Taste Testing Games for Picky Eaters (and for fun!)

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As I’ve shared before, I am part of a “Healthy Child & Earth” committee at our elementary school, and one of our initiatives this year was to form a Cooking & Gardening Club. This new after school club meets weekly, and the volunteers on our committee take turns teaching different lessons.

The first time I led this group of 1st through 5th graders, I explained the importance of whole grains and let the kids make their own whole-wheat pasta with a hand crank machine. Most of the parents I spoke to afterward said their kids boiled their pasta (and gobbled it right up) as soon as they got home—yay!

The second class I taught (last week) was all about taste testing. And this lesson taught me:

Taste testing games are a great way to get even the pickiest of kids to warm up to new foods!

These games are so easy, they by no means have to happen in the classroom. Today I want to share all the details so you can do this at home with your own kids (and/or their friends). This could honestly even be a fun birthday or slumber party activity (depending on how “out of the box” you like to be and how much you like the idea of positive peer pressure!). The kids in the class enjoyed the activities much more than I expected, and by the end, several of them were saying, “Oh, I wish we could do the blind taste test game again. It was soooo fun!” Score!


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Recipe: Our Favorite Overnight Oats!

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I was intrigued by the idea of overnight oats for a long time, and then one day we finally tried them and have never looked back! You see, for years I’ve been sending warm oatmeal in thermos containers for my daughters’ snacks at school. Snack time usually occurs early in the morning and that’s after scarfing down what little breakfast they can manage before running out the door for school at 7am (the day starts early around here). So oatmeal on the go was the perfect solution, and my kids loved it. But then my 1st grader’s snack time got changed to the afternoon, so we were really pushing the 5 hour thermos warm food limit by continuing to send her oatmeal.

Enter Overnight Oats, our new perfect solution! But, I guess if I am being technical here we don’t actually make these oats overnight. We mix it up in the morning (still in an insulated thermos container) while the kids are eating their breakfast and then by snack time later that day (approximately 5 1/2 hours later), it’s ready to go. And since thermoses can keep cold food cold for longer (7 hours to be exact), it really is the new perfect solution for us. That’s why I am excited to share our favorite “Overnight” Oats combination with you today—the one my 1st grader has been eating (and loving) almost every single day so far this school year! Also, be sure to check out our other “Overnight Oats” blog post for more recipe ideas in addition to the one below.

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Recipe: Whole-Wheat Lemon Raspberry Muffins

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I am in love with this new muffin recipe! It’s soooo good I think I want one with frosting on top for my birthday (which is not until May, but a girl can plan ahead)! The raspberries and lemon compliment each other so well, and it’s such a nice diversion from the usual muffin flavors. I hope your kids gobble up these lemon raspberry muffins like mine did. I’d love to hear what they think in the comments below. :)

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My Favorite (Natural) Personal Care Products

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Once I started feeling comfortable with the “real food” changes I was making in our kitchen, it took me no time at all to realize I needed to move on to other areas of my house! I most certainly don’t have it all figured out, but since this question is asked so often I thought I’d share some of what you’ll find in my bathroom cabinets these days.

Natural Bar Soap

Recommended by my friend Carrie Vitt, we have switched to Dr. Bronner’s Magic Bar Soap. I am by no means claiming it’s truly “magical,” but it’s pretty darn pure and totally does the trick. Plus it comes in a lot of fun natural scents so there are plenty of options to choose from. I’ve found it for sale at both Target and our health food store (Earth Fare), and surprisingly the price is almost the same. It’s also available in bulk on Amazon.

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Recipe: Carrot Fritters with Yogurt Sauce

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I’ve got some yummy Carrot Fritters for you that make a fabulous side dish for either dinner or breakfast. In the morning, pair them with an omelet (topped with a touch of cheese and sliced avocado – pictured below) and a side of fruit. And in the evening, serve with seafood (such as sautéed shrimp or scallops) and an arugula salad. These fritters are great leftover as well, so feel free to make them in advance or double the recipe so you can have them with two meals in a week!

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Video: Don’t Fall For These Deceiving Packaged Foods!

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I got to do one of my favorite things on the Charlotte Today show this morning…debunk deceiving food labels! We went through 6 different examples of packaged foods, and I shared better (and realistic) alternatives for each. I used to buy every single one of these processed items before my real food wake up call back in 2010. Which ones have you fallen for?


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