Real Food Tips: Using Freezie Pop Molds

I seem to get a lot of questions and feedback from readers about the reusable freezie pop molds that we use (and recommend). First of all, I have absolutely no relationship with the company whatsoever…I simply found these molds online and have been a very satisfied customer. In fact, we own two sets now and use them quite frequently! Here are some answers to the questions I get the most…
Using Freezie Pop Molds by 100 Days of Real Food

  1. Do your freezie pop holders have an odor to them, which was mentioned in a few of the online reviews?
    Ours do not have a smell to them at all. I even stuck my nose down in there just to be sure. :) I do take a little extra time to wash ours thoroughly (both by hand and in the dishwasher), so maybe those reviewers aren’t washing out all the food bits well enough? One reader suggested using a small bottle brush to get them clean at the very bottom, and I happen to think that is a brilliant idea!
  2. What do you fill your molds with?
    I mostly fill ours with smoothies…either a version of our standard “Fruit Smoothie” or “PB&J Smoothie,” which is actually sometimes a “Sunflower Butter & Jelly Smoothie” since my older daughter goes to a nut-free elementary school. You could also fill them with plain yogurt that’s been sweetened with “Berry Sauce” or fruit and honey. And applesauce is another good option as well. Once they’ve been filled we put them straight in the freezer.
  3. When you put these freezie pops in your daughters’ lunchboxes are they thawed by lunchtime?
    I take the frozen smoothie pop directly out of the freezer and add it to my 1st grader’s lunchbox at 6:30 A.M. (yes, the day starts early around here!). I usually add at least 3 ice packs to her lunch bag as well. By lunchtime, which is at 11:20 for her, she tells me it is mostly thawed with one or two hard chunks still in the middle. Funny story…the first time I sent one in my 4-year-old’s lunchbox the icy chunk in the middle caught her off-guard because she told me she thought it was a rock in there. I assured her that mommy would never put a rock in her lunch so ever since then she has eaten it worry free. LOL I also want to mention that both of my daughters eat these freezie pops completely solid straight out of our freezer when we are at home.
  4. How do you keep the lids on in the lunchboxes?
    Lunch BoxI put their lunches in a plastic (BPA-free) Ziplock divided container, which is very similar to the Easy Lunchbox containers which can be found on Amazon. I fold up the bottom of the freezie pop mold, wedge it into the biggest compartment, and then of course secure the lid. This keeps the top from coming off the mold and also keeps it from moving around. I also tell my girls it’s important to put the empty mold (and top) back into the plastic lunch container with the top back on to avoid any mess in their lunch bag. You could also fold up the bottom of the mold and put a rubber band around the top and bottom long ways (and then put it in a Ziplock bag) to ensure it stays together.

I also want to mention that one reader told me her kindergartner’s freezie pop made a little mess in her lap at school (poor thing). For the younger kids it might help to “practice” with partially thawed pops at home first so they know what to expect come lunchtime. In a couple months the pool might just be the perfect place to practice. And speaking of, I learned last summer that both of my daughters absolutely loved having (partially) frozen smoothie pops as their snack up at the neighborhood pool. I kept them in a cooler with ice packs of course, but they were the perfect outdoor cold “treat” on a steaming hot summer day.

Anyway, I hope this little FAQ clears some things up for those who are considering buying a set of molds (or for those who are trying to figure what to do with the ones they ordered!). If you have any other questions or tips please share in the comments below!


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  1. I feel pretty late to the game here, but THANK YOU for this post and ALL the rest!! I have been splattering you all over my Facebook!


  2. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

    Hello Danika. The lids are not attached. Take note of how Lisa packs them to keep the lid tightly in place. ~Amy

  3. Hi, Thanks for your blog! How well do these little lids work and are they completely separate? I worry about the lids popping off and making a mess of things as it thaws and also losing lids. Maybe they are attached in some way? I would love a photo of the lid separate from the container if possible. Thanks!

  4. Another option might not work for kids, but may be worth a shot for grown ups- use one of those vacuum insulated coffee mugs with a spill proof lid to stick the pop in. It will stay frozen longer.

  5. Love these molds!! I have been freezing organic juices for my daughters to enjoy as ice pops. It’s a great treat I don’t feel bad about!!

  6. Kristina Hansen

    Have you ever tried the smoothie pop molds for plain applesauce? I wonder how the consistency of the applesauce would be if you put it in this mold, froze and then let thaw?

  7. I just received this from Amazon this week. My kids were SO excited about them. I put frozen fruits in a food processor until they were paste consistency and then mixed with honey and plain Greek yogurt. The mixture was thick, but I was able to add it to the form one spoonful at a time. No problem. I froze them and sent them to lunch in the same Ziploc containers pictured in the Lunch Roundups. I did have a hard time getting them to fit in the containers and actually put the bottom into a cup of warm water to partially thaw do I could bend it enough to go into the Ziploc. I worry about breaking the silicone form if I bend it too much or too often. Has anyone had a problem with the form breaking over time?

  8. I was just discussing these last weeks. My question–how hard are they to fill? I was wanting them to make ‘smoothie pops’ for breakfasts this summer. But is it hard to get something as thick as a smoothie in?

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hi Tricia. I’ve had no trouble filling them but I do not make my smoothies so thick that they can’t be poured. You can always use a funnel when in doubt. ~Amy

    2. Hi there– I just thought I’d add that most of the time I just “spoon” the smoothies into these molds. Sometimes my smoothies are thick, and other times they aren’t… But the molds aren’t overly large, so it doesn’t take much time for me to fill them one spoonful at a time.

  9. Bought the pops molds from amazon and did a little test before sending to school. Made the smoothie and put it in the molds and froze it over night. Put it in a lunch box with 2 frozen ice packs. Checked it after 3 hours and it was totally melted and a mess. I won’t be able to send to school. I wouldn’t recommend buying them. But just to be clear – the box doesn’t say they keep things frozen for a period of time. I just loved the idea and thought it would be great to send to school.

  10. I just purchased these and haven’t gotten the chance to use them yet but had a quick question. How do you usually wash them? I know you said you do both hand- and dishwasher methods, but which do you find to be more effective? And they don’t fit on my top rack of my dishwasher. Is it safe to wash them on the bottom?

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hello Brittany. I find nothing that says top rack only but I am not certain. If you are concerned, you can always thoroughly hand wash. ~Amy

    2. I just bought several from Richards Variety Store in Atlanta, GA and they had absolutely no scent at all and I just stood them upright in the bottom rack of my dishwasher, the lids in the covered silverware box. They were still standing up after the cycle and perfectly clean. :)

  11. Hi all,

    I just wanted to add my review on these pop molds as a caution- I just bought these in March of 2013 and they are TERRIBLE!!! They stink terribly and are basically unusable. My daughter will not eat the pops made in them and I don’t blame her. Buyer beware!! I am not sure if I got a bad batch or they have started using new silicone- but YUCK!! Total waste of money.

    1. I suggest you try a different brand. I purchased a set of these off of Amazon and after 1 hand washing they had no smell at all and since then we have used them several times. I put vanilla yougert with chopped fresh fruit in mine and my son can’t get enough of them.
      The ones I purchased were pastel colored-I’m not sure of the brand, but I thi there was only one brand with pastel colors.

  12. Jennifer Wisdom

    I LOVE these! I don’t have any kids, but my husband and I have enjoyed frozen smoothies from the freezer, thanks to these molds!

  13. I am trying out the freezie molds in our Ziploc bento containers. It is really tough to cram it in there! Do you fill them a little less to provide more room to squish the bottom in ? I worry my lid will come off and leak as it melts before lunch!

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hi Jocelyn. You can see by the way we position it in the photo, that is is a tight squeeze but it serves to keep the lid sung. We do have to have a bit bending room at the bottom and we experience small leaks from time to time. ~Amy

  14. I hate to be a kill joy, but does anyone remember this article a few months ago: “Food Babe Investigates: How Food Companies Exploit Americans with Ingredients Banned in Other Countries”. Dimethylpolysiloxane was listed as an “evil” anti-foaming agent in McD’s French Fries. Guess what. That is the monomer (fancy word for little molecule) that is polymerized into silicone, used to make those exact molds that you are filling with smoothie. Polymers are never fully polymerized, so you have DMPS coming off into your freeze pops. I’m not saying that’s good or bad, just the truth. If Food Babe is going to use faulty logic and denounce the evils of some chemicals, be consistant.

  15. I just got the molds and the molds don’t smell…even after washing in the dishwasher…However, they do seem to pick up an unpleasant smell from our freezer and my son refuses to eat them. I just cleaned out my freezer, so it’s just a “frozen” smell.

  16. Maybe someone has already suggested this, but have you ever used the Sili squeeze? We have a few and use them all the time. Very easy to use and clean, very low mess, and used for the same purposes (although to be honest I have never frozen them, we mostly just put smoothies in them). BPA – PVC – and Phthalate – Free, etc.

    1. We love our Sili squeezes! My girls are 3 and 5 and ask why they didn’t get it in their lunch when I skip a day! I love how well the lid seals and how it comes all apart for washing!

  17. PS – we love to freeze pureed fruit layered with homemade natural yoghurt. Or just plain old pureed mango! YUM! Or ‘hot’ chocolate, or coffee for the adults.

  18. Hi, We have used iceblock moulds for many years, but they dont seal, so cant be used to take for lunch/snacks outside of home.
    I live in Australia and Amazon wont post to me… so any ideas where I could get these or something similar in Australia?!
    Thanks :)

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Jill)

      Hi Julie. I don’t know where you could get them, but, have you read through the comments? I think some other readers may have shared ideas. Jill

  19. Yeah – we tried these too and they were not a hit. Mess everywhere, kids didn’t like the yogurt/smoothie/applesauce that came out. They had eaten them at home, but they did not work for us at all for putting in a lunchbox. Bummer – especially since I know have 8 of them!

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Jill)

      Hi Ginaj. Sorry to hear that these didn’t work out for you. We use ours in the summer as well for frozen “push up” treats, so, hopefully you can still use them for that. Jill

  20. Hi
    I am just a bit do your kids eat partly frozen smoothies?Do you send a straw?I really like the idea of using this instead of frozen yogurt from stores.

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Jill)

      Hi GKB. They are mostly thawed, but, it’s really no different than eating a “Gogurt” if you’ve ever seen those. They just squeeze the bottom and eat as they slowly push it up out of the mold. Jill

  21. Hey-I love the idea of the freezie pop molds, the only thing is that my children complained that they “exploded” in their lunch boxes, and it looked like they did too. This also happened to a friend on mine. I left plenty of room at the top, they were frozen solid and the caps were on…Even if they had been in a ziplock it would have been a real mess that they wouldnt want to eat. Please help-I would love for these to work!

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Jill)

      Hi Laddy. I have had that happen to my kids on occasion, but, I find that if I make sure they are in an upright position (not folded over at all in the container, just in the lunchbox on its own (usually in a ziploc just in case of spillage)) we seem to avoid it. Also, just double check that the lid is completely closed before freezing…it really is hard to get off when it’s completely sealed. I hope they work out better next time. Jill

  22. I purchased these and the first time I sent one in to school for my daughter it leaked all over her lunch bag, backpack and cubby. Not a fan…it was frozen solid and the cap was snugly secured …

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Jill)

      Hi Christine. Sorry that happened. I actually put mine in a baggie as well just in case. I also find that if you fill them too much they will leak…I usually try and leave about 3/4″ at the top. Hope they work out better next time. Jill

  23. Hello
    Does anyone know where I can find the freezie pop molds in Canada? I went on and found them there but the price, especially the shipping cost, is just too high.

    Thank you

  24. I love your meal planners and recipes. Our only problem is that we live abroad in Hong Kong, where food can be very expensive, especially fresh produce. We still buy almost exclusively organic, but it’s outrageously priced. Today I paid US$6 for a liter of organic milk. Once I ran into one of the better grocery stores here with the nicest produce and grabbed two heads of broccoli. I didn’t pay attention at all to the price, and when I got into the car I realized that I had paid about US$15 per head. No joke. I actually shrieked out loud when I read the receipt. I think your weekly meal planner would cost at least twice here. Still, I think your recipes are cheaper than eating out, so we will continue to cook as much real food at home as possible. Thanks for all your great ideas!

  25. I love your site and I am on here all the time for recipes. Thank you so much. My question is what type of lunch box do the girls use that fit the zip lock containers. I have the containers but they will not fit into their new lunch boxes. Thank you

  26. Hi, thankyou so much for your article :) I love the idea of these for my 4.5yr olds lunchbox as he starts primary school next year but I’m curious to know if these are actually watertight once frozen? These unfortunately aren’t available here in Australia so I’d have to order through Amazon and really want to know about the watertight issue before ordering. Thankyou :)

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Jill)

      Hi Melissa. They can sometimes leak, but, the trick is to make sure you don’t fill them all the way (I would leave about 3/4 inch on top, maybe a little more) and to stand them upright in the lunch box. I also put mine in a ziploc bag so that if they do leak they don’t get onto the other food. Hope that helps. Jill

  27. I am excited to make my children’s lunches now! I just ordered these freezie pop molds from Target. Thank you for the inspiring food choices that you share!

  28. I am a little confused at the ingredients put in the pop. Your putting PB&J and use it as a popsicle? That doesn’t sound appetizing to me. I think I may be missing something. I’d love to try these out though!

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Jill)

      Hi Dawn. You can just add a handful and it will get chopped up in the blender. It is an easy way to pack nutrients into your smoothie. Jill

  29. I never heard nor tried these freezie pop molds before.
    As I read a couple of reviews, I think its good to own some. Thanks for sharing your honest view about it :D

    To visit my website, kindly click here.

  30. You can add me to the list of readers who had their kindergartener make a mess with their freezie pop. :-( We’ve been making them all summer and my kids love them, but apparently I didn’t prepare him for opening a thawed pop. I’m not sure who I felt worse for – him or the teacher that had to help him clean it up. Lesson learned – we will practice at home before I send another one. :-) Thanks for sharing all these great ideas and recipes!

  31. I bought these and LOVE them!!! The only problem I am having is when I fill them, I try to get as much air from the lid out, but the lids try to pop off. Any input as to what the best way to fill them would be appreciated. =0)

    1. Assistant to 100 Days (Jill)

      Hi Rinnie. I usually just leave about 1/2″ at the top to allow for the lid to sit all the way down into the mold. And, I always stand them up in my freezer until they are completely frozen. Hope that helps some. Jill

  32. Love, love, love the idea of these smoothie molds!!! My 3 yr old daughter loves to make smoothies with me and we don’t always have time each morning because I have an in home daycare and it gets busy around here in the mornings. Using these will help us get our healthy smoothies in more often than we have been lately! And what great portion control! I am intrigued with your site/blog and am going to try some recipes in the next few weeks! Thanks for the hard work of putting this all in one place. Your commitment to healthy families is awesome! I taught school for 13 yrs and have seen some of the most awful hot lunches served to children. I can’t imagine paying for my kids to eat those everyday(and throw lots of it away). Yuck! I am so going to be sending Sophie with a lunch when she starts school in a few yrs. Oh, love the budget too! THANKS AGAIN!

  33. Received a deal for Silicone Freeze Pops, they arrived with no paperwork, no company name on them anywhere. Anybody have any thoughts about the safety. They look just like the ones pictured.