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Welcome to the original “100 Days of Real Food” pledge page. The idea behind this series of posts is what inspired me to start this blog in the first place. From May through September 2010 our family of four – including our daughters who were ages 3 and 5 at the time – pledged to go 100 solid days without eating a single ounce of highly processed or refined food (that means no white flour or sugar!). You can find the exact guidelines we followed on our “real food” rules page.

We decided to take this pledge so we could draw attention to how much our society has become dependent on processed food. And even though it wasn’t easy at times we wanted to prove that a typical suburban family didn’t have to rely on packaged factory-made convenience foods on a daily basis. We also wanted to experience what it would be like to seek out the real food in our processed food world, and let me tell you what it was definitely eye-opening! One of the things we quickly learned was that our “real food” desires made us the minority most of the time…especially here in North Carolina.

Index of blog posts I wrote during our 2010 pledge:

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  1. Kaylan Johnson |

    I pledge to begin my 100 days of whole foods (wf) pledge tomorrow, January 2nd, 2015!! I am currently about 70 to 80 pounds overweight and want to feel better :) wish me luck!

  2. Beth H |

    Our family has started the 100 days pledge. We have a family with 2 small children. We started Jan. 1, and I am amazed at how hard it is to find bread without sugar! Yikes. So, I’ve spent the last few days in the kitchen making homemade granola, honey wheat bread, and breadcrumbs to stock up our pantry. 97 more days to go!

  3. carmen rosa |

    Hi where can I take the pledge for the 100 days?

  4. Shirley notvedt |

    I pledge to begin my 100 days of whole foods pledge today, January 13th, 2015!! After finishing my 10 day pledge. wish me luck!

  5. Helene T. |

    My good friend gave me your cookbook for Christmas and my family and I have been preparing to take our 100 day pledge since. Eating well is not new to us, but we were never fanatical about it. Now, with three growing boys (6, 2, and 5 months)my husband and I feel that it is time to ensure a long, healthy life together. We start our pledge TODAY (02/01/2015)! Thank you for your wonderful tips, recipes and lunch ideas! Here we go…..

  6. Lynn123 |

    I pledge to start tomorrow, Feb. 12, 2015 on my 100 days of real food.

  7. Jill |

    Starting a 40 day pledge with my sister for religious purposes… tomorrow! Have read your book and loooove it! We have a question about alcohol. We’re not heavy drinkers but know a drink (or two) might help us get through the end of a week:) what beers would be the best choice? Which should we stay away from? Thanks for your help:)

  8. c ramouche |

    no white flour our sugar that means i can have anything else as long as it does not have sugar and white flour right.

  9. Amy Koegel-Gibbs |

    I have been following you all year and just realizey you are from or now live in NC! I live in St. Gallen Switzerland and have the last 20 years but am from Asheville, NC

  10. Linda Lewis |

    I started my 100 pledge on March 1, 2015. Really want to get away from the sugar free, low fat foods and to start eating real, whole (unmessed with) food again.
    I have been eating sugar free and low fat, no fat stuff for so long that it’s harder to give these up than I thought it would be. But I have been making your muffins for my breakfast and they are delicious, so I am incouraged. I am finding that whole foods are more filling and I don”t eat as much. I hope in time that this will result in some weight loss. So glad I found you:)

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