What To Buy Organic

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Only in an ideal world could every single food purchase be organic, which is why the below lists can really come in handy. These reflect two important factors to consider – high levels of pesticide residue and genetically modified crops – both of which can be avoided when buying organic. And be sure to put these lists into practice beyond just the produce section. For example, with apples being at the very top of the dirty dozen list, I am sure to buy organic applesauce and apple juice as well. Plus with the majority of additives found in processed food being derived from corn and soy (both on the GMO crop list), that is another area where buying organic is key. Or better yet, just avoid the additive-filled, chemical-laden, factory-made junk all together. :) That’s just my two cents!

Be sure to check out The Environmental Working Group and Non-GMO Project for more info, and click the image below to download a free printable, wallet-sized PDF version.

What To Buy Organic

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