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Welcome to the original “100 Days of Real Food” pledge page. The idea behind this series of posts is what inspired me to start this blog in the first place. From May through September 2010 our family of four – including our daughters who were ages 3 and 5 at the time – pledged to go 100 solid days without eating a single ounce of highly processed or refined food (that means no white flour or sugar!). You can find the exact guidelines we followed on our “real food” rules page.

We decided to take this pledge so we could draw attention to how much our society has become dependent on processed food. And even though it wasn’t easy at times we wanted to prove that a typical suburban family didn’t have to rely on packaged factory-made convenience foods on a daily basis. We also wanted to experience what it would be like to seek out the real food in our processed food world, and let me tell you what it was definitely eye-opening! One of the things we quickly learned was that our “real food” desires made us the minority most of the time…especially here in North Carolina.

Index of blog posts I wrote during our 2010 pledge:

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  • Just a quick day 1 comment … I started my morning with a couple eggs and a real good helping of some cooked down kale in some olive oil … brought some nuts for a snack … my lunch was a lentil mix with fresh made salsa and feta cheese … and a few clementines … I … feel … fantastic … awake, alert, not spacy/groggy, and love not feeling “bleh” about what I ate … reminding me of what I used to feel like when I ate well before … this is starting off well …

  • vickie johnson

    i have fibromyalgia and my daughter has heart problems,seizures and pancreatitis,so i thought some of your recipes could help with some of these things

  • Katherine

    Are whole grain products/flour better for you than whole wheat? What is the difference between the two? is one a better option than the other?

  • Sierra

    Love your site! It’s helping me make eating real food a reality for my family of three. I was wondering what type of whole wheat bread you use? Everything I find has a ton of ‘extra’ ingredients and some have corn syrup (I can’t believe it!). Same with peanut butter, I’ve made my own a few times but I’m not a big fan of the refrigerated kind. Thanks!

  • Kristen

    I’ve been on a real food diet for about 10 months. I had no idea
    That this was already known and followed by many people, but it makes me feel good that’s there more people
    Out there who believe the results of eating great real
    Food. I lost 10 lbs and have soo much more energy. A surprising benefit of eating real food was having less trash. Looking forward to more great recipes!!

  • Kierstin

    My husband and I are new to this way of thinking and have yet to make many changes in our eating habits. My first question is about health benefits. Do you think eating real food will help my husband with irritable bowel problems or myself with chronic migraines? Also, the “100 days on a budget” refers to $125/week. We’re also a family of 4 and can only afford approx $50/week for groceries. Other limitations we have are that there are no whole foods/organic stores in our area. At all. My options are Walmart, aldi, or cub foods. With those limitations in mind does this food plan seem like a good fit for our family? Thank you! :)

  • Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

    Hi Kierstin. Since we are not medical experts, we can not give out any kind of medical advise. You will need to consult with your physician on that end. We can, however, share that many people feel that giving up processed foods has lead to an improvement in and sometimes a resolution of their symptoms. As for your budget, do the very best with the resources you have. This post has been helpful to many: http://www.100daysofrealfood.com/2011/09/30/real-food-tips-12-ways-to-keep-it-cheap/. Beyond that take time to look through reader comments that follow the 100 Days on a budget posts: http://www.100daysofrealfood.com/100-days-on-a-budget/ because there is a wealth of insight there from a huge range of budgets. Ignore the negative stuff, though. There is always a bit of that, too. :) You do not have to be perfect as you begin this journey…just committed. Even baby steps will move you forward. Best of luck. ~Amy

  • Elizabeth

    How does one become a member of the 100 day whole food pledge? I actually will need that green piece of rubber around my wrists, ankles, stomach and even a head band to remind me that I am so worth it to eat so healthy and not mentally beat myself up about it all! But really, the wristband will be a great reminder. So, please let me know how this all works, besides the obvious, and I look forward to hearing from you!

  • Assistant to 100 Days (Amy)

    Hi Elizabeth. The wristbands are sent out once you complete the pledge: http://www.100daysofrealfood.com/take-the-10-day-pledge/real-food-graduates/. You are totally worth it wristband or not! :) ~Amy

  • I can’t wait to start doing this for my family and I so we can began to feel better.

  • Kate


    My fiancé and I are on day 6 of 100 and both feel a big a change. I am so much more energized throughout the day. It’s very exciting! One question though, do you know of ANY chocolate product that would be considered real food? We always had a square or two of dark chocolate after dinner as a treat, and that is really the only thing I miss!

    Thanks so much. Congratulations on your cook book!


  • Daphne

    I’ve decided for lent this year I would give up processed foods. I consciously give up something that I think is a sacrifice…a temptation that’s really hard for me to give up. So, processed food it is. Hopefully the information you share will help me in the upcoming 45 days of lent.

  • Jenapher

    We took the 100 day challenge, we stated Jan 3 2014, and our 100 day is today April 14, 2014. It was hard for us to find all the things we need but with tis site and research we did it. My kids seem to be better for it we are better for it and will be keeping this as our life change plan. Thank you for your recipes and updates to help me help my family. I look forward to following ya’ll and keeping up with the your page>

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