Parsley, basil, mint, thyme and/or rosemary in a cute pot.
    Homegrown Herb Teacher Gift on 100 Days of Real Food

  4. HOMEMADE S’MORES KIT: Homemade marshmallows, whole-wheat graham crackers, & dark chocolate.
    Homemade Smores Kit Teacher Kit on 100 Days of Real Food

  5. MOVIE GIFT SET: Homemade cinnamon glazed popcorn + Movie Passes
    Movie Kit Teacher Gift on 100 Days of Real Food

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  1. Last year our PAC made brown craft paper bags made up with a wooden spoon and all the fixings for borscht and made a label with “You’re the Borscht!” We go to Ukrainian school so it was quite fitting when the teaching staff received everything they needed to make a big pot of borscht! It was well received.

  2. This is such an AWESOME list of gift-giving ideas!The presentation is amazing too!! I thoroughly enjoy the variety and the thought of each gift idea. I am sure this list will be very handy for Teachers Gifting! Thank you!!

  3. I am very appreciated with this Article. As I am also teacher and I just wanted to thank you for thinking of us because people mostly don’t like teacher… Nowdays,people hate teachers if we try to correct them, It is an extremely difficult profession these days….

  4. I taught for a long time. Frankly gift cards are the best. Maybe to the local garden center if the teacher gardens or Target or an Amazon gift card, etc. I was given very thoughtfully made gifts that show time and love, but I never used them. All these years later I’m putting them into the Goodwill pile feeling guilty. I agree with no sweets. Really no food. No mugs either. Thoughtful cards are great.

  5. WOW, really great ideas! do you have something for physics teacher? He’s going to retirement after 25 year in one school. We found some shop, kingdom of universe, and there is opssibility to buy a star.. He’s in love with astronomy, so we’re thinking to buy that star, telescope and name that star with his funny nickname from our school… Do you have some additional, maybe DIY ideas?

  6. Awwww!

    How sweet!

    I usually give the teachers a HUGE hanging flower basket. I pick the biggest and the best. I know how much I enjoy a gorgeous flower arrangement on my back porch.

    The right baskets (in most areas) with the right care can live and be enjoyed until the first frost. Every teacher I’ve handed an enormous trailing assortment to has loved them.

    So fun!

  7. I’m a teacher as well, and I’d love to encourage folks away from giving sweets as gifts. I know it can seem lovely, but getting so many is overwhelming. I am a big fan of gift idea #3 and #5 (swapping herbs for the sweet coating on the popcorn). How about a homemade spice mix or a couple of your child’s favorite recipes handwritten on index cards? Perhaps a nifty lunch container? (I know you have some favorites…) Some fancy tea or coffee? There are plenty of food-themed gifts that are delicious, inexpensive, and stay away from sugar all together.

  8. Another nice gift for a teacher might be a gift card to a teacher store to buy some supplies or books for the classroom.

  9. I, too, am a teacher turned administrator, and I just wanted to thank you for thinking of us. It is an extremely difficult profession these days….

  10. I am a former teacher turned administrator and I love all your gift ideas, especially #1 and #3! I also want to add that a sincere, handwritten thank you note from a child or parent is also a lovely gift. :)

      1. My youngest loves drawing and writing notes for all her teachers but I can’t get my oldest to do anything to save my life lol. Nice to know the teachers do appreciate it

    1. Just to piggy-back off of this…if you are truly impressed with a teacher the best gift is to write a letter to the superintendent and cc the principal. This will go in the teacher’s permanent file. I received a few of these over the years and I treasure them and am grateful for the time parents spent writing them (they don’t have to be long–just heartfelt!)