Top 10 Blog Posts of 2012

As we wrap up 2012 and ring in “twenty-thirteen” I’d like to recap the blog posts and recipes that got the most traffic this year.

School Lunch Roundup by 100 Days of Real Food

Top 5 Blog Posts

  1. School Lunch Roundup!
  2. 85 Snack Ideas for Kids (and Adults)!
  3. Free Real Food Meal Plans
  4. Real Food Tips: 10 Ways to Switch Up Your Kid’s Lunch
  5. Food Babe Investigates: Is Subway Real Food? Continue Reading »

Three “Get Real” Deals for 2013

This is a guest post by Kiran, our Sales Manager…to learn more about Kiran check out our team page!

Cliche as it may be, for many New Year’s Day is the time to reflect on the passing year and to make resolutions for the upcoming year. The majority of the holidays have past, and you’re likely ready to make some changes for the better. Good for you! Making the commitment is the first step, and today we’ve got three great deals to help you “Get Real” in 2013. Take a peek:


You know how it goes: It’s 8 o’clock at night and your child’s lunchbox is staring at you from across the room … yes, you should pack it. But with what? And there’s still the laundry to tend to and dishes to clean. It’d be much easier to just throw some random things in or just have her buy lunch tomorrow instead.

Whether you’re busy, fresh out of ideas or just looking for some guidance, resorting to buying the daily school lunch (or packing non-nutritious foods) is not something you need to resort to. MOMables was created by a mother of three children who was in a similar situation. And so she cooked up a business that solved the dilemma for herself (and many others in the process). The concept is getting eaten up by moms and their kids everywhere.

Sign up for this service to receive a weekly menu plan and shopping list each Friday. Log in, print it, shop and prepare. Get all of the good stuff without the guesswork. Think Grilled Meatloaf Sandwich, Happy Green Pig Salad (pasta with ham and spinach), and some of the tried and trues (PB&J) with a twist. The meals are not fancy but are nutritious. They can all be made in approximately 10 minutes. And the best news? With the sale price that they are offering to our readers, the meal plans cost only 11 cents a day for the first 3 months.

Click here to check out these school lunch plans (they even have a Gluten- and Nut-free option!) and save 30% – get 3 months of meal plans for lunch at just $12 (normal price $18.)

**Offer good through Jan. 9.

Take the guesswork out of what to pack for lunch.

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Recipe: Whole-Wheat Christmas Cookies (with sugar!)

Christmas Cookies from 100 Days of Real FoodFor all those readers who asked…here is a whole-wheat Christmas cookie recipe! Now even though these are made with 100% whole-wheat flour please know they do contain some refined sugar (in both the cookie and the icing). I do occasionally post recipes made with refined sugar because, in my opinion, a cookie that’s homemade from scratch is far better than the factory-made version (or something like a “slice and bake”). And Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without cookies for Santa!

Whole-Wheat Christmas Cookies from 100 Days of Real Food

When it comes to decorating Christmas cookies though there always seems to be one dilemma…food coloring. I think I’ve made it pretty clear that we like to avoid the chemically-laden artificial dyes. So what’s one to do? Continue Reading »

Recipe: Whole-Grain Donuts (for the Mini Donut-Maker)

donut maker for whole-grain donut recipes from 100 Days of Real Food

My older daughter absolutely LOVES donuts so one day, on a whim, I saw this “Mini Donut Maker” at Target and decided to try it out. It’s a plug-in machine (similar to a waffle maker) and comes with a booklet of recipes that I tweaked to use whole-wheat flour and no refined sugars. This discovery is nothing new (I’ve shared this maker within a post or two on the blog before), but we’ve been getting so many questions about it lately it I’ve decided to give it a post all of its own today! So without further ado, here are two whole-grain donut recipes that work great in this little donut maker, and if you’ve discovered any other variations of your own please share them with us in the comments below! And FYI – These obviously don’t have the same consistency as deep-fried donuts, but regardless both of my daughter’s LOVE these things as a special treat! In fact I think we’ll have to make a batch today. Continue Reading »

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Food Babe Investigates: Is Your Protein Shake Safe?

Vani Hari (a.k.a. The Food Babe) is a regular contributor on 100 Days of Real Food. To learn more about Vani check her out on “Our Team” page.

Protein shakes, powders, and supplements are incredibly popular with the health conscious crowd. Considering what typical protein shakes promise – sleek muscles, weight loss and a quick, easy “healthy” meal replacement – it’s logical to see why. Unfortunately, the food industry is making an absolute killing (maybe literally) selling ones that are filled with highly processed denatured proteins, chemicals, preservatives and other additives. There’s one thing in common for all of them – they are all processed and deciding on whether or not they are actually “real food” comes into question. Now not all processed things we put in our body are technically bad for us – but understanding what exactly is in your protein shake is critical to deciding whether to consume it, select an alternative, or discontinue use all together.

Below is a summary chart of the ingredients in popular protein shakes and powders:


 “?” indicates protein supplement has not been tested or proven to have that specific ingredient


We’ve discussed GMO’s here, Artificial Colors here, Carrageenan here, Antibiotics here, and rBGH here before so I won’t go into them again in detail specifically. Regardless, you should know consuming a protein drink with any of those ingredients is a risk to your health and if you don’t know why – please read up on those past posts to learn more. Continue Reading »

Special Deal: MightyNest

I am super excited to share a special deal with you today from a great company…and just in time for the holidays! Our newest sponsor, MightyNest, was founded by two parents when, after the birth of their first child, they realized many of the products in their home contained potentially harmful chemicals and had unnecessary risks associated with them. After years of tedious research they knew there had to be a better way, which is when MightyNest was born. Today their site is a robust online store, resource center, and community dedicated to helping parents create healthy, safe homes for their families. Plus it’s pretty cute looking and well-organized…so go check it out!

I love how MightyNest has done the homework for us by ensuring their 1,000+ products are all free from harmful chemicals such as BPA, PVC, and lead. They work with only trusted manufacturers, handpicking each product based on safety, durability and quality. And what do you know…MightyNest carries a few of my favorite products that I am excited to share below, but first let me tell you about the special deal they are offering our readers!

Three coupon codes good through Dec. 24th:

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