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I am a list maker. Whether it’s my grocery list, my to-do list, or the list of areas in our house that I need to “declutter” (my New Year’s Resolution!) let’s face it I like lists. So when I applied my list-making skill to my real food blog I ended up with a bunch of “Real Food Tips” and here they are…

Real Food Tips for the Holidays

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93 comments to Real Food Tips

  • I am trying to eat real foods, but my taste buds are starting to revolt. I confess that I am a fairly picky eater and when it comes to eating things that I do not like, I would prefer to go hungry than eat.

    Last night I sauteed mushrooms and onions in olive oil. I made quinoa with chicken stock. I tossed those together with broccoli and carrots. I baked a chicken breast seasoned with lemon pepper and sliced it and added it to the mix. I served it with cooked spinach.

    I know that the dish was healthy and filling but I never want it again. It was just boring. I can’t say exactly what I missed in it. (I know it was not salt because we do not use it or like it )

    Am I doing something wrong? Do you have any suggestions? I like to use spices and condiments (specifically oriental sauces which are not a good food) and the food without it just doesn’t tast good.

    • Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

      Hi Kimberly. It can take some trial and error to find the right spice and flavor combinations that work for you without reverting to pouring on unhealthy sauces and such. Don’t give up! This might help: I’m not claiming that these follow the 100 Days rules but it may help you get from point A to B. :) Plus, it gives you homemade versions of each which can be tweaked to better fit the rules. ~Amy

  • Kara

    I am wondering if you have a recipe for pudding- preferably vanilla and chocolate?! My son has been begging me for chocolate pudding, but I will not buy the store bought chemical filled stuff, and I can’t find a recipe anywhere that doesn’t include sugar or other junk… :/
    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! :)

  • Krissy

    Love this! Ended up at your blog for the first time today when trying to to find new ideas for school lunches..ended up at this page right after I was talking about myself being a little list crazy! Haha I lam always making a list for something!

  • Joyce

    Hi! I’m curious what you recommend about eating potatoes? White or sweet potatoes? Thanks!

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  • Alex Lewis

    I Love this website, there are so many helpful tips for me. My cooking teacher asked the entire class to go on your website, and i glad she did.

  • Jennifer Donovan

    My husband and I are interested in the 100 day challenge because he suffered a heart attack a few months ago at 41 years old. He was not overweight, relatively healthy, and had no family history. He has changed his eating habits drastically and the differences in his cholesterol numbers are shocking! We couldn’t believe how much diet affects our health. One of the things that is holding us back is that one of our children has life threatening food allergies. He cannot have any nut products or dairy or eggs. One of the treats that he can have is oreo cookies because they’re all chemicals. I found a cake recipe that i can make for him that doesn’t taste gross but it includes 4 cups of sugar! He puts ketchup on EVERYTHING! do you have any tips or advice? He is also a severe asthmatic and i really do feel that if he weren’t ingesting so many chemicals and dyes it might help his asthma.

  • Katie

    Is cottage cheese processed or natural?

  • Brittany

    I’m really curious: how to you handle holidays like Halloween and valentines with your kids like when they bring home buckets of candy? What about other extended family members (like grandparents…) who may not agree with your lifestyle change and want to “spoil” the kids when you aren’t around? I’ve got little kids- both of whom are extremely picky. I’m trying to cut out processed foods but these are potential issues I will encounter. Just curious what you do. You may have addressed this already. I looked around your site but couldn’t see anything. Thanks! Excited to try some of your recipes!

  • Lindsey

    I am curious if you have any tips on how to handle dinners and holidays with extended family. Sadly, mine does not eat any whole foods and I don’t anticipate them being very supportive of our decision to change. Thanks!

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