My Daughter’s Food Journal

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My daughter was recently tasked with keeping a food journal for her science class. She really got into recording all her meals, and it made me realize this could be a good exercise for any elementary aged child—no matter what kind of diet they’re eating! If you feel like you’re constantly nagging your kid to “eat more veggies” and “stop asking me for Lunchables,” then a track record of how varied and healthy their diet really is might just be the wake up call they need.

I think it’s super important to not just tell your kids what foods to eat but to explain to them why they need to eat them. I know if my kids grow up eating their veggies only because mommy said so, it might not get us very far.

But I truly believe that most little ones want to do the right thing, so while arming them with the knowledge they need about eating right might not get them to wake up asking for spinach, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to give it a chance! On that note, below are my daughter’s food journal samples as well as a (free) blank template if you’d like to try this at home! Please skip over the crazy spelling errors (something we’re working on around here!) and any miscounted grains, veggies, etc.  Continue Reading »

Recipe: Apple Walnut Muffins

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The other day my 9-year-old was hungry for a snack, and after rummaging through the kitchen she said, “Mom, do we have any muffins anywhere?” That girl loves some muffins, and if she’s really hungry she’ll try to eat two in a row (or even three!) some days. So she was thrilled today when she came home from school and said, “What smells so good?” and I explained that it was a new muffin creation in the oven …Apple Walnut Muffins! With fall upon us and apples in season this is the perfect combination to snack on (or add to a school lunch) this time of year. I hope your little ones enjoy them as much as mine do! :)

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Recipe: Whole-Wheat Sweet Potato Ravioli

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Now before you discount this recipe as something you won’t make (because homemade pasta is required), let me stop you right there. Making homemade pasta is not something I do often, but it’s really not any harder than other recipes you make from dough (think pizza, biscuits, tortillas, breads). I simply put two ingredients in my food processor and let it do the work for me. Then I crank it through our pasta machine that I’ve owned for 15 years (still going strong!). This process takes me less than 30 minutes, not counting the “let the dough sit for 20 minutes” part.

Plus, not only is making homemade pasta a really fun kitchen project (for both me and my daughters!), but the outcome TASTES REALLY GOOD (like really, really good). Homemade ravioli is one of my most favorite dishes of all time, and there’s just no way to make it at home if you don’t make the dough. Now you’ll see that the sweet potato ravioli in my picture isn’t perfectly square or straight, and that’s because my daughters pretty much made these by themselves (see pics below)!

Making Sweet Potato Ravioli on 100 Days of #RealFood

My girls making ravioli in their pajamas last Sunday.
I didn’t have to ask them twice to help – they love making pasta!

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My Cookbook Ambassadors (Some new sites you might like!)

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Getting my new cookbook off the ground last month meant having to reach out to others and ask for help. As many of you know, that’s not always an easy thing to do, but these wonderful bloggers (listed below) accepted my request with open arms. And for that I thank them from the bottom of my heart!

So what better way to send them some love back than to ask you to please take a few moments to click on the sites that sound interesting to you? I know we’d all appreciate it, and who knows, maybe you’ll come across a new blog you really like! I hope so.

Thanks again to them – and to YOU for your support during this crazy last month as well! Sometimes nothing feels better than getting back to normal. :)

100 Days of Real Food Cookbook Ambassadors

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The Lunch Box Rumors Are True…

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I’m sad to report that what you’ve heard is true …the divided Ziploc lunch containers have been discontinued! :( These are our favorite lunch boxes because they’re super easy to use (with only one lid to open), lightweight, inexpensive, hold the right amount of food, and most importantly, are leakproof. And these are even the containers we used for all the school lunch pictures in my new cookbook!

But enough about the containers you can no longer buy (so sorry!). Let’s instead talk about the two most comparable alternatives I’ve found. I did some testing this week that felt pretty darn risky. But the results ended up being better than I expected, so let’s get down to it!

Favorite Lunch Containers Discontinued on 100 Days of #RealFood Continue Reading »

My Go-To Costco Shopping List (Part I)

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This post is by blog team member, Amy. Check out our team page to learn more about her!

First of all, allow me to just be honest and admit that I do not love to grocery shop. As a matter of fact, it’s really quite the opposite. However, as a mom, wife, and health coach, my life is pretty much centered around my quest to feed my family well and keep them healthy while helping others do the same. So, careful and frequent grocery shopping is a necessity.

While my search for shopping nirvana may never pan out, I am always thrilled when I find resources that make the process just a little bit easier. And that, my friends, is why, in addition to a wealth of great grocery destinations here in Charlotte, I. Love. Costco.

My Go To Costco Shopping List on 100 Days of #RealFood

So today I’m going to share Part I of a two part series on my go-to Costco shopping list for real food, which will include produce, pantry staples, frozen organic veggies and fruit, organic meat options, and a few other tidbits. But first I am going to give you my short primer on shopping at Costco.
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