GreenBlender: Smoothies Delivered to Your Door by Kiran

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What’s not to love about smoothies? A cup full of blended greens (I almost always put greens into mine) + so many other fruits or veggies makes me feel good about what I’m putting into my body. And the bonus is that I also feel good after drinking one, too! If I’m being totally honest – I also love smoothies since they are quick and easy. I mean, aren’t they the ultimate fast food? You throw everything into a high-speed blender, and within seconds, you have your real fast food that’s ready to be enjoyed.

But I’ve gotta tell you – I’ve been known to make a few not so good smoothies. (Am I the only one?) I know there’s rhyme and reason to the recipes, and when I don’t follow them, it’s a real shot in the dark as to whether it’s going to be good or not. And anyone who has had a smoothie fail knows that chunky/non-tasty/not good taste when you realize you’ve got two choices: chug it since it’s good for you, or chuck it since it’s unbearable. When I do have a smoothie win (read: good recipe), I end up making the same one over and over – probably not the most variety. So when my friend introduced me to GreenBlender (now a sponsor of ours), I was super intrigued. I had a feeling it could change my smoothie experience overall, and I was right.

green blender smoothies being enjoyed by kids

All about GreenBlender

GreenBlender is a weekly smoothie delivery service that provides original (and unique!) smoothie recipes, and all the pre-portioned, fresh ingredients and superfoods to make smoothies at home. Almost all of the ingredients are organic, and they are local to the New York area where the owner of GreenBlender lives.

Last summer, I did weekly orders through GreenBlender. With a membership, you get 5 smoothies each week, each which makes 2 servings – so it’s really 10 smoothies in all. Since my kids were out of school, we had them for lunch a couple of days out of the week, which was AH-mazing since I didn’t have to figure out lunch ideas. Plus, I was stoked that they were getting a super nutritious smoothie that we paired with something else on the side.

Green Blender smoothie in jar

What I personally like to do is to get the box, pull out the ingredients, and separate them into large freezer-proof bags and freeze them until the day that I’m ready to enjoy them. The whole process literally takes me 20 minutes, and afterward, all I have to do is pull out the bags and throw ingredients into the blender. Talk about easy!

Unpacking a Green Blender box of ingredients

GreenBlender has 5 smoothies planned out for the week, but you actually can choose from 8 choices. So if you have an allergy or dislike of one of the ingredients, you are able to choose a better fit.

All in all, here’s why I’m a fan of GreenBlender:

  • No more guesswork regarding what type of smoothie to make.
  • I end up trying new recipes and ingredients – variety!
  • It saves me a shopping trip since all ingredients are shipped to me.
  • I don’t have to peel or deal with most of the fruits and veggies.
  • There are no excuses as to why I can’t make a smoothie (~.~).

Since I’ve made some friends at GreenBlender, I asked if we could get a special discount for YOU to try them out to see if they make your smoothie-drinking easier, too. They said yes! Take $20 off of your first box by using the code realfood when you check out (enter below the credit card entry field). Let me know if you don’t love it!