Recipe: Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

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Recipe: Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie from 100 Days of Real Food

One day I was out of berries and my girls wanted a fruit smoothie so, inspired by a blog reader, we tried a peanut butter banana smoothie instead and…yum! It doesn’t get much easier than this, and we find smoothies to be the perfect supplement to almost any breakfast or lunch. These are also super good frozen too, but more on that later.






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Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie
Serves: 4 – 5
Inspired by Blog Reader Julie
  • 3 ripe bananas, the riper the better
  • 1 cup plain yogurt,
  • whole milk recommended
  • ½ cup peanut butter
  • ½ cup ice cubes
  1. Combine all ingredients in blender and process until smooth. Enjoy!

    Recipe variation: If you have frozen bananas on hand you can use those and omit the ice cubes.


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72 comments to Recipe: Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

  • Mandy

    I like to add toasted wheat germ to our smoothies. Is wheat germ allowed?

  • Karissa

    I just tried this with my kiddos and my picky two year old who doens’t particularly like new things just scarfed this down!! Yea!!!! We only used whole milk since we didn’t have plain yogurt on hand but was still delish!!

    The kids had fun putting ingredients in the blender and watching them come smooth! Thanks for the recipe!!

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  • Misty

    I started making this and my blender got clogged up (putting the peanut butter in first isn’t a good idea, or maybe my blender is just cheap), so my hubby came down and “fixed” it. He added more of everything and it is so amazing. Thank you for a great recipe!

  • Hi there — I just came across your website and am so glad I did. Thank you for all the wonderful ideas! For your smoothies what type of blender do you use. I need to purchase a new one for smoothies and not quite sure where to start. Would love any suggestions you have.

    Thanks again for being such an inspiration!

    • 100 Days of Real Food

      I actually have a cheap-o blender from Target and while it does the trick (especially if I shake it around while it’s blending LOL) I would love a vitamix one day!

      • Lol…I do a lot of shaking with ours as well! My two and twelve year old and I do the “silly” dance because it takes so long to blend anything with. Thanks!!

  • Melissa

    I am just learning about food. I was recently diagnoised with high BP, High cholesterol, very high tryglicerides and am pre-diabetic. I learned how bad store bought peanut butter is for you. It increases your bad cholesterol(LDL) and lowers your good cholesterol (HDL). Look for the peanut butter with the oil on top (old fashioned) and refrigerate it after opening. Or make your own as Lisa has suggested. Love this site, thanks Lisa!

  • Shawna

    Has anyone tried using soynut butter in smoothies? My son has nut allergies and won’t eat sunbutter. But I would really like to find a smoothie recipe and this looks yum!

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  • Sarah

    I’ve been making something like this for years. Only I freeze the bananas instead of adding ice, and I add cinnamon. Cinnamon works really well in that smoothie.

  • Lori S.

    I tried this for the first time this morning, and while I loved the flavor, I felt the consistency was too creamy for my taste and didn’t have any of that slushy texture that smoothies typically have. I’m not too kitchen savvy, so I wanted to ask…do you think if I just add more ice that I’d get that texture I’m looking for? Or maybe cut out some of the yogurt? Or both?

  • Laura


    First of all thank you so much for informing me on what was really going into mine, and my families bodies. I have always tried to eat ‘healthy’ – no artificial flavors/colors, no high fructose corn syrup but I had no idea about GMO’s and many other things I have learned from your posts! And I am happy to say we have changed a lot of our eating habits and will continue too!

    My question is though…what type of peanut butter do you buy or do you make your own? My family LOVES peanut butter so I am afraid this is a switch they will not go along with.

    • crystal

      Laura, We recently made the switch from “regular” peanut butter to the one ingredient kind. We just buy the Kroger brand and it only has peanuts and salt listed as ingredients. Our family loves peanut butter and I was worried about changing. We actually like it better!

    • Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hi Laura. You might find the switch to be not so challenging. Peanut butter should have only peanuts and maybe salt on the ingredient list. My kids love the combination of a little honey mixed in with the peanut butter. Glad the blog is helping! Goodluck. ~Amy

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  • Samantha Wikoff

    Hello there! Thank you for your wonderful advice. I have some friends who recently have said peanut butter is horrible for you and etc. What are your thoughts on peanut butter?

    • Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hi Samantha. Peanut butter is nutritious but in its non-organic form can be heavily contaminated. Buy an organic peanut butter with only one or two ingredients (the second being a little salt). If you like it slightly sweetened you can use a bit of honey. ~Amy

  • elisa

    I make something like this all the time – my toddler loves it. We use organic almond or soy milk + banana + peanut butter. Delish!

  • Becky

    This may have already been asked/answered, but is the plain yogurt sweetened at all? I just looked at my “plain” yogurt and realized it says “sweetened 1% milkfat vitamin D” added. So I’m not sure if this really qualifies as plain. It contains organic sugar and organic corn starch. What ingredients *should* be in an organic plain yogurt? I’m getting confused! :)

  • Becky

    Great! Thank you so much! We just got a Trader Joe’s here, so I’ll be sure to look for it. :)

  • Lisa

    After reading the label of our protein powder, we ditched it immediately. This is a fabulous alternative. I used plain greek yogurt which at first had a “unique” flavor (tangy?) but it grew on me and filled me up! My 1 year old loved it too! Any other protein shake/smoothie recipes?

  • Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

    Hello Lisa. Here is another smoothie recipe: There are endless possibilities with smoothie creations! Have fun with them. Nut butters, yogurt, etc. will add protein to any smoothie. Enjoy. ~Amy

  • Casey

    This was wonderful! I used dark chocolate almond milk instead of whole. It turned out to be a chocolate, peanut butter, banana masterpiece!!!
    Thanks for the recipe!

  • Leli

    Just tried this as an after-school snack. It was a home run. I threw in an avocado (mostly just to use it up before it went bad) and it was deeeelish. It’s also really filling; my kids didn’t immediately complain that they were still hungry like they do after finishing most snacks. I love that I’ll be able to put this in a thermos and bring it along if we need a snack on the go. Simple, quick, portable, yummy AND nutritious. This recipe is a keeper. Thanks again!

  • Bridget

    I made this yesterday and loved it! As a single person I am wondering… if I made the whole recipe, would the remaining servings keep OK in the refrigerator? Or would the banana start to oxidize and the smoothie separate? I’d love to not have to clean the blender every time I want this treat! :)

  • The peanut butter sounds great. We toss all sorts of things in smoothies but I haven’t tried peanut butter.

  • Mike

    I thought bananas and peanut butter were bad for “belly fat”

  • Molly

    This sounds delicious! I’ve just recently started doing smoothies. I was making one yesterday, but had ran out of bananas. I had Dole Dippers (frozen banana slices dipped in dark chocolate) so I tried that. The taste was fantastic! I used 1/2 cup greek vanilla yogurt, 1 cup almond milk, strawberries, the Dole Dippers, oatmeal, and a handful of spinach. I bet they would be great with the peanut butter smoothie! (think Reeses peanut butter cups!)

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