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I am a list maker. Whether it’s my grocery list, my to-do list, or the list of areas in our house that I need to “declutter” (my New Year’s Resolution!) let’s face it I like lists. So when I applied my list-making skill to my real food blog I ended up with a bunch of “Real Food Tips” and here they are…

Real Food Tips for the Holidays

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95 comments to Real Food Tips

  • Ruth

    I just discovered your wonderful site and have taken the 10 day pledge. It’s time we stopped eating chemicals. Many of my friends have health problems that I consider related to their less than healthy diet. I’m fortunate to live in a small town with a wonderful food co-op that carried local organic produce, bulk grains and local pastured meat and eggs. They do persist in carrying canola however. You have lots of great recipes too.

  • Cristina

    I subscribed to your website after just hearing your interview on Charlotte Talks this morning. I love your story and I share your priority of using whole foods at home. It’s definitely been a challenge though and I’ve really not held the same standards for us when we eat out or at friend’s homes. I’m looking forward to reading your tips and recipes!

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