Real Food Tips: 22 On-the-Go Breakfast Ideas

School started for us this week so it’s time to say goodbye to our leisurely summer breakfasts or even eating breakfast together at all?at least in my family. There is no way I could stomach food at 6 A.M. in order to eat with my daughter, but if she?s going to have a good day at school she has no choice. According to Parade Magazine, ?Children who eat breakfast perform at nearly a grade level higher than those who do not.? So don?t even consider allowing your kids (or yourself!) to skip and instead implement some of these non-processed ?on-the-go? breakfast ideas, which have been broken down into three categories:

Make, Freeze, Reheat?

There are quite a lot of breakfast foods you can make in advance, store in the freezer between sheets of wax paper, and then quickly reheat on a busy weekday morning. Just be sure to supplement these homemade breakfast ideas with some fresh fruit!

  1. Whole-grain banana pancakes

    Whole-Wheat Banana Bread…Yum