100 Days on a Budget

Our first “100 Days of Real Food” pledge brought lots of unexpected experiences and also lessons learned. What was originally created to draw attention to how dependent people have become on highly processed food actually ended up being a life-changing event for us. I didn’t expect our pledge to have such a big impact on me personally, but in the end I am glad it did. And that’s actually the reason why I am still here blogging about real food…long after the original 100 days!

Now while most agreed that real, unprocessed, organic, local, whole foods sounded great, quite a lot of readers also implied that it couldn’t be done without breaking the bank. So we of course had to prove all those skeptics wrong, which is why in October 2011 we began our “100 Days of Real Food on a Budget” pledge. We let the blog readers vote to determine our weekly budget of $125 for our family of four. (Note that on FULL food stamp benefits we would have received $167/week.) This real food on a budget pledge proved to be even more difficult than the first pledge at times, but we successfully completed the challenge in January 2011…whew!

Index of posts I wrote during our 2010 – 11 budget pledge:

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  1. Jenny |

    I absolutely love this site! It has inspired me in so many ways. My husband and I are now living on a food budget of $40 a week and it I can’t make it, we don’t eat it. It has really opened my eyes to seeing just what is added to the foods we eat. I am planning on taking the 100 day challenge after the holidays this year.

  2. Sandra Mort |

    I’d love to see what your numbers are like these days. $125 per week works out to $4.46 per person per day. My family of six would be $187.50.

    At this moment, I’m getting 925/month food stamps for 6 people and we run out before the end of each month. Part of it, I’m sure, is living in the suburbs of NYC. Part of it is being four years later. And one part is definitely that their school doesn’t offer lunch, so I’m paying for all of their food, as opposed to getting free lunches, which I’m eligible for. (Though I don’t really regret it because ICK!!)

    I joined a buying club that saves SOME money, but not a lot. The cheaper stores are too far away from me to make practical on a regular basis, especially since food stamps won’t cover the extra gas to get there. I don’t use a lot of processed or convenience foods. I can’t afford humane naturally raised animal products and my kids are vegetarian for the time being. I just can’t think of many more places to cut corners.

  3. heidi horvat |

    Any ideas on how a disabled single old sickly woman can do this real food plan on her measly $16 in foodstamps…YES Sixteen dollars!!! Add my other big $24 left over after bills rent and the few medicines I still buy so …I am working with say A huge $30 a month to feed myself. I often share with my 2 dogs too what’s for dinner as dogfood is expensive as well so I add leftover to it to extend it for the month. I do grow what I can in container garden in summer. A few tomatoes and pepper trees. Not many plants though as I live in a campground .

    • Judi |

      Heidi…wish I had the answer for you. Trying to work that out for me and my dad. Keeping you in my prayers.

  4. Mew |

    (Note that on FULL food stamp benefits we would have received $167/week.)

    This information is misleading. At $30,000 a year,a family of four receives approx $450 a MONTH. $167 a week would be if a family of four made approx $21,000 a year. How do I know? Because I use to be there. The only time we received approx $167 a week is when my husband was working 55hrs a week for $7.25.

    I bought your book but I found this part very condescending. Instead of saying “FULL benefits” correct the article to say “No Income” so people are not mislead due to miseducation.

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