85 Snack Ideas for Kids (and Adults)!

Skip the potato chips, fruit snacks, graham crackers, and candy. If you’re in a rut, here are some quick “real food” snack ideas for inspiration that kids will love (and adults, too!), perfect for after-school or anytime, really.

Snack plate filled with muffins, fruit, cheese bread, and snack bar.
Healthy snacks for the road

Sticking with simple wholesome ingredients keeps snack time easy and fun. Most of these ideas can also be used for healthy breakfasts, too! Have the kids go through this list with you so they can pick out their favorite snack food.

Helpful Tips: Snack Ideas for Kids

  • Combine some of the suggestions below in creative ways (for example, combine some fruit with yogurt to make a yogurt parfait, or make a fruit salad and drizzle some honey on top)
  • Most of the fruits below are also great frozen. Ever blended up frozen bananas to make “ice cream”? Try it!
  • If you’re looking for school lunch ideas, any of these would be great in a school lunch box!
  • If you have a picky eater, combining several of these snacks onto a plate—tapas style!—could make a well-rounded lunch or easy breakfast

Printable List of Snack Ideas

Many readers have requested a printable version of this list, so we added one to our free resource area! You can access many other free real food resources there as well.

List of Snack Ideas for Kids (And Adults!)

Explore these simple snack recipe suggestions for adding more nutrition to you and your family’s diet at home, and on-the-go! Below you’ll find simple fruit and vegetable snacks for a satisfying bite, as well as nuts and whole-grains for some added protein to give you the energy to power through your day.

Fruits and Vegetables Snack Ideas

This is a great way to ensure your kids are getting in an extra dose of fruits and vegetables. I like to have raw veggies and fresh fruit cut up and easily accessible for my kids, making it even easier for them to grab a healthy snack any time of day. Plus, sometimes a piece of fruit can satisfy their sweet tooth without needing to grab a candy bar. If you have a picky eater, try serving your veggies with creamy dips (what kid doesn’t love dipping their food?).

Three apple slices with peanut butter on them and a side of spiral noodles on a plate for a snack.
  1. Apple (good with peanut butter, or almond butter)
  2. Banana (good with peanut butter, or almond butter)
  3. Carrots (good with hummus or ranch dip)
  4. Celery (good with peanut butter and raisins a.k.a. “Ants on a Log”)
  5. Mango
  6. Pear
  7. Grapes
  8. Strawberries (good with regular or Greek yogurt)
  9. Blueberries (good with regular or Greek yogurt)
  10. Raspberries (good with regular or Greek yogurt)
  11. Oranges
  12. Peaches (good with regular or Greek yogurt)
  13. Plums
  14. Kiwi
  15. Grapefruit
  16. Avocado (good with soy sauce and brown rice)
  17. Pineapple
  18. Papaya
  19. Star Fruit
  20. Figs (good with goat cheese)
  21. Honeydew Melon
  22. Cantaloupe
  23. Watermelon
  24. Cherries
  25. Edamame (good with soy sauce, or drizzle with a little olive oil + kosher salt)
  26. Raw Sugar Snap Peas (good with hummus)
  27. Cooked Green Beans
  28. Mashed Sweet Potato (good with butter and cinnamon)
  29. Raw Sliced Bell Peppers (good with hummus or ranch dip)
  30. Cucumber Slices (good with ranch dip)
  31. Jicama
  32. Cherry Tomatoes (good with ranch dip)
  33. Cooked Snow Peas
  34. Frozen Peas (frozen…no cooking necessary!)
  35. Raw Cauliflower
  36. Raw Broccoli (good with ranch dip)
  37. Applesauce
  38. Unsweetened Raisins
  39. Fruit Leathers
  40. Freeze Dried Fruit (like mango, banana, blueberries or strawberries)
  41. Dried Apple Rings, or pineapple rings
  42. Canned Fruit like Mandarin Oranges (Native Forest brand does not use sugary syrups in their cans)
  43. Olives
Pretzel sticks and carrot slices with a side of ranch dip on a plate.

Whole-Grains Snack Suggestions

There are a lot of great store-bought snack ideas here with whole grains and only a handful of ingredients listed. If you can’t find any at your local grocery store, scroll down to see some homemade healthy snack recipes.

Whole grain snack crackers topped with strawberry jam and cream cheese, and a handful of mixed nuts on a plate.
  1. Whole Grain Crackers (like Triscuits, Multi-Seed, Ak-Mak, Whole-Wheat Matzos, Brown Rice Crackers/Snaps, Whole-Grain Rye Crackers topped with cheese, peanut butter, almond butter, or a cream cheese and jelly combo)
  2. Popcorn (make it using “The Popcorn Trick”)
  3. Oatmeal (served warm in a Thermos if sending to school)
  4. Shredded Wheat (look for brands that contain 1-ingredient)
  5. Arrowhead Mills Puffed Whole Grain Cereal (corn, brown rice, wheat or millet variety)
  6. Brown Rice Cakes
  7. Whole-Wheat Pretzels
  8. Whole-Grain Toast
  9. Small, Cooked Whole-Grain Noodles

Nuts and Seeds Snack Suggestions

Have the kids pick their favorite nuts to create their very own trail mix! Nuts and seeds make great filling snacks that can hold them over till their next meal. Best part is that you can throw them in a baggy and easily take them with you on the go.

Peanut butter and Jelly Larabar adult snack ideas.
  1. Larabars
  2. Peanuts
  3. Cashews
  4. Almonds
  5. Pecans
  6. Walnuts
  7. Pine Nuts (they are good lightly toasted)
  8. Pistachios
  9. Sesame Seeds
  10. Pumpkin Seeds
  11. Nut Trail Mix including Dried Fruit

Other Snack Ideas

Here are some other easy snacks that are also a good source of protein.

Hard-boiled eggs on a plate dusted with paprika.
  1. Hard-Boiled Eggs
  2. Garbanzo Beans
  3. Cheese (cubes or sticks…with or without crackers)
  4. Plain Whole Milk or Greek Yogurt (flavored with a little honey or maple syrup and vanilla extract)
  5. Organic and/or Local Bacon

Homemade Snack Ideas for the House

I like to keep my freezer stocked with muffins for my girls—it’s one of their favorite snacks, so this makes it super convenient for them to pull some out for a quick afternoon snack on their own. Most of these homemade recipes are so quick and easy to make, that even the kids can help out!

Little girl holding up two homemade toaster pastries.
  1. Homemade Granola Bars
  2. Homemade “Larabars”
  3. Whole-Wheat Toaster Pastries (a.k.a. Pop Tarts!)
  4. Smoothies or Smoothie Pops
  5. Whole-Wheat Banana Bread
  6. Zucchini Chips
  7. Whole-Wheat Zucchini Bread (made into muffins)
  8. Whole-Wheat Pumpkin Bread (made into muffins)
  9. Whole-Grain Cornbread (made into muffins)
  10. Whole-Wheat Berry Muffins
  11. Pecan Maple Breakfast Cookies
  12. Easy Cheesy Crackers
  13. Kale Chips
  14. Homemade Powerballs
  15. Whole-Wheat Biscuits (good with butter and jelly) or Buttermilk Cheese Biscuits
  16. Cinnamon Glazed Popcorn
  17. Whole-Wheat “Baked” Donuts

Share your snack ideas with us in the comments below!

Pumpkin bread muffins and corn bread muffins in a large basket with a red cloth towel.

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  1. i love your ideas and i was hoping for help on healthy snacks for myself. i am a 64 year old disable lady very little mobility have type 2 dietetics, a fatty liver so on a very low fat diet. can’t eat bread, pasta, eggs, any type of spread or oils due to a reaction, and i am very over weight.

  2. Thank you Lisa for the extensive list. Hard boiled eggs have always been my go to snack whenever I feel hungry and want to curb eating junk. This time I am gonna try carrot with Hummus, such a quick and healthy eating snack.

  3. Thank you! Is there a printable list of snack ideas? So that my kids can look at it for new ideas without me telling them what to eat.

    1. Hi Teresa, at the moment we don’t have a printable list, but we’ll see if we can put one together soon—that’s a great idea! – Nicole

      1. You can find the printable list under free resources in our members’ area. Just log into learn.100daysofrealfood.com. You’ll also see a pop-up in the lower-left corner of your screen on this post that’ll take you there, too. – Nicole

      2. You can find the printable list under free resources in our members’ area. Just log into learn.100daysofrealfood.com. You’ll also see a pop-up in the lower-left corner of your screen on this post that’ll take you there, too. – Nicole

  4. Thank you Lisa for the tips. I have to say with the Covid19 lockdown it has become difficult to offer healthy snacks to the kiddies. They have become some kind of fridge monster.
    This afternoon it’ll be apple slices with peanut butter, so easy, how I never thought about it?

  5. Problem I am having is that I am always going for things that are not healthy when I am having a snack.

    In other words: I do need more fruit and less coca-cola/biscuits.

    These are great tips. Thanks :)

  6. Wonderful ideas! I just went down the list with one of my girls because she is so picky. I was stumped on what to have for a snack for her after school. We did find some tasty solutions. Thanks for sharing!

  7. We shared these snack ideas this holiday season. My baby loves it! Every bite burst with happiness, it’s like the heaven opened its gates. This is so good, so thumbs up!

  8. Wonderful ideas! I just went down the list with one of my boys because he is so picky. I was stumped on what have for a snack for him after school. We did find some solutions. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hello! Do you have a recommendations for whole wheat pretzels? I can’t
    seem to find any at our local stories that follow real food rules, and my kids & hubby LOVE pretzels. Any recommendations?