Video: A Tour of my Real Food Refrigerator

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As part of my pantry and kitchen video tour series, here is what you’ll find inside my refrigerator! Of course this is just one random day of the year and my fridge varies week by week, but hopefully this little snapshot will give you an idea of how things sometimes look around here. I’d love to hear what I’d find in your real food fridge in the comments below. Enjoy! :)

5 Inexpensive Real Food Snacks for Sports and School

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This post is by blog team member, Kiran. To learn more about Kiran, check out our team page!

Last year I wrote a post on snacks that kids receive in recreational sports. Specifically, I was referring to my 7 year-old’s soccer team where she “played” for 45 minutes and then was given junk food to “recover.” I honestly had no idea what a positive (thank goodness!) reaction would come of it. I was overjoyed to hear how many people were on board with the notion that kids who are playing rec sports needn’t be given a cookie and a Capri-Sun after each game.


On that same topic, I did have a couple of comments from parents who felt that it came down to cost – specifically that it’s cheaper to purchase the bags of Cheetos or Doritos than to do my suggested “real food” snacks. So I want to debunk that theory. But before I do – I want to mention that this not only relates to recreational sports … one other area that has always been an object of irritation to me is at preschool. Similarly, they are feeding the masses, and I’m guessing that the administration assumes that it’s more cost-effective to buy the huge container of cheese balls to serve to the kiddos. Continue Reading »

8 Organic Products with More Sugar Than You Think!

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You asked for more surprising products with “More Sugar Than You Think” …so here they are! Below is a list of 8 organic items that would add up fast, sugar-wise. To see why I have an issue with so much sugar and to also find out the difference between naturally occurring, added, and artificial sweeteners (big difference!) be sure to check out my first post in this series.

But just to quickly recap, here is the recommended daily allowance of sugar, and also at the bottom of this post I’ve shared a chart that shows you how I calculated the number of teaspoons in the products below.

The American Heart Association’s recommended daily allowance of sugar:

  • 3 teaspoons of added sugar for children
  • 6 teaspoons of added sugar for women
  • 9 teaspoons of added sugar for men

1. Organic Bunny Grahams

These seem like an innocent little snack that your kids will surely love, but before you know it they’ve gobbled up more than half of their recommended daily allowance of sugar for the entire day. The moral of this story is once again that things add up fast. I am not saying don’t eat this product, it’s just that I personally believe any products containing added, refined sugar should be looked at as more of a special “treat” than an everyday “snack.” Bunny Grahams on 100 Days of #RealFood Continue Reading »

Recipe: Raspberry Almond Lunch Box Waffles + 5-day School Lunch Meal Plan

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Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables is super important …and our kids should be no exception to this rule! So let’s start the school year off right by packing a wide variety of colorful produce in our children’s lunches – and I am not just talking about a rotation of apples, grapes and carrots.

Today we are talking about a fabulous (colorful) fruit option that holds up really well in the lunch box, and that’s berries! Not everything looks appealing after being tossed all around on the way to school, but I think berries hold up beautifully and they also work well in recipes, which is why I am excited to partner with Driscoll’s on this post. And let’s face it, berries by themselves are basically one of nature’s fast foods with no chopping or peeling required.

If you saw my recent post on “Thinking Outside the Sandwich,” you know that I’m all about coming up with some creative ideas other than just the predictable PB&J to keep your kids interested in trying and eating real food. So I think you’ll be excited about this new berry recipe below – Raspberry Almond Lunchbox Waffles! You can send it as-is with a yogurt or maple syrup dipping sauce, or spread some organic cream cheese on the waffles to make it into a sandwich. My daughters absolutely love this variation, and I love feeling like I am packing something fun and different instead of an old stand-by.

Raspberry Almond Lunchbox Waffles from 100 Days of #RealFood Continue Reading »

Video: A Tour of My Kitchen!

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I’ve posted a few cooking videos on the blog, and it seems like every time I do someone always asks if they can get a full tour. Our kitchen is certainly not perfect or up to model home standards, but we have worked hard to organize and stock it with just about everything we need to make real food. So just for fun here’s a look inside some of our cabinets including our kitchen’s best kept secret …the back pantry! With the kids back in school it’s the perfect time to work on getting organized, so hopefully this will give you some ideas.

Also if you want to see more detail about any of my kitchen tools that you saw in the video be sure to check out My Kitchen Essentials page.

The Big Day Is Tomorrow!

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I keep trying to tell myself that tomorrow is just a regular day, but so far I’ve not been very good at tricking myself! I feel like my body is abuzz and my mind is racing, but I guess that’s what happens you watch over 2 years of your hard work finally come to fruition all on one day! I am talking about my cookbook release date tomorrow of course. I just cannot believe it’s finally here – eeeek!

Book Trailer Video

And what better way to kick off my big day than to finally share my book trailer video with you? This 2-minute video shares an overview of our family’s story as well as what you can expect from my book!

Continue Reading »